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Volkl has a reputation for making skis that can perform in just about any terrain for any level of skier and the Rise Beyond 96 Ski is no exception. The improved model from the previous season, the shape is a touch narrower underfoot by 2mm and features a tighter turn radius for snappier turn initiation. But don't worry, the innovative 3D radius sidecut remains, which helps the ski show off its hourglass figure, as well as switch seamlessly from long turns to short. As a result, this delivers agility and maneuverability that is surprising for a 96mm waisted ski - great for the skiers who like to make great turns, no matter the speed. Volkl has also kept its Tourlite Hybrid Woodcore since it has been proven to help balance the stiffness to pop ratio. Tip rocker upfront and camber underfoot make this a great ski to handle variable conditions and power through turns like a warm knife cutting butter. Whether you're joyously arcing big turns in a powder field or carefully making your way down a chundery couloir, the Volkl Rise Beyond 96 will be your faithful companion.

  • The 3D Radius Sidecut gives the ski multiple turning radii from long to short and allows effortless adjustment to your turn shape.
  • Volkl's Smart Skinclip lets you remove your skins from either the tip or tail.
  • Tourlite Hybrid woodcore utilizes a blend of poplar, beech, and paulownia wood for a touring specific ski.
  • Great tip rocker and underfoot camber give this ski a great balance between float and edge hold!
  • A friendly, fun, and fantastic all-around ski for any level of skier.

Update 2022/23 season: Same great ski just in a new paint job.

Lengths (cm) 156, 163, 170, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1180g [163]
1260g [170]
1300g [177]
1360g [184]
Weight (pair) 2360g [163]
2520g [170]
2600g [177]
2720g [184]
Dimensions   138-96-119
Turn Radius   17-12-16m [156]
19-14-18m [163]
22-16-20m [170]
24-17-22m [177]
27-19-24m [184]
Skin Fix   Smart Skinclip system: notched tail and a square recession on the tip for a skin clip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Tip rocker, underfoot camber, semi-flat tail
Shape   Angular tapered tip, triple-radius sidecut, pintail for pack loop insertion
Construction   Full vertical sidewall, Tourlite Hybrid Woodcore
Core   Paulownia and poplar with beech wood underfoot
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday touring and epic winter adventures
Notes A top-choice ski for anything from variable conditions to powder
Bottom Line An amazingly versatile and maneuverable ski!
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Evan
I'm considering a few skis for an all-purpose, light, fun, quiver-killer for backcountry and resort uphill skiing all around Colorado (open bowls and trees, mostly, and would like to ski more couloirs).

For some background. I'm 5'8" (about 175 cm), 145 lb., advanced-level, moderatley aggressive but not expert skier. I ski Volkl Mantra M5s (170 cm) in-bounds and love them. I skied Black Diamond Helio 105's (165 cm) in- and out-of-bounds for 2 seasons and loved them. Then I sized up to the Helio 105's at 175 cm and don't enjoy skiing them. So I'm looking for a change. Here are my candidates:

1. These Volkl Rise Beyond 96 (170 cm). These look really good but I haven't seen many reviews (aside from a handful of positive pro reviews) or see anyone skiing them. They seem to be flying under the radar, for better or worse, I'm not sure which or why.

2. Black Diamond Helio 104 (166 cm). I loved the 105's in 165 cm. Why not go back to what's worked before? And maybe the new model is even better?

3. Black Diamond Helio 95 (169 cm). These look good too, maybe better for me than the 105's.

4. Blizzard Zero G 95 (171 cm). I've read a ton of positive reviews on these, a lot of people have been skiing these a lot of places for a while and love them.

I plan to mount Marker Alpinist bindings to whatever ski I get. I've skied those for a few seasons and really like them.

What do you recommend?

Many thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Evan,

Let’s talk skis!

You are totally correct, the Volkl Rise Beyond 96 has been flying under the radar. The 3D sidecut makes these skis friendly to a wide range of skiers. They are surfy in powder, while still being good fun on corduroy, and surprisingly damp for their weight. Based on your ski history, this would be a great option.

On to the Helios. In my mind, the 104 is more of a powder ski. It will be a little less versatile across all seasons, especially firm spring snow. The new ski will still be nice and damp, with a short turn radius and pretty stable feel. The 95 will have a lot of the same characteristics in a more versatile package.

Finally, the Blizzard Zero G 95. This ski is stiff and relatively unforgiving, requiring input from the skier. It is lighter weight than the prior skis discussed, but it will be less damp in variable snow conditions.
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Question from Brian
I have the earlier Völkl VTA 98. Is this ski much improved on that or is a subtle update?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, the Rise series is very different than the VTA. These don't have that tinny feel and are much more stable. The flex and multi-radius sidecut feel nicely integrated. It took a few tries, but Volkl has made some great backcountry skis ;)
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