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The perfect skin system? Let’s see. Can easily rip the skins off from the tip of your ski, without removing your skis: check. Has manageable glue that’s not too sticky yet doesn’t fall off: check. Comes lathered in Pomoca’s race treatment for maximum glide: check. Good grip and reasonably durable with a mohair mixture: check. Cut short of the tail to streamline your stride: check. Has a mechanism to prevent peeling of the skin if you backslide: check. All the boxes are checked!

It’s the last check mark that deserves the most scrutiny as Dynafit came up with a new Pin Skin system. A little metal knob slides into a hole in the ski to prevent he skin from starting to peel. So yes, you need a ski with a hole in it. In this case, we recommend the Blacklight Pro ski, as Dynafit punctured some holes into that ski for you, and these skins are pre-trimmed to match ‘em. An excellent ski with the perfect skin system, what’s not to love!

  • 70/30 mohair blend for decent grip and durability.
  • Pomoca’s race glide treatment means you’ll be cruising.
  • Pins in the tails slot into Dynafit Blacklight Pro skis.
  • Rubber tips let you easily rip off the skis from the front.
  • Well-balanced glue sticks well and is easy to pull apart.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Cully
Any tips on how to remove the Pinskin easily from the front without taking your skis off? I find that when I rip the skin from the front, the pin keeps the skin on the ski, forcing me to take my skis off to remove them. What am I doing wrong?
Answer from jbo
Hi Cully, we also noticed the pin can get caught up when doing a tip rip. It can come out with a bit of jiggling and swearing. We're hoping they get easier after a bit of wear / break-in.
Answer from Dan R
I've only used mine 3 times so far, but I find ripping the skin from the tip until it is just the pin that is left, then locking my heel, and then grabbing the skin at the pin reduces the amount of swearing.

I also figured out that after an initial break in you can put the skin on faster by putting the tip attachment in, and while preventing the glue from hitting the ski, putting the pin in, and then flattening the skin. If you pull too much and the glue at the tip attached you'll have to adjust since the rubber piece stretched too much, but it will at least help center the skin.
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Eric (downright abused product)
OK - I'll admit I thought these were a gimmick. I have three pair - two provided by Dynafit and one I purchased from Skimo.co. I use them with two pairs of BlacklightPro skis, a longer pair set up with beefier bindings for steep skiing and a shorter pair set up with pure race bindings to use as a "backcountry race" ski - think big traverses in the mountains.

For each pair of skis, I have a full length speed skin and a PinSkin skin. The advantage of the PinSkin is the glide that is gained from less tail coverage and the pink Pomoca race plush. I haven't seen any tradeoff in grip by not having that coverage. They are still full-width skins for the length of them. I'd also note that even if you buy a pair that is one size too short, just cutting off the pin and rounding the tail of the skin, you actually end up with a still totally usable, even faster gliding pair of skins!

The pin definitely helps keep the tail from pulling up though. I was pleasantly surprised that this was effective!

The main downside of the skin is that it requires the pin-hole to use! If these were adaptable to other skis, that would be rad. I'd also love to try a straight cut (79mm) the entire length of the skin as I'm not sure it's worth having full-coverage at the tip, similar to a race ski.

In short, if you have the BlacklightPRO ski and want a very light and faster gliding skin, get these!
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Model: Speedskin Blacklight Pro

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