Skimo Co





5' 11"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Background in Nordic skiing. Raced up to World Cup level.
Starting doing SkiMo in 2012 with GrandTraverse
Looking to have fun and push my limits. There are not many races out in OR so hoping that changes soon.

My Gear

Skis - Fischer Alp Attack
Bindings - Fischer's
Boots - Dynafit PDG

Recent Posts

Does the hole pattern line up with the ATK Trofeo and similar ATK race heel pieces. I actually have the older ATK's that Fisher white labeled. Will these work with those heel pieces?
Bought these in 80mm and ripped them down to 40mm. They now work as a wonderful and affordable kicker skin for the flat approaches. Plenty of kick for anything up to 15-20 degrees and enough glide to enjoy it. Would suggest everybody make a pair of small skins for this purpose. I've only tried them a few times so I can't comment on reliability. However they seem to stick well. Arrived very quickly from Skimo. It was fun to make my own pair. I'm now making a pair for my wife as well.
I have these mounted on the Fischer Alp Attacks. It is an amazingly light set up. The bindings have done everything they promised and more. Extremely lightweight. Boots stay in for walk mode. easy to flip the heels in/out of walk mode. I have heard that the lateral release is high but luckily haven't had a bad crash yet to test them out. They feel super bomber though and that is a good confidence booster. So far they have been great and I look forward to the first race on them!
I just got these at Christmas and have loved them for the first 3-4 ski days! They are my first lightweight boot and I think I am in love. Very comfortable and lots of ankle articulation on the way up. Then surprisingly stiff on the way down. I've mainly been on groomers and ideal conditions and they work great for that. I hope to try in some powder (once we get some) soon to see if I need gators. They were comfortable out of the box. Once Thermo molded they are like slippers. I look forward to racing and a...
I just got these and so far love them. Extremely light (paired with the Fischer Race Tour Bindings and Dynafit PDG's) and ski well. I've skied them on groomers and they rip! I skied on 4-6" of light powder on a hard base and they worked wonderfully. I skied on crud and they skied as well as any other race ski (but not a fun experience). I'd definitely recommend them to anyone else who is looking for an ultra light racing set up. I've been pleasantly surprised on how well they ski.

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