Height:5' 4"
Weight:130 lbs
Shoe Size:US 7.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Mainly backcountry Touring
Ski Mountaineering ( standard lines, nothing extreme)
Started Skimo races in 2014.

My Gear

Voile Objective 164 with Kreutzpitche GT
Dynafit Denali 168 with Dynafit Superlite
Hagan Cirrus 163 with Kreutzpitche bindings
Ski Trab Volare 171 with Dynafit Radical bindings
Voile WSP 160 with Dynafit Low Tech 1.0
Alien 1.0
TLT7 carbonio

Recent Posts

I forgot to mention that I used them with my aliens on Rainier, and I had no problems with my automatic crampons. They should work fine with strap on and new-matic ones as well. Every so often the sole strap will collect snow in wetter conditions. It’s not really much of a problem and nothing an occasional pole bang to the boot won’t correct.
I get cold feet....just ask JBO before any significant Skimo.co purchase. These definitely help. Simple, light, easy to put on and take off, and during the winter I always have them on or have them in my pack. In my experience, I think the stated sizing is more geared toward traditional alpine boots. I wear a size 25 in the aliens and tlt7. I originally bought the mediums, which were way too big, but fit perfectly for the same sized alpine boots. I’m not sure JBO’s boot size, but I recall he borrowed ...
The Dyneema stretches a bit initially, so it takes a few adjustments to fit securely to a specific boot. Once the Dyneema is broken in, it doesn't continue to stretch. These fit the Scarpa Alien 1.0's perfectly.
Thanks Skimo for having all these spare parts!! I thoroughly notched my Low Tech 1.0 titanium pins after "downright abuse." Skimo had both ti and steel replacement pins for these legacy bindings, so I can continue use these otherwise perfectly good bindings. I bought the steel which should not notch and were less expensive, and they are working flawlessly.
I bought the 7mm to replace worn out Alien 1.0 liners. Very comfortable. Nice and warm. Thanks to the overlap design, I now enjoy getting into my Alien 1.0's without having to slip the liners on first (and removing my foot from both the liner and boot). Though the foam is not nearly as dense as the stock 1.0 liners, I get a sense that these have increased ski performance compared to the stock 1.0 liner (perhaps due to the overlap design?). When comparing these side-by-side, the Palau liners are thicker t...

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