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If your stash of heels outweighs your stash of toes, it's time to grow more toes. And if you're going to go through some growing pains, you might as well make it some nice toes. The Plum binding toe pieces are relatively sturdy contraptions that have the same hole pattern as the Dynafit TLT Classic / Vertical / Comfort series (not to mention the Trab, Hagan, Kreuzspitze, BD, etc).


Pekye toes are race-weight pincers designed for splitboarding. The mounting pattern fits directly into the three holes on a splitboard (Voile-style). The toes are compatible with quick-to-install Plum Ski Crampons. No adapter plates required: the ultimate in uphill split-efficiency!

All toes are priced & sold INDIVIDUALLY; get two for a pair of skis.

TOE Weight in grams Weight in ounces
Race* 86 3.0
Oazo 89 3.1
Guide 115 4.0
Yak 185 6.5
Pekye 122 4.3

* The race toe is the same for the Plum 150 and 170 bindings.

Update 2021/22: Plum updated the toe locker on their bindings by narrowing the hole to make it easier to open the toe piece with poles. They also tweaked the locking axis/pin.

Update 2022/23: Add the Guide to the line of Plum toe pieces that now features a removeable crampon slot.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Parker Smith
Do you have the Pekye tech toes in stock? Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Parker,

It looks like we are out of stock at this time. Reach out to, and we can work on getting you a timeframe on when they will be back in stock!
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Question from Josh
What’s the difference between the Race 120 and the Race? I have a Plum 170 setup and looking to buy a toe piece as a backup for multi day traverse. Thank you.
Answer from Jeff
Josh, Weight. The Race 120 is shaved down and has a more slender toe lever. Not better for durability.
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Question from Eric S
Are the Oazo 4, 6, 8 toes, and Pika toes, identical (other than color)?

And are the Race toes truly any different, besides not coing with the crampon mount?
Answer from Jeff
Eric, You are correct. All are the same toe piece. The Race toe doesn't include the crampon adapter accounting for the 3g less weight. Pretty sweet and light.
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Question from Nicholas R
Can I use guide toes with Yak heels? will you be selling any more yak toes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Nicholas, the Yak toes are basically the Guide toes but with plates underneath. We sometimes have those, or the Summit, toe plates in stock. They aren't strictly necessary.
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Question from patrick
Will the standard Dynafit ski crampons work with the Pekye toe pieces or will they require a specific crampon capable only with the Plum toes?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Patrick. Plum toe pieces will only work with the Plum or Atomic rebranded ski crampons. Teddy at the shop here has written a wonderful article on the subject that can be found here.
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Question from takehsshi
I am interested in building a telemark TTS system.
Is the mounting mount the same as DinaFito's old pattern (5 holes)?

I am looking for an old standard (narrower mounting pitch) toe piece.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Takehsshi,
The Race, Oazo, and Guide toe all share the same 4 holes as the older dynafit radical 5-hole pattern (minus the front screw).
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Question from Forrest stanley
If the puke toe piece is meant to have a "ski" mode in order to release in the case of avalanche does that mean it has as strong of holding power as the ski trab vario toes? I own a pair of those and can use them that way. However, it is stated on those binding that they are meant to be used as such, where these do not say anything like that. Is there somerging the ,anufacturer told you about this binding they have not stated publicly? They actually say n there website they are just like the alpine ski versions just with a different hole pattern. If this is the case using "ski" mode in any vertical environment would not work as it takes VERY little to release as per the design. Has any testing been done to evaluate this?
Answer from jbo
Hi Forrest, we have good data on toe-only twisting retention and there is some jaw opening spring strength data out there. Both give clues but nothing fully simulates your kick turns. While they have a more traditional design versus the Trab toes, the Plum race toe springs are relatively strong and may be enough unlocked in some terrain, but expect to use the lock mode.
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Question from Forrest
Does this binding still have a walk/ski mode or does it lock in Automatically? Looks like it has a ski/releaseable mode which makes no sense for a splitboard toes piece. Hoping for a decent tour toe one day. Sending my voile STS toes back today....
Answer from jbo
Hi Forrest, yes all of these toes (including the Pekye) have a toe lever that switches between locked and unlocked modes. Some skiers and boarders like the ability to unlock their toes when skinning in avalanche terrain. If you prefer a simple lightweight uphill solution without an unlocked mode, check out Maruelli.
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Question from Evan
Is this price for a set of bindings? The cost seems significantly less than the price of the Pekye on their website
Answer from Cole P
Evan, the price listed is for an individual toe piece only.
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Question from Dave
Hi there,
This is a splitboarding question. I am looking for the tech binding that has the best retention for climbing in the unlocked mode with a breakaway leash. In your opinion is the Plum Guide/Yak still one of the toes with the most retention in unlocked mode while climbing? Thanks, Dave
Answer from Jeff
Dave, when our tech guys have extra time they geek out and they have already tested that for you. One that is noticeably stiffer is the Ski Trab toe. The Plums are also typically on the stiff side.
Answer from Spencer R

Lou Dawson shows PLUM as the strongest jaw closure that he tested. unfortunately ski trab isnt in the test. I personally rarely lock the plum toes on ascents
Answer from Jeff
Spencer, I got the Titan Vario.2 last season. I almost made it the entire season without locking the toe. Only kick turning up frozen spring mornings, knocked it loose.
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Question from Olav R
Hello, is it possible to combine a Plum toe piece with a heel piece from Dynafit?
Answer from jbo
Hi Olav, it is possible. Results may be unpredictable.
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Question from jacob
Is there anyway to get a plume 170 toe piece mine is really sticky and doesnt like to go down when i am in transition while racing.. ?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jacob! I already sent you an email about this, but if anybody else is reading and having the same issue, it might be worth checking to see if the rubber lugs on the bottom of your boot are hitting the wings when you try to open the toe piece.
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Question from Jason D
Looks like you don't have any guide toe pieces in stock. I'm looking to get an extra for a plum yak (same toe piece besides the shim I think). Is there another tech toe piece that has the same screw pattern that might work in its place?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jason, we have a couple, I just added them to inventory for you. FYI mounting patterns can be found here.
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