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Peter C

Peter C




6' 2"


215 lbs

Shoe Size

US 13.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:


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For the boot adapter, are the black circles of tape (or do you bolt through them?) intended to block heat loss from the liner via the plate? Why are there four?
Could someone help me with sizing numbers? When I look at Edelrid's size chart, I see 85cm-90cm, 90cm-95cm, & 95cm-100cm for their S,M, & L waist size ranges. If I convert those into inches, I'm getting 33.4"-35.4" 35.4"-37.4", & 37.4"-39.3". When I look here and at a couple other retailers, I see different ranges, both in cm and inches. What am I missing?
Kimber's husband here. We ended up getting the Contours based on their glue's rave reviews by a few friends. I had a pair of STS tail hooks that I had picked up for hut-trip repairs awhile back. The plan was that if the Contours clip wouldn't fit, we'd just cut off the original clip and add the BD ones. Turns out, the Contour clip sits in the Sakana's swallowtail cutout pretty well. She'll tour on them later today, so we'll see how they are in transitions.
Pretty sure I'm answering my own question here: the tips are 134mm, so I believe I'd need the 140mm x 185-200cm, right? I'd still be interested in hearing about Tipon vs the Climb Pro S-Glides.
I have the same sizing and "to TIPON or not to TIPON" questions as Christof, but regarding a pair of 185 Helio 105's. A few friends have just bought the regular versions, but I haven't heard much at all about the TIPON experience.

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