Skimo Co





5' 4"


132 lbs

Shoe Size

US 7.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

Mainly backcountry Touring
Ski Mountaineering ( standard lines, nothing extreme)
Started Skimo races in 2014.

My Gear

Voile Objective 164 with Ski Trab Vario 8 bindings
Dynafit Denali 168 with Dynafit Superlite 1.0 bindings
Hagan Cirrus 163 with Kreutzpitche SCTT bindings
Voile WSP 160 with Dynafit Low Tech 1.0
Ski Trab Gara 160 with Hagan Ultra
Alien 1.0
Alien 1.1
TLT7 carbonio

Recent Posts

This is a major upgrade to the WSP. There is slightly more mass (my pair is under 800gms, as opposed to's testing), but this not noticeable on the uphill compared to my WSP's. The construction is the same, but the tip and tail dimensions are a bit wider than the WSP, which makes the downhills feel considerably more stable, and what feels torsionally stronger. The sidecut is tighter and the ski turns on a dime. This ski has a very robust camber, and I find that skiing the camber very hard (aka, ...
With all due respect to jbo, ebunce, and the phenomenal crew, despite the wonderful selection of skis sold at your shop, there is only one “best” ski. And for powder, crud, wind-jacked, and sun beaten unconsolidated snow, that ski is the HV6. Due to its robust camber, it also performs well on hard surfaces. Look no further. Just figure out your length, buy some lightweight bindings and mohair skins and go skiing.
You forgot the Plum Oaza 4 as both a great touring and race binding option
I bought these socks last season and used them everyday.....including during Tuesday night racing with my snug race boots. These were a total GAME-CHANGER for me last year. I have frozen my feet so many times over the decades that my toes are severely effected by cold weather. Unlike other heated socks and chemical toe-warmers, the 6.0 socks barely take up more room than a conventional ultra-thin ski sock. The heating element only surrounds the toe box, and this is the only area where you may need to ...
Since my size just recently arrived at Skimo, I have only used these a few times. My other boots include the original Alien 1.0 and the TLT7 carbonio. I bought these because my Alien 1.0's have had a fruitful life of racing and touring, and are now allocated to a training and rock boot, as they are getting a bit sloppy. Here is my comparison of the new Alien 1.1 to the excellent aforementioned boots.... Alien 1.1 vs 1.0: The new boot is stiffer (at least compared to my well-used originals)!! They ski ...

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