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Oh is the lower just a bungie? Not like the Sytron cable?
Had these for two seasons (120ish days). Best ever glue, how the heck does that work?! I loved freaking out partners with my mega fast transitions But, they're thicker and less durable than a Pomoca. Holding one in each hand the packability and quality was immediately obvious to me. I didn't weigh them, but I very much suspect the Contours to be heavier. They did fail completely on me after a long, sloppy day. My Pomocas have never failed in those conditions
Best skins I've used, despite not really having a strong opinion on skins prior to this. I did hate them for the first 10ish days as the glue was furiously bonded to my ski base, but when that subsided they became my little yellow buddies. Thinner, lighter, tougher, glidier than my friends' skins -- even other mohair mix skins. I very much like the tip attachment and even through the puddles, slop, ice and pine needles they've never shown any sign of failing
I picked up a cheap pair of these and used for a month, skiing Salomon X Alp 78mm skis Boy... you can do better than these. Really soft, not waterproof, low and small front cuff. My full plastic 800g Sportiva Racetron held the foot better on the up and were stiffer on the way down. The Atomics have sock liners that appear to be the same stiffness and durability as actual socks. For only 100g more are the Alien RS, which must ski solidly three times as well
I demoed these for two big days out. Surprised they aren't more popular! I found them to ski significantly better than the F1LT for only 150g more. I much prefer this tour mode lever. I thought they were definitely better on the downhill than F1 and F1LT I think they would be super popular, if not for the CRUSHING instep! In the end I went for a beefier boot, so maybe this is a weird middle ground for others, too

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