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Alp Tracks Mohair skins are made with 100% natural mohair and ship pre-cut for Alp Tracks skis. Simple metal-bracket tips and adjustable camming tail clips are already installed and ready to grab onto your AT skis. The skins offer a great balance between grip and glide as well as POMOCA Ever Dry 2.0 and waterproof Safer Skin tech to prevent skins from glopping or freezing. The Movement Alp Tracks pre-cuts are premium skins for premium skis.

  • 100% Mohair has natural glide and enough density for durability.
  • Easy-to-peel yet reliably sticky glue means no-fuss skiing.
  • POMOCA Water Resistance tech keeps skins from glopping.
  • SUPER GLIDE treatment offers the most efficient skinning possible.
  • Lock System provides a simple and effective method for attaching and removing skins.
  • Bluesign® approved fabric is manufactured Fluoro-Free from start to finish.
  • Available in each length of AlpTracks ski, pre-trimmed for convenience.

Questions & Reviews

Question from DaveB
I’m in the market for new skins to fit Nordica enforcer 100mm, 177cm. Sounds like the alp tracks 100,177 would work but could you comment on that?
Answer from Jeff
Dave, Yes, should be close to a perfect match. The tail clips have about 12+cm of adjustment to fit a wider range of lengths too.
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Dane Burns (used product regularly)
I have other skins. Most of them Dynafit precut. which have been my gold standard for ease of use and durability. I also have an ancient pair of Pomoca that haven't seen a pair of skis in a very long time. First day out on this pair of skin was on a Alps Tracs 106 in 2 plus feet of light new snow. Most of the climb was setting a new skin track at the upper end of how steep I like to skin. What I immediately notices was the additional glide climbing. At first I thought I was imagining things. But after the first day and several more weeks of skiing almost every day I ma not sure I get more glide from the Pomoco skis than I do from my Dynafits. I even made a same day comparison. But using different skis of course. Close as Iwas going to get thought for a side-by-side comparison. I know I want another pair for a new pair of Movement skis I picked up. Just not satisfied with the attachment system. Nothing wrong with the traditional way Movement has done things. I just like the Dynafit attachment system better. And I know it is more durable. But...shoot howdy! The Pomoco skins really do rock the up hill. It is noticeable.
Reply from Dane
"What I immediately noticed was the additional glide while climbing."

Bottom line? It happens. It is worth knowing ;-) Sorry for the confusing, original write up.
Reply from Jeff
Dane, You aren't imagining things. In the first line - 100% Mohair. All other Pomoca Precuts are some variation of the Mixed skins. Full Mohair glides wonderful on wide powder skis.
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Question from Lar
Do you have precut skins for Movement Alp tracks 98, 170cm?
Answer from jbo
Hi Lar, we chose not to carry the AT 98 so won't have the matching skins.
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Question from gus
It seems like these skins need to be at least twice as long. What are they for, snow blades?
Answer from jbo
Hi gus, don't mind the sample photo, these are made to match each length of ski.
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Pondsy (used product a few times)
first - precut skins are the best. Cutting them myself is too much stress, too much pressure, and I never get it they way I want. They fit perfectly to the skis.

Climbing - solid. Only put a couple thousand in so far but not one problem.

One complaint - the tail attachment. My technical skimo skis have a bungee style attachment which is great. And all my BD skins have the STS attachment which I love. I don't love anything about how this works. It's too hard to attach. It's too easy to slide off. And (of course) the first thing I did when getting them out of the box is pull the plastic part way too tight and it's super hard (by design) to make it looser. I can see on long warm days this becoming more loose and becoming unattached at the tail. More days and experience to come to see how it goes and how I adapt to it.
Reply from Pondsy
update (now I've downright abused product)
My tail problems turned out to be a non-issue once I got the tension right. The skins have been workhorses.
...Until season 3. Now I've got recurring skin glue stuck to my skis and can't seem to keep it from happening. V sad. Wondering what the solution is. Been skinning for 20 years and this is the first time it's happened to me with any skins.
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ALar (used product a few times)
I love these, other than the platic tail clip busted, then I pulled the skins off the skis on the 3rd use. I was -12F...
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Model: Alp Tracks Skins

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