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Movement Alp Tracks Skins

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Alp Tracks Mohair skins are made with 100% natural mohair and ship pre-cut for Alp Tracks skis. Simple metal-bracket tips and adjustable camming tail clips are already installed and ready to grab onto your AT skis. The skins offer a great balance between grip and glide as well as POMOCA Ever Dry 2.0 and waterproof Safer Skin tech to prevent skins from glopping or freezing. The Movement Alp Tracks pre-cuts are premium skins for premium skis.

  • 100% Mohair has natural glide and enough density for durability.
  • Easy-to-peel yet reliably sticky glue means no-fuss skiing.
  • POMOCA Water Resistance tech keeps skins from glopping.
  • SUPER GLIDE treatment offers the most efficient skinning possible.
  • Lock System provides a simple and effective method for attaching and removing skins.
  • Bluesign® approved fabric is manufactured Fluoro-Free from start to finish.
  • Available in each length of AlpTracks ski, pre-trimmed for convenience.

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Questions & Reviews

Pondsy (used product a few times)
first - precut skins are the best. Cutting them myself is too much stress, too much pressure, and I never get it they way I want. They fit perfectly to the skis.

Climbing - solid. Only put a couple thousand in so far but not one problem.

One complaint - the tail attachment. My technical skimo skis have a bungee style attachment which is great. And all my BD skins have the STS attachment which I love. I don't love anything about how this works. It's too hard to attach. It's too easy to slide off. And (of course) the first thing I did when getting them out of the box is pull the plastic part way too tight and it's super hard (by design) to make it looser. I can see on long warm days this becoming more loose and becoming unattached at the tail. More days and experience to come to see how it goes and how I adapt to it.
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ALar (used product a few times)
I love these, other than the platic tail clip busted, then I pulled the skins off the skis on the 3rd use. I was -12F...
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Model: Alp Tracks Skins

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