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The Ortovox LiTRIC Tour 40 offers a lot, and we're not just talking about volume. Fed up by traditional compressed gas cartridges, the LiTRIC Tour 40 uses supercapacitors driven by lightweight, lithium-ion batteries. This allows for multiple deployments in the field and easier travel, seeing as you can bring it along in your carry-on. If you find yourself wanting a smaller liter pack for shorter day tours, simply zip on the 30L pack, and continue about your day. The airbag stuffs easily into the airbag pocket without any need for intricate folding techniques. To help prevent the airbag from accidentally breaking free from its pocket, even when the pack is stuffed to the brim for a multi-day hut trip, Ortovox created an ingenious Lock System, that ensures the airbag springs from its storage pocket only when called upon. For steep booting sections, the diagonal ski carry allows for quick and secure attachment while the removable helmet carrier lets you bring along a helmet. From multi-day hut trips in Canada to lapping the glorious powder staches in Japan, the LiTRIC Tour 40 will happily do it all.

  • Two activations are possible on a single charge within a 60-hour window.
  • Holds a charge for 30 days when switched “off,” allowing you to keep the pack "ready to go."
  • Lithium-ion battery-powered supercapacitors are light and reliable.
  • Operating temperatures between -22°F to 113°F allow you to venture all over the globe, even to the Sahara!
  • Two-layer airbag construction means the airbag can be stuffed into the pocket without folding.
  • Five-year warranty with online registration provides peace of mind.
  • Diagonal ski carry allows for easy and secure attachment.
  • Electric LED display system lets you view the charge status of the LiTRIC Tour 40, even in direct sunlight.
  • Modular system ensures compatibility with other Ortovox Zip-On packs.
  • 40-liter capacity is suitable for multi-day hut trips or large day tours.

convert to ounces
2525g (Litric System and backpack)
Volume 40L
Access Front
Hydration Yes
Ski Carry Diagonal
Gear Loops 2
Helmet Attachment Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyamide 400 D
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light touring pack for big days
Notes Removable pack for versatility
Bottom Line Ultralight floatation with extra space for storage
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Questions & Reviews

Question from JEFF
Can old ortovox airbags use the new litric system? I had thought last year they were saying that.
Answer from Jeff
Jeff, No not compatible. Totally different system and currently the Litric system is not being sold separately.
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Question from Jakub
Ortovox Litric Tour 40 vs Black Diamond Pro 35
What to choose?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jakub, both are quite similar in terms of their major features: battery powered airbag deployment and comparable volume. We're fans of the modular system that Ortovox is introducing, allowing you to adjust the carrying volume using the same airbag base pack. The BD JetForce Pro has modular size options, too. The Ortovox is a tad lighter per their published weights (we'll measure ours when we get them in). We're excited to have their packs in our lineup this year alongside the rest of their stellar safety gear! Please feel free to reach out to if you want to get into some more details.
Answer from Jakub S
I currently have both backpacks at home.
Ortovox weighs 2606 grams, and BD weighs more than 3000 grams (mine is only up to 3000 grams)
First impression - Ortovox has more options for adjusting to the back, but the battery and engine are placed high, so it's strange feeling when the backpack is empty.
Moreover due to the construction of the Jetforce system, BD seems larger than Ortovox - but only from the outside
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Question from Benjamin

Its my understanding that this bag was "recalled" last year for some issues with the capacitor/inflation mechanism. Any idea what kind of work was done to fix these issues, and/or the likelihood of a similar issue?

This bag looks great, but want to make sure if something comes up I'd be able to return it or exchange it. Thanks for you help, always enjoy your company's work.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Benjamin,

Yes, all the Litric bags produced by Arcteryx/Ortovox were recalled in Europe last year to address an issue with the inflation mechanism. In the US technically there was not a recall because they were never distributed (the manufacturers turned them around before they got into the market). This issue has been addressed in the packs that we're getting for this model year. We have confidence that the issue has been resolved and that Ortovox has done its due diligence in making the product safe. In the unlikely event that there are further issues, Ortovox warranties its bags for up to five years and we will support you through the warranty process. Buy with confidence!
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