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Snap a cable on your Cramp-ins? Manage to lose a hook? Pick up a replacement or backup spare parts for your Dynafit Cramp-Ins here.

Cramp-In Cable - The cable connecting the toe and heel pieces of the Cramp-In crampon. Sold individually.

Cramp-In Hook - The metal hook at the front of the crampon that attaches to the front of the boot. Sold individually.

Cramp-In Adapter for Boots - This piece will allow you to make your boots compatible with Dynafit's Cramp-In crampons. Please check boot compatibility with this item. Sold as a pair.

Semi-Automatic Kit - A pair of toe bails and straps to retrofit the DNA and Mezzalama crampons for semi-automatic boot attachment. Sold as a pair.

Anti-Balling Kit - Plastic plates that prevent snow accumulation betwixt the points of the DNA or Mezzalama crampons. Sold as a pair.

Connecting Cable Kit - Stainless steel connector cable connecting toe and heel of the DNA or Mezzalama crampon. Sold as a pair.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dillon E
Hi, do you expect to receive any extra sole-plate hardware for the Cramp-In system in the near future?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Dillon, we'll get some in with our next shipment from Dynafit, but I don't have a date. If you've got a specific timeline, please reach out to us at and we'll see what we can do!
Answer from Dillon E
Thankyou! Hopefully they arrive before conditions consolidate here in the Wasatch...I'll keep an eye on this page.
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Question from Peter C
For the boot adapter, are the black circles of tape (or do you bolt through them?) intended to block heat loss from the liner via the plate? Why are there four?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Peter, installation requires drilling a hole in the sole of your boot and bolt on the adapter, the stickers are there to seal and cover the bolt. Looks like they give you two extra.
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Question from Jeff Jung
does the crampon come with the sole plates to install in the sole of the boot?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Jeff, yes it does!
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