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Tucked away in the Wasatch, the craftspeople at Voile are hard at work, silently creating skis that thrive in whichever geographic region you call home. Their creation, the Voile Hyper Manti, is no exception. Its rockered profile lends itself to a playful feel in deep snow, while the supportive tail will be right at home in steep couloirs sporting less than ideal conditions. The thick 2mm edges and durable base will shrug off early season impacts while the carbon-weave shaves off the grams. From midwinter powder, to variable spring conditions, to slushy couloirs on the fourth of July - the Voile Hyper Manti is built to ski them all.

  • Anti-ice top sheet keeps the extra snow weight away.
  • Reinforced mounting area keeps the bindings where they should be.
  • Voile Carbon-Weave saves weight while keeping the performance high.
  • Laminated paulownia wood core offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Thick 2mm steel edges and sintered base foretell durability.
  • Rubber foil provides damping throughout the ski.

Update 2023/24: Voile has revised the topsheet, otherwise, the ski remains unchanged.

Lengths (cm) 171, 176, 181, 186
convert to ounces
1280g [171]
1340g [176]
1410g [181]
1470g [186]
Weight (pair) 2560g [171]
2680g [176]
2820g [181]
2940g [186]
Dimensions   134-102-121 [171]
136-103-123 [176]
138-104-124 [181]
140-105-127 [186]
Turn Radius   17m [171]
18m [176]
18m [181]
19m [186]
Skin Fix   Rounded tips and tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Early-rise tip, camber, gradual tail rocker
Shape   Rounded tip and tail, gradual taper
Construction   Double woven carbon cap
Core   Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder, corn, crud, and more
Notes Made in the USA
Bottom Line A versatile all-arounder
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Questions & Reviews

Question from maxi5saltos
Hello how are you? I need your help, I am from Chile and I have the option of a friend to buy me the Hyper Manti or Supercharger. In these latitudes of Patagonia we do not have much powder, I would use them as a daily ski and also to climb the volcanoes that we have near us and Argentina. I am a fairly experienced skier and I will combine them with ATK rider 13 evo. What would be for you the most suitable model and what height would be the recommended ski? I'm 5.9" and I weigh 154 lbs.
Thank you very much. Regards
Answer from Jeff
Hello Maxi from Chile, For a daily / Volcano ski, if you can get the Hyper Vector, that would be a better choice. The Supercharger is quite wide and heavier. The Vector comes in a 171cm and is 94mm wide, seems like a good volcano ski for you.
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Question from Bohan N
Hi! I have a pair of Majesty superpatrol carbon for my low tide touring. I took it out to tour in some trees in NE face of 10420 and it felt a bit painful to ski in the deep snow. (Lots of front ski to manage) For a quicker ski, would this hypermanti work? How does it compare to the hypercharger? Thanks
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Bohan,

I do think the Hypermanti would be a great option for a ski with a more traditional mount point (less set-back) and a more rockered tail that will release easier. It will be more forgiving of a variety of different stances in powder, whereas the Majestys really need you to be centered or forward - no back seat on those skis.

Compared to the Hypercharger, the Manti is a bit more rockered in the tip and tail. It will be a bit more surfy and easier to release in powder. The charger has a more pronounced camber and shallower rocker lines, so it will hold onto its turns a little more and provide a bit more energy. Both great skis, but for what you're describing I think the Manti might give you a bit more of the effect that you want.
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Jason W. (used product a few times)
The Manti is the Labrador Retriever of skis. All-purpose, fun loving, does whatever you ask of it. A true one-quiver ski; it’ll surf bottomlesss pow, scribe GS turns on bullet-proof wind buff, and playfully send tight tree lines.
I own both the regular and Hyper versions. The Hyper is my BC daily driver, mounted with Plum Race bindings and normally in play with the 3-buckle Scarpa Maestrale. It steers just as well with 2-buckle Atomic Backland Pros however.
The regular version is mounted with the Lynx Tele binding and is my resort ski, because of the added weight of the ski (and Scarpa TX-Pigs) they don’t make it into the skin track often. But, since both pair are 181cm, I can share the same skins between them.

Years skiing: 45
Weight: 185lbs
Experience w/ Mantis: just got them at the start of this season. Have 2 days on the regular version, 4 on the Hyper.

The Manti will return a fetching great time in all conditions!
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Question from Juro
Hello skimo friends. I have got classic (non Hyper) Voile Manti. What size holes should I drill? I want mount new Trab TR1 binding, its good choice for this ski?
Do you agree with the recommended Voile mount point? At a length of 186 cm, recco point -6 cm from the center..its quite progressive to me. Thank you.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Juro! Voile recommends the 3.5 x 9mm Drill Bit for all their skis.
The TR1 is a sweet binding and would make for a great pairing with your sweet ski. We are excited to be carrying them this year!
The mounting point is quite progressive compared to most, but this positioning favors the playful nature of this ski.
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Question from Mica L
Hi Skimo Co team! I'm currently between choosing the hyper manti 186 vs 181. I'm about 6-6'1" and 140lbs. Ive skied 185 as a primary backcountry driver for the past 8+ years but typically less underfoot. I was looking to get a shorter ski this time around but given everyone saying how this ski skis short I opted for the 186. I have the 186 in hand but it seems like a lot of ski. I say a lot of ski after I put my boots on and stood on them at factory recommended center. I feel that 60% of my skiing will benefit from a shorter ski but having that extra length the other 40% of the time could be useful (coming out of chutes and couloirs or faster in the alpine.) Is having the extra 5cms going to be that much a noticeable difference in stability?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Mica, We would lean towards the 181 in this ski for your weight and size. This is a pretty playful ski with plenty of width to float well, in either size. I think you could ski either length just fine, but I don't think the 186 is necessary and the 181 will be easier to deal with most of the time. Even in the 186, it isn't a super high-speed charger to begin with.
Answer from Mica L
Hey Carlos. This is super helpful! That helps me sink my 181 decision and I'll go with that. Thanks!
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Eric B (used product a few times)
These skis are a blast in soft snow. Super nimble, quick and floaty.
I was in between sizes and usually with touring skis would size down, but the very progressive mount point had me decide to go with the longer ski. I don't regret it.

Of course with skis this light they aren't super damp in variable snow, but honestly no light skis with pin bindings are.
Reply from Mica L
Hey Eric I’m in between choosing the 181 or 186. I ski a 186 now at 100 underfoot and sizing down doesn’t seem to bad an idea as this is a bit wider. I’m between 6 and 6’1” and 140lbs. What size did you go with and what’s your height if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks!
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Question from Steven J
Looking at this ski over the Hyper V6 as a backcountry daily driver that could handle just about any condition\terrain I come across while out on a tour (faces, trees, chutes) and is easy to ski without having to really give it much thought, and what I am hearing is that this is a great contender for that! Now comes the question of which size... I'm 6'2", 175-180lbs plus pack weight. Normally ski a 184-186 in bounds and am a fairly aggressive skier, but tone it back some in the backcountry. Debating between the 176 and 181 length, just wanting to make sure that with it's more progressive mount point, kick turns won't be an issue. I have M-Tour 99s in 186 length and kick turns are easy on them. Thoughts?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Steven, go with the 181 for a little more support in your ride. A more progressive mount point will place more ski behind the toe pins than a traditional mount point, so the tips of your skis should come up even quicker in this case. Might feel a little different, but kick turns won't be a problem.
Answer from Steven J
I guess I was thinking something more along the lines of the more progressive the mount point, the more ski tail I have to work around when making kick turns. I have a pair that has just a few cm too long of a tail that always gets in the way when planting that first foot on steep slopes.
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Question from Justin G
Hey Skimo Crew!

I am thinking about getting a new daily driver ski for the PNW. I stuck between these (Hyper Manti), K2 WayBack 106 and then Blizzard 105. These skis would be driven by a beef style boot. Looking for something that can handle a good mix of conditions from firm spring snow, slush and some pow (I do have specific skis for big pow days and mountaineering missions).

I am really curious on how these compare and really why one should choose one or the other.

I am a type III skier and have been touring for almost 10 years and fairly confident diving skis in most conditions.

Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Justin, the Hyper Manti and K2 Wayback 106 have more of a rockered profile as compared to the Blizzard Zero G 105's more traditional cambered shape. They'll ski a little more playfully, while the Zero G will give you more of that "locked in" turn feeling. The Hyper Manti has almost a 200g edge on the Wayback 106, which will certainly help on the way up, but that the Wayback 106 will give you back on the way down.

They'll all ski the conditions you're going for and will do it well with a beefier boot, so it'll come down to what you want to prioritize. Please reach out to us at if you'd like to get further into the conversation!
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Question from peterindc
Over on the page for the new TLT X boot, I'm asking a similar question to the one above about this ski. Too much to drive with the TLT X, or a good fit for a lightweight powder ski to pair it with?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Peter, depending on your expectations they could work, especially on lower-angle terrain. The Hyper Manti is pushing the limits a little and recommend checking out the Voile Hyper V6 as they float very well and will be better suited for the TLT X.
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Question from Scythian
This is a pretty intriguing ski, given the weight, surface area and (perhaps) build quality; I have not seen this live, but have a pair of Hypervectors and cannot be more happy about them. Still, I might need something wider than that and these could be a solution. One question I have is whether it is reasonable to use these with TLT8 Carbonios? I talked to a Dynafit rep, and he suggested not to use TLT8 with anything wider than 108 mm underfoot. These are narrower, but getting close to (I am thinking of 181 cm version). Thanks.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Scythian,

The Hyper Manti is an awesome ski to pair in a quiver with the Hyper Vector! Driving this ski with a TLT8 Carbonio would be pretty conditions dependent. In softer snow, skiing is less demanding, and a TLT8 Carbonio should have no issues with this ski.

However, in firmer snow, you may feel that you are not maximizing the output of the Hyper Manti with a TLT8 Carbonio, and driving such a large ski could cause premature wear and tear on your boots.
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