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The LiTRIC airbag system from Ortovox is a modular system that utilizes two bases with interchangeable "Zip-On" packs.* This effectively allows someone who purchased any Freeride or Touring LiTRIC pack to get a "new airbag" at a nominal cost. Both Tour and Freeride bases can be used interchangeably with Tour or Freeride Zip-On packs. Please note that "S" packs can only be used with an "S" base and vice versa. For example, the 28S and 36S Zip-On packs can only be used with "S" sized Freeride or Touring bases.

The Zip-On packs we carry are the Tour versions, meaning they are constructed with light and robust Polyamide 400D. This keeps the bags lighter than their Freeride siblings but still ensures they can hold up to many seasons of use. These packs also come with detachable helmet nets and snowboard attachments, meaning all backcountry users can enjoy the well-designed LiTRIC system.

  • Can be used with either Tour or Freeride LiTRIC bases, allowing you to modify your pack for whatever adventure brings.
  • Comes with a detachable helmet net and snowboard attachment, accommodating all backcountry users.
  • Separate safety compartment allows you to access your tools quickly in the case of an emergency.
  • Tour Zip-On packs are made with 400D Polyamide, which is light and robust.

*Ortovox also produces the LiTRIC Zero 27, which is not compatible with these Zip-On packs.

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