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When you pull the Loopo Lite out its tiny stuff sack, it's ok if you are confused at first. There's no metal hardware (no buckles at all for that matter) and it's so light that you'll probably be wondering where the rest of it is. That's because Edelrid went all-out to make the lightest mountaineering harness imaginable. Using a reflective color-coded loop system, you secure the Loopo Lite by tying into the loops or clipping them together with a carabiner. No waist adjustment, no doubling back; just clip in. Elastic adjustment toggles and 4 small gear loops round out this fully-featured, featherweight package.

  • Reflective tie in loops are easy to find by headlamp.
  • Adjustable elastic leg loops allow harness to be put on without removing skis.
  • Four gear loops offer plenty of organization.
  • 82 grams in size L!
Size Waist Legs
S 33-35.4" 23.5-27"
M 35-37.5" 25-29"
L 37.5-39" 27.5-31"
convert to ounces
82g [L]
Gear Loops 4
Drop Seat Yes
Skis-On Don Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   High-density Polyethylene edge binding
Skimo Co Says
Usage Glacier travel, mountaineering
Notes Amazingly light and compact
Bottom Line Throw it in the pack just in case
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Peter C
Could someone help me with sizing numbers? When I look at Edelrid's size chart, I see 85cm-90cm, 90cm-95cm, & 95cm-100cm for their S,M, & L waist size ranges. If I convert those into inches, I'm getting 33.4"-35.4" 35.4"-37.4", & 37.4"-39.3". When I look here and at a couple other retailers, I see different ranges, both in cm and inches. What am I missing?
Answer from Julieana
Hi Peter, I just measured what we have in stock and as far as the medium and small size goes the Edelrid size chart is correct. I'll update ours to match. Thanks for catching that!
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Question from Sheldon M
Question about sizing this harness. I'm the top end of small, and would likely be fine for most days. However, cold, nasty weather (and the additional clothing) makes me skeptical of still fitting the harness. Given harness is non-adjustable and the jump between sizes seems kind of big, I'm concerned that the medium will be too big. Sorry to goldilocks, but am curious about how much overlap you find between sizes and/or any advice you'd have for someone on the edge of a size. Thx!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Sheldon! I would choose the harness size based on the conditions you plan on using it for. If you are ski mountaineering in exceptionally cold conditions that require the use of bulky clothing to stay warm, the medium sounds like it would be the better choice. If you are doing a lot of missions in the spring where you will have on a lighter softshell pant, the small would be the best option. If you are trying to get one harness for both applications (which may or may not work), I would try the smaller size with your cold weather gear to make sure it doesn't cut off circulation and or hinder movement. I hope this helped! -Brett
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Model: Loopo Lite

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