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Brian H

Brian H




6' 0"


175 lbs

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Type III - Aggressive

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After having an issue with the Twist Lock on one my TLT X boots, I was able to upgrade to the Blacklight. I got the same great fit and tourability as the X with the additional stiffness I like. I don't feel the need to add the power strap and it brings me back to my touring in race boot days. I love the simplicity of transitioning without mess with velcro. I even have pants with cutouts that permit transitioning without even pulling the cuffs up. I might have to pull those out of storage. 5 stars.
I have a pair of Alien 1.1 circa 11/19. They have pretty light duty. I don't race and use them mainly for spring and summer corn skiing. The BOA snapped on my tonight during my dog walk tour. I've had 4 failures like this over the years, all in tour mode, 2 from the RS, 1 from the Dynafit TLT X and now from the Alien 1.1. What are my options to replace it? There is a snowboard shop in town that might do the work if I can't figure it out.
Everytime I take these skis out I'm always pleased at how they perform. They remind me of the old Dynafit Broad Peaks which was a favorite among many ski alpinists many years ago. Hell, I still have mine. But the BL 78 gives the same skiing pleasure with a modern front end and less weight. They do everything pretty darn well. I'm 6' and 170 lbs and use the 170cm. I pair them with either race boots or a light touring boots depending on the mission.
Does the new base plate still line up with the 170 heel drill pattern?
On the other hand, reading the description of the Blacklight, there is the implication that the last is wider, maybe more than the X in which case I made the right choice.

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