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With the recent focus on dual-certified helmets for skimo racing, it’s refreshing to see a proper light helmet with maximum ventilation. The CAMP Storm helmet replacing the incredibly popular Speed helmet, which protected the heads of skimo racers and alpinists across the globe. The helmet features improved fit and user-friendly operation in a technical alpine environment. The dial closure system sits low on the back of your head to provide secure and comfortable protection. The yoke-straps are equipped with adjustable buckles that allow for further fine-tuning. Nearly two-dozen generously sized vents are strategically placed around the helmet for smooth airflow, even at low speeds. CAMP is the leader in fluid alpinism and design this helmet for those that enjoy getting there and getting home swiftly and safely.

  • In-mold EPS foam innards are surrounded by a durable polycarbonate shell.
  • Dial system sits low on the back of your head to comfortably seat the harness.
  • 22 generously sized vents allow for adequate ventilation, even at low speeds.
  • Removable padding and adjustable yoke-straps offer a customized fit.
  • Headlamp clips in the front and the rear securely secure a headlamp.
  • EN 12492 certified.
convert to ounces
254g [S/M]
280g [M/L]
Certifications EN 12492 (climbing)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polycarbonate, EPS Foam
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski alpinism, ski mountaineering, spring skiing
Notes 22 vents and a harness-dial fit system
Bottom Line Comfortable and well vented mountaineering helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Ryan S (used product a few times)
Fits like a dream for those people with the perfectly in between sized heads (you know who you are). Ventilated so you can keep it on going up and coming down for maximum safety. Durable so far, but I've been known to abuse helmets so we will have to see how it holds up.
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Stano at SkinTrack (used product a few times)
I haven't used it for skiing yet but otherwise a great helmet so far. Fits and ventilates well. Note that its shape is for larger heads and more oval... finally :)
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Question from Boris D
I'm using an old style all orange Petzl Scirocco. Problem is that it sits so high on my top of head that I doubt that it actually offers any protection. So I want to get a race-style helmet that would have a bit more side protection and not sit too high on my head even when using a wind-breaker fleece balaclava or thin hat. How would you rate these light weight helmets in this regard? I know it's difficult to speculate on a fit remotely but I'd appreciate any feedback.

New style Petzl Scirocco
BD Vapor
LS Mulaz
Camp Storm
Ski Trab Attivo
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Boris! Those old Siroccos are sweet but yes they do sit very high on top of your head. The new ones sit a whole lot lower and (apparently) came very close to meeting ski certifications. Fit between the old and new Sirocco is basically identical meaning if you fit one you'll almost definitely fit the other.

BD Vapor has a very similar harness system to the Sirocco that allows it to wrap evenly and very low on the back of your head so it feels very secure. Similarly shaped shell, too. Fit is very similar to the Sirocco (oval shaped).

La Sportiva RSR is extremely light and definitely a very dedicated skimo race helmet or fast touring helmet. Lower vertical profile than the Sirocco but side protection is about the same.

Mulaz feels a lot like the Vapor, but a touch narrower and a touch shorter (rounder).

The Attivo and Camp Storm are similar to each other and different enough in the fit from the rest of the helmets. The Camp Storm and Attivo helmets are both much rounder (shorter and wider) than most other helmets that I've tried so try your Sirocco on and see where the gaps are between your head and the shell of the helmet. That'll give you a good relative idea of which helmets you'll fit and which ones you won't.

If the helmet is tight on the sides but you have gaps in the front then the Storm/Attivo could work really well. If it's even all around then the Mulaz, Vapor, and RSR will likely do better.

On another note, did you get our email about your order for skin material? If not, reach out to our help email address, we have a question for you!
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Model: Storm

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