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Ski Trab Titan Vario Adjustable Binding


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The perfect binding? The Ski Trab Titan Vario Adjustable has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The patented Trab Titan toes are magnificent. The toe wings are affixed with bomber Titanium and operate independently of each other. This means that opening-force applied to one wing doesn’t also force open the other side. This improves retention when things get bumpy and you’re skiing unlocked. And ski unlocked you should, as the heel piece is the “release” version of Trab’s race heel. With a really cool internal design, the heel rotates elastically 21.5° to each side, with significant return-to-center force. Combined with the independent toe wings, pre-release is a thing of the past. On the flip side, the release works great too! Especially with this version, since Trab added a spring into the adjustment plate that sits underneath the heel. If your boot comes in contact with the housing, the heel-piece slides back so as not to jam up and prevent release. The ever-thoughtful Italians even added a custom shim under the toe piece so as to not affect your ramp angle. It’s not going out on a limb to call the Trab Vario Adjustable the safest binding in category; and it actually performs better than many above its weight. Catch the Titan fever and start using this binding, you won't go back.

  • Three versions available with 8, 10, and 12 lateral and vertical release-springs.
  • Toe wings operate independently which improves retention in rough conditions.
  • 43° of lateral heel elasticity means you can ski unlocked with confidence.
  • 30mm of adjustment for different sole lengths fits a large boot-quiver.
  • Titanium toe spring is nearly impossible to break while being crazy light.
  • Optional brakes have a unique design that doesn't interfere with the release.
  • Spring in the adjustment plate lets the whole heel-piece slide back on impact.
  • Independent toe-wings mean no dangerous snow-buildup under coiled springs.
  • Flex 30 adjustment plate lets the ski flex naturally for perfect turns.
  • Easy Lever 2.0 is super simple to lock and unlock, with or without a pole.
  • Toe shim keeps you flat on the ski for maximum control and feel.
  • Flat-on-ski mode works great with the recommended 5mm heel-gap.
  • Included leash-attachment cables can be mounted under the toes.
  • Crampon receptors accept the majority of Dynafit-style crampons.
  • Race-style heel-flap is still the fastest way to transition.
  • Wow, this list is long, Ski Trab thought of everything.

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Weight (pair) 468g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes Optional 65, 78, 85, or 94mm
BSL Adjustment 30mm
Riser Heights 1 + flat
Vertical Release 8, 10, or 12
Lateral Release 8, 10, or 12
Crampon Ready Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Titanium toe bar, Ergal aluminum frame, steel pins
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring, training, racing
Notes Flex plate has spring to allow heel to slide after contact
Bottom Line All you need, nothing you don't

Questions & Reviews

Mav (used product a few times)
These suckers are awesome! So awesome that my wife—who knew what she'd be missing—ordered a set the same week (day?) as I did. Mine are mounted to a pair of Dynastar Mythic 97 Pros (driven with Arc'teryx Procline Carbon boot). Hers are mounted to some Movement Alp Tracks LT 84s (driven with Scarpa F1s). After two lift-served days early this season (skiing everything from 8" (20cm) of powder to icy moguls) to test their limits, several days of our regular resort fitness laps, and one solid touring day, I'm ready to report back.

What we love: First, the weight and low profile are excellent, even with the plate. Second, the mechanical function is terrific. By that, I mean the tensioned toe spring means no toe pre-release potential like traditional tech bindings (because of snow or poor form). I skied Dynafits for about a decade, but I'm a total convert to the Ski Trabs (though I could see considering the newer Dynafit stuff for racing applications (if I actually raced)). Third, the bindings are super simple and predictable (easy, progressive spring tension and idiot-proof riser system shorten any learning curve.) Fourth, the connection to the skis felt great.

What we didn't love: Nothing, really. Just a couple things to be aware of... First, installing the leash loops should be a forethought when mounting. The metal leash loops aren't long enough to slip below, then over the toe spring (even with the lock tab pulled out). Screwdriver was necessary. Second, my wife found it easier to enter/exit her bindings with a more hands-on race technique (see youtube for skimo transition videos). We both managed to enter/exit with pole tips, as becomes habit with traditional style tech bindings, but these have a slightly different "feel" due to the spring tension that wants to push the ski forward and away from you (probably less of an issue if using brakes).

Bottom line: Absolutely pleased with this purchase (x2), based on recommendation from the Skimo Co. crew. We've pushed these hard and felt totally secure. Easy to see why so many guides and shop employees are using them.

Other thoughts: I haven't used them with the brakes, but plan to pick up a pair soon. I've heard good things from the shop.
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if only (used product regularly)
The toe piece design rocks. No more snow build up under the springs or crazy hard boot release by hand or boot sole surgery needed. I have these mounted on the Trab super maximo and go from the F1 to the Alien RS to drive them so the adjustable heel is perfect.
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Question from Ryan a
Which heels springs to get? I read somewhere that these release more easily than the number suggests.
Plum Race bindings work well for me, and only release when they need to. I'm 85 kg, 183 cm. I ski steep icy stuff but carefully and slowly.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Ryan!
Yes, they do test out a little less then the stated value, so you should round up. You can calculate your release value here: Binding finder.
Answer from Caleb G
Does this hole pattern jive with Dynafit Speedturn 2.0? Would love to take my Session X’s to a lighter level without drilling new holes.
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