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Best ever walking boot? Maybe! Rockered sole, minimal friction, and so comfortable. Best ever skiing boot? NO! At this weight you can do a LOT better I also look forward to the day boas are no longer used in ski boots
For their intended use, they're an amazing piece of technology I pushed them, skiing 90mm skis in the summer in couloirs. For this purpose I was much happier in a bigger boot, at least an Alien RS. I felt the lack of material in the front of the 1.1 The total lack of ankle resistance on the up is amazing, but the lower poked me in my Achilles if I took too large a stride Overall though, for what they are, it's amazing what they can do. A little taste of the future, I think
I ski 100 days a year in the backcountry, mostly mountaineering type descents. I haven't skied anything else since I got the Mythics. For me, they're my perfect ski. Paired with a 900g boot they were "ok", paired with a 1300g boot they rock! 5/5!
Absolutely adore these skis! Skin like a racer, ski big lines. They've been with me for 10k ft days on glaciers, couloirs in July, blue ice... This is my serious ski for serious mountains Pro: The edge hold is great, the ski is extremely predictable. Con: they're so light I forget I have them on my back and I have a little panic attack for a second
On the heavy side for 88mm and it shows in its downhill ability. An excellent choice for your only ski for spring and summer. I found it pretty unremarkable in the sense that it just works. No obvious flaws, no standout strengths. Though very impressed how well it does in deep powder!

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