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Maruelli Splitboard Parts

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A unique solution for uphilling on a splitboard with hardboots. Very light and stiff for good edging control on hard snow, the Maruelli Splitboard kit is a solid choice to get you up the mountain. The kit consists of a set of toe pieces with a levering screw-clamp, crampon receptors, and an adapter plate for Voile holes. Everything is sold in pairs for a left and right half of your board.

M2 Splitboard Kit – Everything you need! This is the kit with the toes, receptors, adaptor plates, and hardware to put the toes and receptors onto the plates. Does not include mounting screws if you want to mount it right into wood.

M2 Splitboard Toes – Very rigid and simple toe piece for climbing. Durability through simplicity. Put your foot in the toe piece, screw in the pin and lever it closed. Comes with Innox bolts for attaching the toes to the adaptor plates or other inserts.

M2 Splitboard Plates – Adaptor plates with a mounting pattern that matches inserts using the Voile split design. Includes bolts for attaching the plate to inserts on your splitboard.

M2 Crampon Receptors – Receptors that accept Dynafit-style crampons that bolt onto the Splitboard Adaptor Plates. Includes bolts.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Forrest stanley
Is the a welfare program I can get on to help support me in paying for these toes? I'm pretty sure I bought my first splitboard for less than that. However with lack of good options this seems like an option. Why are these so expensive and are they worth it?
Answer from jbo
Hi Forrest, I agree the US government should provide Euro-widget-stamps as they devalue the dollar via Fed balance sheet debt-monetization. The good news is the ECB will also keep printing until all fiat currencies collapse and then you can buy tech bindings with the silver that you're presently collecting while prices are artificially low. This is not investment advice.

Also, Stefano Maruelli is a one-man band who machines these toes out of Inox steel and aircraft aluminum while living far from the Silk Road and Chinese intermodal trade routes. He's the type of guy worth supporting instead of donating to the oligarchs during our transition back to feudalism.
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