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If the TLT 8 is Dynafit’s Mozart (classical, virtuosic, precedent-setting), then the Blacklight is their Beethoven (dark, striking). Okay, maybe we’ve lost you, but we’re just really excited about this boot! Like the TLT X, the Blacklight takes what worked from the TLT 8, such as the simple ultra lock system and above-average volume fit, while also improving walking range of motion, reintroducing the toe welt, and securing heel hold via a Twistfit instep closure. The Blacklight also sports a full carbon cuff and carbon-infused Grilamid lower shell. Paired with a hyperflexible tongueless flex in walk mode, the result is a boot that walks like a race boot with the power transfer of a touring boot. For aggressive skiers, professional mountaineers, speed tourers, and everyone in between, the Dynafit Blacklight is sure to make a splash.

  • Ultra Lock 5.0 integrates the ski/walk mechanism with the top buckle for efficient transitions.
  • Carbon cuff and carbon-loaded Grilamid shell excel at transferring power at a low weight.
  • Twistfit closure system locks the foot from the instep to the heel creating a precise and secure fit.
  • Pomoca soles are grippy and durable.
  • Toe and heel welts compatible with automatic crampons.
  • Generous last width for a more comfortable fit.
  • Five-year “lifetime” guarantee.
  • Includes optional velcro powerstrap.
convert to ounces
1078g [27.0]
Weight (pair) 2156g [27.0]
Buckles   Twisfit + Ultra-Lock
Boot Sole Length   277mm [25/25.5]
287mm [26/26.5]
297mm [27/27.5]
307mm [28/28.5]
317mm [29/29.5]
327mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   15°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid loaded with carbon shell, carbon cuff
Liner   Dynafitter 5
Sole   Pomoca
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring & ski mountaineering
Notes Stiff and light version of the TLT X
Bottom Line High-end speed touring boot
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Questions & Reviews

Jordan D (downright abused product)
My only boot for this season (100+ days)

They look great despite the abuse, very impressed by the durability. A similar season of scrambling and hiking in F1LTs left them comically destroyed

They are the most comfortable boot I've ever had, and I have "average" feet

The boa is a lot better than the F1LT boa, it presses a plate down onto your foot. I was very anti-boa but these are a big improvement

I never found the power strap to add anything so I took it off and never looked back

CONS: there is definitely play between the upper/lower when in ski mode. The boa is fine at best. Rear cuff support could be improved. I'm trading them in for something else next season (Tecnica Peak?)
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Question from Zak
I've found that these boots have a significant amount of play in the cuff/lower pin connection above my achilles while in lock mode. I moved from the TLT8 Carbonio and there is zero play in the cuff on that boot , is this "slack" normal? its almost like the pin on the buckle is too small or the rectangular hole in the carbon cuff is too big. Both boots are the same.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Zak,

With the TLT X and the Blacklight, there is a normal amount of cuff play that is noticeable when you're locked into ski mode - there is a tolerance built in to allow the system to lock and unlock reliably, the way the walk mode is designed. If you feel that the play is excessive/causing issues while skiing, you could certainly email us a video ( and we can take a look!
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Question from Martynas
How do they compare to Scarpa F1 LT in terms of fit?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Martynas,

They are a bit wider than the F1 LT all around. The F1 LT is a narrower fit while these are about average or slightly above average for the class.
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Question from Quique
Hi, thank you for your website. It contains lots of information and interesting experiences.

How would you compare these boots to the Scarpa F1 LT? My TLT 6 Performance needs a replacement (not really, but I need it ;) ), and the Blacklight or F1 LT seem to be its natural replacements. The TLT X doesn't appear as stiff in downhill performance compared to these two.

Thanks, Quique.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Quique!
Both boots exist in a very similar space in regards to overall performance. They both excel on the uphill, yet retain a stiff and rigid flex pattern allowing for experienced skiers to drive bigger skis faster. They do differ in terms of fit however. For help deciding which one is for you, fill out our Boot Fitter or send us an email at
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Question from John S
Any idea how the stiffness compares to my old Vulcans and TLT6’ Performance?? I like the stiffness of those two models. The Speedfit Pro is much softer.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi John, the Blacklight is similar in stiffness to a TLT6 Performance without the tongue. Less stiff than the beefier Vulcan, tongue or otherwise.
Answer from John S
That sounds about like the Speedfit Pro?

Oh well. I seem to be stuck with my TLT6 Performance when I want a light boot.
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Question from Peter C
Is there an owner-installable d-ring for leash attachment? I saw a line on Dynafit's website that that's how things work on the TLT-X; I would have thought it would be the same here. I asked the question on Dynafit's chat (guuru, not employee) and they said "no d-ring", which kinda surprised me. I assumed it would be an optional, included item like the powerstrap.
Answer from Emmett I

There are a pair of D-rings included with the boot, as well as a few screws and nuts.
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Question from Dennis Mullen
Is the sole replaceable? I've worn the heels on my old Freedom SL's out - they are no longer available and the heel insert on one popped out when the screw broke, probably because I'd been walking fast on hard surfaces. I've replaced the insert but it's not well protected from a repeat failure.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Dennis, the sole is not replaceable, it is glued to the bottom of the boot.
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Question from Chase N
Would this boot be stiff enough to drive a BD Helio Carbon 104mm waist ski? For reference I am 5'10" and 170ish pounds.

I'm coming from a 2019 Scarpa Maestrale 265 b/c I want a lighter boot with this ski. Also considering the Scarpa F1 series. Mostly in the Wasatch and Uintas.
Answer from Chase N
FYI I'm using a 2020 Dalbello Il Moro 120 flex inbounds.
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Question from Dane
Greetings! Any chance you could post the actual weight on this boot in a 29? Thanks.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Dane,

After weighing a pair, we found the 29 to be at 1,197g.

Answer from Dane
I appreciate the effort made. Thank you.
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Brian h (used product regularly)
After having an issue with the Twist Lock on one my TLT X boots, I was able to upgrade to the Blacklight. I got the same great fit and tourability as the X with the additional stiffness I like. I don't feel the need to add the power strap and it brings me back to my touring in race boot days. I love the simplicity of transitioning without mess with velcro. I even have pants with cutouts that permit transitioning without even pulling the cuffs up. I might have to pull those out of storage. 5 stars.
Reply from James h
Do your boots have any movement in the cuff? From bad engagement of the 'lock' on the back or pivots moving. Thanks
Reply from Brian h
After a season on them, I have about 1mm of play at the pivots
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Question from Sebastian R
I am curious about the sole lenght. I have a TLT 6 in size 28.5 with a sole lenght of 307 mm. This one has a sole lenght of 317 mm in size 28/28.5 or 307 mm in size 27/27.5. Is this Boot longer now?
Answer from jbo
Hi Sebastian, the 28.5 is a 307mm, same as the six.
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Question from Ben
Do these come with a power strap, and if not is there an attachment point for one? I see that the TLT X comes with one but I don't see a power strap in any photos of the Blacklight.
Answer from Matt L
Based on the last bullet point of the description, it includes an optional powerstrap
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, yes they are included but are too shy to be photographed.
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Question from John
Is there any difference in the liners between the full and half size? Or is it just the thickness of the footbed basically.
Answer from jbo
Hi John, the footbed thickness is the only difference we are able to detect.
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Question from Chris
Would this boot be stiff enough to drive a 110mm waist ski? For reference I am 6'5 and 240ish pounds.
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, these would not be my first choice for a ski and skier of such stature! Give us a ring or check out our online boot fitter to help narrow it down.
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Question from James
I got a pair of these (not from skimoco as Europe) and really like them, simple and efficient. Great to walk in and go up I find them warm. Not moulded them as felt ok out box and bought 285 with 287 feet

My question is, on one foot they're causing the top over the medial cuneiform to be sore on skinning up, not when coming down, sort of just under where the boa is, loosening or tightening it doesn't relieve, stock insoles. Oddly I thought both feet are same arch and instep. Any idea what I can do to try relieve this? Mould innerboot and tighten at this point? Different innerboot?

Answer from James h
Actually, looking better with the bootie out, I think the elastic on it is the issue, right over point of issue, reckon I can just cut this to releave pressure?
Answer from James h
To full circle I bought some Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo liners. They're a lot better than the OG liners, which are sub par imo. On reflection I'd probebely try get some Pierre G Black liners, which are also made by Palau, the articulation around the heel looks nice. But the evos are a good fit and mould so well.
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Question from Seth
I see a lot of references to the TLT X. Is this going to have an identical fit to the TLT X? I am more concerned with volume/width. The TLT X fits real nice in 29.5, but I'd like something a little stiffer.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Seth,

The Dynafit Blacklight will have a nearly identical fit to the TLT X. However, the carbon cuff with stiffen and lighten things up. If you have further fit questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Ash G
Is this boot a good fit for a wider foot? I am currently using the TLT8 Carbonio. TLT8 Carbonio and the Radical Pro were few of the only boots that would fit my wide forefoot so trying to understand how this boot fits compared to the TLT8 Carbonio? I have also had the TLT8 punched out. Can the same be done to this boot?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Ash,
So you have our two widest boots. The all new TLT X shell is not quite as wide. Dynafit says they have a 101mm last. And they come with a thin 5mm thick liner. Which is similar to the Carbonio, thinner then the Expedition. The carbon infused Grilamid plastic is punchable, but not a lot.
If you are looking for a better hiking boot, the new Zero G Peak is rather roomy and can take a punch. Might be worth a look.
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Question from Jon M
Can the Backlight scafo take a punch?
If so, would it be more than the minimal (2mm) for the ZeroG Peak?
Answer from eric
Jon- The lower scafo of the Blacklight can take a punch nicely. It is somewhat limited on how much with the carbon infused Grilamid as it tends to rebound quite a bit.
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Question from Parker Smith
Do you know the fore foot width? Last? Wondering if they will fit my awkward wide feet!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Parker. The stated last is 101mm. Please keep in mind that this number is size-dependent, though. Typically, manufacturers use a 26.5 (for unisex boots) when they reference last. If you go up from 26.5, add 2mm for every size. If you go down, then subtract 2mm. If you want more in-depth help figuring out a boot for your foot, please refer to our online boot fitting tool.
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Question from Marc H
How's the fit length-wise compared to a Scarpa Alien RS and Hoji Free? I'm a 28 in the Scarpa, a 27.5 in the Hoji and trying to decide which way to go with the Blacklight...

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Marc, I just tried on these boots side by side(substituting the TLT X for the Blacklight that we haven't received yet), and I'd recommend the 27.5 Blacklight! The length should be similar to your Hoji Free, but the Blacklight might have slightly more width.
Answer from Marc H
Perfect. Thanks for your help
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