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The CAMP Rapid Racing Pack is built on the same beloved platform as the Rapid, one of the most popular race style packs around, only the Racing version went on a substantial diet to optimize for speed, speed, and more speed. The new version uses a superlight fabric and features two different ski carrying systems that lets racers attach and detach skis without removing the pack. The Rapid Racing uses every square inch of available space wisely, readily disproving the theory that trimming bulk and reducing functionality go hand-in-hand:

  • Convenient Velcro side entry pocket for crampons, water, camera, jacket, etc. that can be zipped open to extend the main compartment.
  • 2 ski carry options for different race formats: Tubular Rewind for typical rando races and a Hook Rewind (+3g) for sprints and relays.
  • Removable Truck Bull tethering system (+21g) can be used to tow a slower partner during team races.
  • Loop and cord ice axe carrier fits any size axe so you're ready for technical races or touring.
  • Improved EZ OP buckles with special pull tabs for fast and easy one-handed operation.
  • Multiple storage options as the upper compartment can combine with the lower side access pocket.
  • Shovel blade fits neatly in the upper section while handle and probe slide behind into the hydration sleeve area.
  • Internal security pocket for small items like a cell phone, map, emergency blanket, etc.
  • Ski carry fits tails up to about 135mm in width (can be retied smaller) and comes with a sheathing to keep the loop open wide.
  • Pack is hydration sleeve compatible and even comes with a built-in whistle.
  • Internal security pocket and dedicated shovel/probe sleeve

Update 2017/18: CAMP changed the colors to Orange, Black, and White. They also repositioned the main ski carry loop for better ergonomics, quicker transitions, and more secure carrying. The back panel was reinforced where the bindings contact the pack in carry mode. In addition, the Velcro crampon doors were reinforced for extra durability and the chest strap now has a height adjustment.

Update 2021/22: In addition to some fun new colors, the Rapid Racing pack is sporting some new and improved features as well. The X-Press ski carrying system is a retractable hook and bungee combo that make attaching and retrieving your skis easy and efficient. It's also adjustable so you can dial it into your specific skis. CAMP also addressed some fit and weight distribution issues by improving the shoulder straps, waist belt and back panel. The crampon pocket now easily closes with the help of magnets. And now your probe and shovel have special homes that make grabbing them in a hurry a cinch.

Update 2023/24: New Year with a great new paint job. Otherwise, the pack remains similar.

convert to ounces
Volume 20L
Access Top and side
Hydration Sleeve compatible
Ski Carry Wire Xpress and Sprint Hook
Shovel / Probe Handle & probe slide behind compartment for blade
Ice Axe Loop and adjustable elastic cord
Stash Pockets 2 mesh on shoulder straps
Security Pocket Internal
Team Tether Truck Bull
Whistle Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage All race styles, speed touring
Notes CAMP seems to have thought of everything
Bottom Line Lightest pack with all the race features
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Questions & Reviews

CDB (used product a few times)
This is a super minimal pack. It’s great for skimo but I wouldn’t buy it for hard use. So far it does seem more durable than it looks though.
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Question from CDB
Are the orange color and black color packs identical other than color?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Chris, Yes,
Update 2023/24: New Year with a great new paint job. Otherwise, the pack remains similar.
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Question from Mike
The description indicates there are stash pockets: "2 mesh on shoulder straps" - I can't seem to see them in the online image. Could you post a photo that displays what those stash pockets look like?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hey Mike. That particular feature was a holdout from the previous version. I have gone ahead and removed the bullet point. Thanks for pointing it out and sorry for any confusion.
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Nels N (used product a few times)
I was the happy raffle winner of one of these packs this past season, and I've enjoyed using it in a few races since, including the powderkeg, and a couple tours. The pack weighs nothing, yet is very feature filled. I'm a bit newer to the scene, so this was my first experience with a skimo pack with this hook style of ski carry, and I'm quite impressed with it, even carrying my touring skis. The crampon pouch is fantastic, and easy access for whatever you've stashed there (and the magnet is way too much fun, you'll find yourself making excuses to use the pocket just to get to close it). Still have no use for the partner tow rope, but it was easy to simply un-girth hitch and remove. The pack offers several hydration options, you're set with whatever your preferred method is. I did add some reflective tenacious tape to the back since many of my skimo races are in the dark. It is understandably lacking in durability, given the weight, and though I tried it on a few short tours, I don't intend to use the pack for much other than races in the future, as it just isn't a work horse pack and it's too useful during the races to wear-out elsewhere.
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Question from Nels
What's this about a strap for towing a partner?? I would be doing this when? Even if my partner is a little slow, towing them sounds awful. The pack doesn't seem strong enough to tow someone either...but maybe it just comes with a tow cord that attaches to actual climbing harnesses? Curious how often this feature gets used, I'm new to the skimo world, thanks
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Nels. The tow strap is not weight-bearing nor intended to carry the full weight of your partner. Instead, it is useful for helping "encourage" your partner along. It's not uncommon in partner races.
Answer from David G
Towing partners is obviously more of a teams-racing thing. Many skimo races are solo, and people don't tend to do it on the reg in the backcountry, but here is an exchange I remember from the racer meeting before the Grand Traverse race this year:

Racer: Are tow ropes allowed?
Organiser (joking): I thought they were on the compulsory gear list!
Answer from Brian h
A tow is an absolute necessity in any long partner race. Stunningly effective during a bad patch.
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Question from Dan
I may be being dense, but, with regards to hydration, when you say "sleeve compatible" does that mean this pack is bladder compatible? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey Dan, that's a reasonable question, not dense at all! The Rapid Racing pack does have a sleeve for a bladder that separates it from the main compartment. A drinking tube can then be threaded through the shoulder sleeve to sit outboard of the pack straps. It is a lighter pack, so might not handle a full 3-liter bladder with total stability, but would work great with a 1-1.5L bladder.
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Question from Jen
Hi, I'm a smaller female and have trouble with packs being too large- too long for my torso and too wide. I cannot wear Ultimate Direction packs because the "sternum" strap becomes a choker for me even with it made as small as possible. Is this a good pack for smaller people? I realize most companies don't like to make gear that works for women, but can we at least adjust this enough to work for a small person?
Answer from Jeff
Jen, have you used this pack in a S/M Skimo race vest ? It is quite short, so is the Dyanfit DNA 16 in a S/M. The Crazy Idea is about as short but a little more room and doesn't look like it may choke you.
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Benski (used product regularly)
So far, so good as far as a race pack. I like the new wire strap for race and lighter skis. Just large enough for puffy, spare skins, pons, shovel, probe, flask and emergency bivy. So far the fabric has held up fine, but be careful with it. I wish the internal divider went forward so the shovel/ probe could go full length without having to have the divider open, but just requires a little more caution when opening the bottom. Nice to have velcro on bottom compared to the zippers on the skin pack.
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Tom (used product regularly)
I purchased the CAMP Rapid Racing Pack for resort training, racing, and for spring touring in the North East. I used it for a number of days of both inbounds skinning and in the backcountry over the past season.

As advertised, this is a lightweight pack, and has a number of useful features for fast tours. The side access crampon pouch is easily accessible, allowing storage of frequently needed items without having to dig through the pack. When not needed, the separator can be unzippered to allow for more room in the main compartment. The pack also comes with two ski carry options: the metal hook or the wrap around strap, either of which work well to stow skis securely without removing the pack. As others have mentioned, the clip for the wrap around strap is difficult to stow, and frequently comes undone from it's clip when not carrying skis, which is a minor nuisance. CAMP's buckles work well with gloved hands, and though their percieved durability is not confidence inspiring, I had no issues during use.

Durability of the pack, however, presented an issue. While one must expect a trade-off in durability in any lightweight product, I was surprised to have a major issue during standard use. While hiking an approach on a spring tour using the ski carry, the lower seam on the ski carry side separated from the remainder of the pack. Fortunately, it did not cause the contents to release, and I was able to mend it with some tape for the remainder of the tour. I was able to return the pack on warranty, but feel this warrants a slightly lower rating, since it appears others have had similar issue.

The CAMP Rapid Race Pack is an extremely lightweight and functional pack. When used in it's intended environment, i.e. racing and training, it will no doubt serve well. If you're looking for a pack to use for daily touring or spring mountaineering, however, it's probably best to look to a slightly heavier, more durable pack.
Reply from jbo
Hi Tom, indeed, CAMP has a more durable version of this pack called the Rapid (not Rapid Racing).
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Question from Arnaud
What is the difference between the one from last year and the one form this year?

Answer from jbo
Hi Arnaud, CAMP updated the colors to white/red and beefed up the sprint hook a little.
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Question from Spindogg
Skied with this pack yesterday. Loving it! Super light ad functional. I do have one question - when you're not using the ski attachment hook and secure straps where are they supposed to live without flapping around? I stuffed them up into the shoulder strap thing opposite where the drink tube goes. This seems like it would be timeconsuming though before or after a boot pack transition. So what's the fastest stow away for these straps coming out of a boot pack to skin transition?
Answer from jbo
Hi Spindogg, in theory those can stow on the shoulder clip that secures the strap when carrying skis. In practice it's not the most reliable retainer so you can just tuck it wherever.
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Question from Rom
Would a BCA B1 shovel and the standard Arva (not compact) probe fit in this pack?
Answer from jbo
Hi Rom, you can fit those in the pack. It's only 20 liters so there isn't a ton of room, but it will hold the essentials including shovels with reasonably sizes blades and collapsible handles like the B1.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Overall: Five Stars for a skimo race pack that is perfect for skimo racing with only a negligible amount of extra weight for enhanced utility for “real” ski mountaineering.

Background on product familiarity: I used my Rapid Racing pack during the 2014-15 season on many ski mountaineering tours (both winter and spring) even loaded up with sharps (ice axe, boot crampons, ski crampons) and avy rescue gear. I’ve also used CAMP’s very similar Rapid 260 pack for four years of racing and training, plus some touring. Competitor packs I’ve used include the Trab World Cup Aero, Dynafit RC 20, and Dynafit Broad Peak 28.

First, the first impressions out of the box: Despite the minimal weight, the fabric feels substantial, and the feature set is anything but minimal. By carrying water on the outside with CAMP’s own Action Bottle and Holder, the 20-liter capacity is true enough to carry a full load, although all my gear was very compact (e.g., CAMP Race 290 crampons, ARVA Ultra shovel, ARVA Carbon 240 Compact probe).

Second impressions, in use: The features work very well as designed, especially CAMP’s unique (?) integrated partner towing system (lacking only a faster partner). However, if you retain the lasso-style ski attach system (as opposed to the hook version), then you need to wrap a bit of tape around the sides of the clip, otherwise its excessively pared-down cross section will allow the clip to fall off and dangle about when it isn’t kept taught by carrying skis. Also, the waist “belt” clip (on the wearer’s left side of the pack) would often pop open and thereby allow the belt to go entirely slack, although this ended up not being a problem because …

Third impressions, for long-term durability: … the sewing on the waist belt attachment to the center buckle came entirely undone, but this was easily replaced with a nearly weightless “single bar slide” that now both secures the strap to the buckle and substitutes its adjustability for the popping-prone original clip (which I now have set up to let out as much strap as possible, so its open versus closed position is moot). The sewing also started coming undone at the shoulder strap’s attachment to the safety box, but it’s stayed fine after a few stitches with a Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl. The interior of the side-access bottom compartment might be suspect with boot crampons and ski crampons, but I protected it with a nearly weightless cut-up blue foam pad (secured in placed with sticky velcro) so as to also provide an emergency insulated pad.
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Question from Richard
Three questions:
1- Would 2 ice axes (Petzl Quark) + skis fit on it? If so, would the ice axes move around? I intend to mix run, skin an Ice climbing (waterfall) up and then skiing down.
2- I'm new to skimo and will do my first races this winter, do you recommend adding the camp bottle cage to the bag? Does it fit well on it? I guess it would sacrifice a pocket but I need water close to me.
3- I have Nanga Parbat skis with Plum race 135 bindings, can you confirm that they would fit well on the pack?

Thanks! Love your website!
Answer from jbo
Hi Richard, thanks for the feedback!
1- You can get two axes in the loops in a reasonably secure fashion, although I haven't tried with the big handles on the Quarks. Note this is an ultralight race pack designed for one ax so it may not last you decades in this configuration.
2- The bottle holder Velcros around the little horizontal band on the wearer's left strap, and can be secured at the bottom by tying in some of the excess strap webbing. Depending on the race and temperature, it's a reasonable option.
3- Yes the Nangas fit in the ski carry system.
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Eric (used product regularly)
The 2013-2014 Rapid is definitely a step up from the previous version despite a very close resemblance. The lower elastic ski carry loop that was fraying badly on my old pack is reinforced with a new plastic tube coating. The upper strap now has two options, the traditional and more secure loop that clips back on to the shoulder strap or the quicker hook that hooks directly to the skis (shown in the pic above). I pulled off the traditional loop and used the hook. The strap is not elastic like dynafit versions but the slack in the bag makes up for it. My only complaint is the hook dangles when not in use.
The waist and sternum buckles have been upgraded to slightly larger and more manipulable size.
An ice axe loop has been added.
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