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Sometimes we all just need a break and sometimes we all just need some brakes. If you picked up a set of Black Diamond Helio bindings, you can accessorize! Works with any Helio binding as well as some Hagan and other ATK bindings. You can fit just about any ski with a wide range of width options that include 86mm, 97mm, 108mm and 120mm. These brakes are attached to an adjustment track on which the heel piece is mounted. Switching between ski and walk mode is easily done with the push of a button on the side of the brake. An optional ski crampon attachment is also included. In hardpack conditions, you may not want to slow down, but your skis should if they do get free. Add some peace of mind by adding a set of Black Diamond Helio brakes to your setup. 96 grams per side [97mm].

Note: The hole pattern of the brake plate is slightly wider than the Helio adjustment plate.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from David
Is the brake portion removable to drop weight when not at the resort? Looks like maybe 2 screws up front? If so, is the residual plate about the same weight as the bare adjustment plate? Thanks!
Answer from Will M
Hey David,

So you can remove the brake however it's a little tough to put back together. Not impossible but it does take some patience. Three screws in total.

The plate without the brakes and including the adjustment screws is 48.5 grams. Whereas the normal adjustment plate is 33.8 grams with the adjustment screws. The reason for this weight difference is that the brake version is actually 5mm taller (10.25mm) than the normal adjustment plates (5.25mm) and also has additional metal at the front to accommodate the brake.

Hope this helps!
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Question from Jacob H
How do I find the mounting pattern for this brake? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Jacob. These brakes share the same mounting pattern as the heel of the Hagan Pure binding, which is 45/25 x 60. For information on mounting patterns, please refer to this article. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Doug F
Does the Helio Ski Brake baseplate share the exact same hole pattern measurements as the Helio Adjustment plate?

I own the Helio 200 binding and want to avoid drilling additional holes if I get this add-on brake. Psyched the two products are compatible...Thank you, SKIMO!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Doug, unfortunately the Helio Ski Brake baseplate does not share the same hole pattern as the regular Helio adjustment plate. You would need to re-drill to make these work.
Answer from Doug F
Ah, too bad. Much appreciated the info though, thank you!
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TZed (used product regularly)
I used these for the last 2 springs(well really for the season 2 springs ago, I didn't get to ski much this past spring)

I paired them with BD Helio 110 bindings with 91 brake width on Dynastar Vertical Factory skis. I haven't ejected so I can't speak to their efficacy in stopping the ski, but I do appreciate their function when clicking in at the top of a steep line and for general ski are use as well.

After a number of days of use the grease on the metal hook mechanism has worn off and now it fails to lock the brake into skinning mode just by pushing down on the heel pad, I also have to pull the brake arms up to get it to fully engage.

The other things to note are that the adjustment range is less than the other adjustment track, the hole patterns are also different and the stack height is higher as well.

The only reason I am deducting a star is for the difficulty locking it into skinning mode now that I've used it for awhile. I'm hoping a fresh application of grease this season will take care of that.
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Model: Helio Binding Brake Kit

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