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Movement Mohair Skins

No Longer Available

Movement skis are light and fast, so it’s fitting that Movement skins are light and fast. Hidden underneath the Movement logo is the Colltex extreme formula, a favorite among ski-alpinists across the land. Sold in one length of 190cm, the Mohair cut-to-fit skins are offered in multiple widths to fit your preferred waistline. Fitting them to your skis is straightforward. Adjust the tail strap, attach the tip bracket, trim the edges, and go ski. The Movement mohair skins are

  • Full mohair is fast and built for durability in the high mountains.
  • Included letter opener style cutter is easy to use and doesn’t fray the skins.
  • Adjustable Camlock+ tail straps are burly and flexible.
  • A warm spring day is no match for the 100% Dry waterproof glue barrier.

If you’re looking for precut skins to match Movement skis, go here.

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Model: Mohair Cut-to-Fit

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