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Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Zero 27 Airbag Pack


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Increasingly, many airbag owners are discovering the benefits of a battery-operated system. That is, the ability to travel on an airplane, multiple deployments on a single charge, and forgoing the hassle of needing to refill a canister after a single use. Recognizing this, Ortovox and Arc’teryx collaborated to create the Avabag LiTRIC platform. Taking this platform, Ortovox made the Avabag LiTRIC Zero 27, which is geared at providing a reliable and simple-to-use system with a minimal weight penalty. Starting with the use of an ultracapacitor (we promise this is a very real thing), the LiTRIC Zero 27 can be fully charged in just 25 minutes whilst also providing lighting-fast airbag deployment if the need arises. While batteries traditionally aren’t the fondest of cold weather, the LiTRIC Zero 27 reliably works between -22 to 113° Fahrenheit), ensuring protection even in the coldest climates. In the event your airbag gets deployed, you can simply stuff it back into its storage area (instead of tediously folding it as is the case with most airbags). By combing world-famous German engineering with Canadian backcountry know-how, Ortovox and Arc’teryx were able to produce a reliable and lightweight avalanche airbag that is sure to satisfy.

  • Electric LED Display Airbag System shows you the charge and power status so you can drop into your line with confidence.
  • Safety leg strap with a certified aluminum carabiner keeps the pack on in the event of an avalanche.
  • Batteries will refill the supercapacitor so you can get a second deployment on the same outing.
  • Removable helmet net so you can bring the brain bucket along.
  • Airbag can simply be stuffed into its compartment.
  • Ice Axe and Trekking pole loop carry.
convert to ounces
2015g (Litric System and backpack)
Volume 27L
Access Front
Hydration Compatible
Ski Carry Diagonal
Gear Loops 2
Helmet Attachment Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyamide 210D Dyneema
Skimo Co Says
Usage Steep skiing
Notes Can activate twice on a single charge (within 60 hours)
Bottom Line Exceptionally lightweight battery-powered airbag
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Charles
What model year is this pack? Is it the 22/23 or the 23/24?
Answer from jbo
Hi Charles, this pack ended up not being released in 22/23 (at least in the US). We just got these and they look sweet!
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Question from Yves
It looks like they haven't changed the battery? If so, it seems like there still is a risk (especially in the US) to be denied checking in (or even flying with?) the bag if the airline deems it luggage and not PPE? (Refs: and What do you think?
Answer from jbo
Hi Yves, anything is possible, but it's quite a clear explanation that this is not a luggage item. Ortovox recommends carrying it on so you don't have any questions trying to check it in. If you want to check it, putting it inside another luggage bag would help avoid issues.
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