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Through continual refinement, minor tweaks, and small advancements, breakthroughs can happen. For Ortovox, this happened in the case of the Pro Lite Shovel. By starting with the highest quality materials, Ortovox has made no compromises in functional capacity. This remarkably light, compact, and packable shovel has a 6061 T6 aluminum blade that features subtle notches and ribs that increase its stability and strength while reducing mass. The telescoping handle features unique cross-sectional shaping that increases strength over ordinary rectangular or circular tubes and can be oriented for left or right handed users. When you are looking to keep your pack weight as low as possible, the Ortovox Pro Light Shovel allows you to do so without feeling that you have compromised the safety of your group.

  • Shovel blade can be fashioned into a rescue sled or snow anchor.
  • Subtle ribbing and tube shape enable high strength with low mass.
  • Telescoping shaft locks into place without fiddling with buttons.
  • Compact size is sure to fit in space-challenged ski packs.
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Shaft Length 41.5-60cm
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   6061 T6 Aluminum
Blade Dimensions 27cm x 21cm (567cm²)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Isolating blocks, snow science, rescue
Notes Light, compact, and strong!
Bottom Line High-strength with low mass
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Questions & Reviews

EG1 (used product regularly)
Obvious option for a lightweight shovel that fits well in the pack. I ski with it and find it to be high quality with two small things I don't love (but don't keep me from carrying it).

1 - Attaching the shaft to the blade is slightly touchy given the shape of the shaft (matters what side is up/down). I know this, but if someone else was assembling in a time of crisis - it could take them a few extra (crucial) seconds.

2 - I wish the handle was not plastic. I know, I know - its a weight saver, but I'd feel more confident if it were a bit more "unbreakable"
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Will M (downright abused product)
I've got nothing but good things to say about this shovel. It's got a slightly more narrow shovel head than most other brands but I haven't found it to be an issue. It's quite light and incredibly well built. I've never really had any issues of icing up as I have with other brands like BCA. Also, with some modifications, the shovelhead fits onto the Petzl Gully shaft making for a very lightweight, technical, and versatile unit.
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Brad H (used product regularly)
Quality lightweight shovel.

I've modified mine to more easily build a rescue sled with it. I wish they'd done this as part of the original design. I also wish the handle supported hoe mode.
Reply from Tjaard B
Is it correct that you can use the Hoe function if you use the Pro III shaft?
What is the weight of the blade and shaft separately?
Reply from Teddy Young
Hello Tjaard, thanks for reaching out! Yes, you are able to use the Pro Light blade with the Pro Alu III shaft for hoe configuration, it just fits slightly looser. Here are the weights:

Pro Alu III
Blade: 409g
Shaft: 396g

Pro Light
Blade: 272g
Shaft: 188g
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Question from Joe
Does this have a hoe feature?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Joe, this shovel does not have a hoe function, my apologies!
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