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Colltex Mohair Skins

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Colltex has taken mohair to the extreme. They did this by naming their 100% mohair skins “Colltex Extreme” and by coloring the skins red which is the fastest color (at least in cars). If that isn’t enough to scare you off then you will be extremely pleased with the contents of the blue box. Inside are skins proven through countless climbs through the Alps, with no-compromise glide and reliable grip even at low temperatures. These skins are for the discerning alpinist.

  • 100% mohair plush stays attached due to an Edge+ technology layer.
  • Wire buckle tips make a foolproof connection to the tips of most skis.
  • Adjustable tails use the Camlock+ system to clip on for security.
  • A waterproof barrier named 100% Dry helps prevent waterlogged glue.

Update 2017/18: Colltex changed the color scheme and renamed the skins Palu, but it's the same successful "Extreme" formula from previous seasons.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Kyle
How do these skins compare to the Pomoca full mohair skins? Looking for some full mohair skins for a lightweight powder setup.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Kyle, both are great skins but depending on the climate each has its benefits. Colltex skins are thinner and more packable, and the glue is very sticky and works especially well in cold dry conditions like the Rockies. Pomoca tends to be better in maritime climates or wherever there is more moisture content in the snow. Both have a great glide to them, I would make your decision based on where you spend your winters. Maritime or high moisture go with the Pomoca's, dry and cold go with Colltex.
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Question from Tom Heah
I have a pair of 178cm DPS Wailer 109 Foundation skiis, and was wondering which length and width of Colltex Palu skins I should get?
Also, do you ship to Canada?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, the 130mm x 171-180 would be a great choice. No problem on shipping to Canada!
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Question from Shawn
What size should I order for my response x 169 cm skis?
Answer from jbo
Hi Shawn, you want the 161-170cm length. For width, 120mm would get you full coverage, but you can get away with 110mm and have a bit more glide while maintaining full coverage in the tail.
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Question from Shawn
I have a pair of 169cm movement response x skis. Only interested in 100% mohair skins. what size should I be buying. Does the 165cm long skins fit this ski or do I need to buy a kit and build it myself?
Answer from jbo
Hi Shawn, with the relatively skinny tip buckle on the 100mm kits, the 156-165cm length won't fit on the 169cm Response Xs. You'll need the next one up in length which we are out of stock on, or get another brand/material.
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Question from Matthew Richards

1. Would the nose and tail clip on Colltex skins work on a splitboard?

2. Is there a specific Colltex skin you recommend for splitboards?

I will be doing fairly steep back country terrain so I would like good grip but still as much glide as possible.

Answer from stephen p
Hi Matthew, the clips aren't ideal for splits, most likely you'd want to adapt some Voile split hardware to a length of skin off a roll.
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Model: Palu

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