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The perfect skin system? Let’s see. Can easily rip the skins off from the tip of your ski, without removing your skis: check. Has manageable glue that’s not too sticky yet doesn’t fall off: check. Comes lathered in Pomoca’s race treatment for maximum glide: check. Good grip and reasonably durable with a mohair mixture: check. Cut short of the tail to streamline your stride: check. Has a mechanism to prevent peeling of the skin if you backslide: check. All the boxes are checked!

It’s the last check mark that deserves the most scrutiny as Dynafit came up with a new Pin Skin system. A little metal knob slides into a hole in the ski to prevent he skin from starting to peel. So yes, you need a ski with a hole in it. In this case, we recommend the Blacklight Pro ski, as Dynafit punctured some holes into that ski for you, and these skins are pre-trimmed to match ‘em. An excellent ski with the perfect skin system, what’s not to love!

  • 70/30 mohair blend for decent grip and durability.
  • Pomoca’s race glide treatment means you’ll be cruising.
  • Pins in the tails slot into Dynafit Blacklight Pro skis.
  • Rubber tips let you easily rip off the skis from the front.
  • Well-balanced glue sticks well and is easy to pull apart.

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Model: Speedskin Blacklight Pro

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