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“To get down, one first has to get there.” This sage observation from an unnamed but exceptionally handsome staffer here at Skimo Co sums up the age-old conundrum in the backcountry community. That is, one must earn their turns. To help make the battle against gravity less lopsided, Salomon made the S/Lab MTN Summit. Utilizing an Ultramid + shell with a carbon fiber-charged spine, the MTN Summit is more than ready for that long slog to the top and demanding descent through variable snow. Featuring an innovative Touring Belt, the MTN Summit can keep its pants on while providing an adaptable heel lock, reducing blisters and increasing skiability. Trying to lessen their environmental impact, Salomon uses 30% recycled material in the outsole to accomplish that goal without impacting durability or functionality. From galivanting to distant peaks, lapping your favorite powder stash, and everything in between, step into the MTN Summit.

  • Custom Shell HD allows for full customization of the shell for an unparalleled fit.
  • 70° range of motion is ultra-flexible, letting you skin to your ankle's content.
  • Touring Belt provides exceptional heel hold, helping reduce problems with blisters.
  • Surelock Ski Walk Mechanism is easy, unobtrusive, and offers a progressive flex.
  • Adjustable forward lean lets you dial in your stance.
  • Outsole is made with 30% recycled material.

*Not compatible with Alpine-heel touring bindings (e.g. the Shift, Tecton, or Kingpin).

convert to ounces
1203g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2406g [27.5]
Buckles   1 + Boa
Boot Sole Length   258mm [23/23.5]
268mm [24/24.5]
278mm [25/25.5]
288mm [26/26.5]
298mm [27/27.5]
308mm [28/28.5]
318mm [29/29/5]
328mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   70°
Forward Lean(s)  
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ultramid custom shell, carbon fiber spine
Liner   My Custom Fit Tour light
Sole   30% recycled Outsole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, fast & light touring
Notes Cody Townsend approved
Bottom Line Salomon is back on the summit
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tommy
Hello SKIMO Team,

I already have this boot paired with Salomon MTN 96 skis and what a blast! I am looking to purchase a new set of powder skis to pair with this boot. What are your thoughts of pairing this boot with the Voile Hyper V8? Am I asking too much out of the boot? The pow I envision is Montana cold smoke

Take it easy,

Answer from Jeff
Hello Tommy,
Based on most manufacturers or reviewers of Beefy touring gear, no go.
That ski in just Sweet Pow and a finesse skier, it can work.
I use my Alien RS boots on some 112mm Powder skis. Only a few times, but works fine. If you have long and rough exits, you may get tossed around a bit.
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Question from Ethan A
I just go this boot. To adjust the forward lean, you flip the metal bracket on the carbon spine?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ethan, that's correct. Flip the metal bracket upside down!
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Question from Brent D
I've had these boots for a few months and they have a little play when they are locked down. It seems there is a bit of movement in the rear flipping mechanism as well as a mm of two in the bushings on the pivot points. It translates to a few inches of knee movement back and forth. Can you tell me if this is to be expected? Salomon customer service is not much help. I don't remember this play when they were brand new but I could have just missed it.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Brent, we've found maybe a millimeter of movement in the rear walk mode lock, but the bushings should be pretty solid. This translates to about an inch of fore/aft knee movement when rocking back and forth when I wear them. This amount of movement isn't unusual for this style of walk mode that locks within the shell.
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Question from Rudy Dietz
The Salomon website lists the last as: Alpine Boot last

I'm confused by the "99/105", can you explain? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Sorry Rudy, I cannot explain! Potentially it's the width measurement at a couple of different spots in the boot which reveals the underlying issue with listed lasts: no two manufacturers measure the same way so they can be quite misleading. We don't bother putting this somewhat random number in our specs. It's the same story with "flex rating". We recommend visiting our boot fitter for the skinny on how various boots might actually fit you and perform.
Answer from Rudy D
JBO, thanks! Very interesting.. what a wacky system, and I’m grateful you all are here to help.
Answer from Eric B
Stock, It’s a 99mm last boot. Salomon’s Custom Shell molding let’s it stretch up to 105mm.
Answer from jbo
That makes sense, Eric! Salomon says there is 6mm of expansion possible. As for the 99, not sure I would call it that.
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Question from Shay
What is the BSL of the 22.5 and how do you think this boot would do with an intuition liner put into it?
Answer from Julian K
Hi Shay, for the 22.5 the boot has a BSL of 248mm. Even with a Low Volume Intuition Tour Pro, it's will be pretty snug in the boot, compared to the stock liner. I would lean toward a Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo.
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Question from AARON O
How would these boots do with a Blizzard Zero G 95? I am currently using Scarpa F1s first generation and they are just worn out. Need an update and am intrigued by these.
Answer from Jeff
Aaron, They should do just fine. Without a tongue, they will be a bit softer and more Uphill-friendly than your F1.
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Question from AARON O
how does the fit on these compare to the SLAB Mtn? That boot fit me really well so curious if this would be the same (I need a higher volume boot).
Answer from Gabriel I
The MTN Summit's are a medium/average volume boot. Maybe slightly higher volume overall than the MTN, but shaped a bit differently, losing a little width in the forefoot. Also, since the shell is completely heat moldable, it can fit a wide variety of feet, so you're not stuck with the shape out of the box.
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Question from Brad
I have seen this boot referenced informally with a 120 flex rating. That seems too stiff for a boot in this weight class. Or is it? Any thoughts on how big of a ski this boot can effectively steer? I tried these on, love the roomy toe box, but don't want get to over my head with too lightweight of a boot!
Answer from Gabriel I
It's a relatively stiff boot for its class, but of course 120 flex in a touring boot is not quite the 120 flex of an alpine boot. We'd put it around 110, so 120 isn't out of the realm of possibility. That said, it's got good structure in the cuff area -- the buckled strap and top power strap combine to give you a good platform to drive your skis. The flex is nice and progressive, not a wall. Boots in this category are happiest driving skis ~100mm and under. Note that your mileage will vary with your height and weight, and the snow conditions of course.
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Comment from Jacob
I have these in hand, 26.5 weighs in at 1190g with the footbead...heavy!
Reply to this comment:

Question from Anthony O
Jbo, trying to see how low I can go in mass before how I want to ski starts to suffer. Currently seems 1400g will still plow thru chunder. What what I've read people are saying this is the best skiing boot of the new releases (compared to tltx, tecnica etc) and apparently weighs 1200ish in a 27. Do you think with a wrap liner that this could provide close to the chargeability of a dynafit radical? And or, is this more of a boot than the skorpius? Currently I can ski a 2000g ski (191 katana v werks) with my modified dalbellos that weigh 1450g. But even I will admit my franken boots walk atrociously. I would probably be trying to ski 16-1700g skis with this boot. Up to the task? if it is stronger than the skorpius I'll try it.
Answer from jbo
Hey Anthony, sadly I do not think this is a category breaker boot that you are looking for. The ski performance is in line with the others in the weight class, and not up to Radical Pro nor Skorpius level, imo.
Answer from Travis N
Thank you for the Skorpius and Radical Pro comparison! I'll be curious to hear how this stacka up against the Dynafit TLT X Blacklight
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Question from Anthony O
Are the BSLs out yet?
Answer from Jeff
HI Anthony, Not yet. I can't see it in any of the pictures either. And we have not received a sample yet.
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, sorry I didn't record it when I skied it!
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Model: S/Lab MTN Summit

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