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Robert W




6' 3"


200 lbs

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Type III - Aggressive

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I bought these bindings and am looking to use the toes particularly on some Frankenbinding setups. It looks like there is no Quiver killer kit for these but I do have some spare M6 machine screws laying around at home. However, the heads of these screws are slightly too big to seat correctly. Any suggestions on where to get equivalent hardware?
Given the slight curvature of the top surface of the Dynafit TLT Expedition heels, is there an appreciable structural weakness in the binding system when the expedition heel is attached into the inserts provided on your site? The base of the heel sits flat on any top sheet and all the manufacturer provided mounting screws have the same countersunk head for both toe and heel pieces. Would the right size countersunk machine screws provide relatively the same degree of retention when quiver killed in a ski a...
Is there any structural compromise to installing these on a ski with quiver killers? I see the comment about the screw holes being slightly angled and Dynafit not recommending use with an adjustment plate. It looks like you guys have the QK hardware for the TLT expedition so I'm hoping it's kosher.
Does Kreuspitze still make the EL? If so, will you be carrying EL heel pieces any time in the future?
I have the guide brakes and the base plates for brakes to convert my old guides to guides with brakes. However, I have no hardware to attach the brake to the base plate, as shown in the picture. What hardware do I need to attach my new brakes?

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