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While this cutter is about 5 times more expensive than the letter-opener variety, it makes trimming skins about 100 times easier. If you value your time and the quality of your cut, the math works out in your favor. Stick your untrimmed skins on your skis and run the trimming tool down the edges. Then store it somewhere you will remember for next time. Finally, go ski.

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Questions & Reviews

Austin F (used product a few times)
Just trimmed my new Contour Mohair Guide skins with these last night - holy cow. Literally two minutes later I had two perfectly trimmed skins.

I trimmed a pair with the ol’ letter opener variety a few weeks ago and they look…not great
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Andrew (used product a few times)
Great is concept, but for thicker skis it will not work. It starts great at tips (thinner) but as you get closer to the waist the tool won’t let the blade stay along the edge, getting pushed away by the guide that won’t accommodate the thickness of the ski.
Reply from jbo
Hi Andrew, we've trimmed tons of skins with all manner of skis and haven't experienced this. Is the sharp, flat section running under the skin? The bumper should be running along the metal edge to control the offset.
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Tjaard B (used product a few times)
Nice large size makes it far easier to hold and control than the others I have used.

The one thing I found was it didn’t trim quit as much off as I wanted to. Perhaps it was user error, but repeated cuts all seemed similar.
More likely, it is personal preference. I was trimming some pretty thick skins (Climb Pro-S), and prefer to have my edges completely exposed, even a hairline of base showing, so that I don’t need to be as precise when putting skins on.

If this is true for you also, it’s still the easiest to hold tool, but do offset the skin 1mm or so before trimming.
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Ian A (used product a few times)
I am a Pomoca convert. The skins are great, but man oh man, this trimmer is the ish! It makes me want to buy new skins just so I can trim them! No more tedious rearranging offsets, just grip and rip! Don't you love things that just _work_?
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Comment from Jonathan
I decided to try the Pomoca skins vs. going with G3 or BD. The razor chipped before I could even finish one edge. Managed to cut both skins, but I butchered them and the edges are not showing (except for where the skins got butchered). Pretty disappointed in blowing $200 on a pair of skins to have them destroyed by the tool that came with then
Reply from jbo
Hi Jonathan, sorry for the trouble! We have a nice professional skin cutter and several folks here still opt to use the Pomoca instead since it works well. Interested to hear your exact steps as we don't see this issue. Happy to get you a new set of skins, freshly trimmed. I don't see an order for you though?

>> Update for others: Problem solved. Make sure you run the trimmer with the grain, from tip to tail!
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Question from Craig S
Are the blades replaceable w/out buying a new tool? How many skins can you trim before replacing? Thanks cs
Answer from Nate
Hi Craig, this is really intended to be a disposable trimmer and as such the blades aren't replaceable. I frequently use these in the shop for 4-5 pairs of skins before they feel dull and I need to grab a new one.
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RandyOakley (used product a few times)
Easier to use than standard skin trimmers. You can trim in one session without having to peel skin off the base and move it over in a precise manner. So finished skin matches ski nicely.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Maybe I'm a biased reviewer since I've used the basic "letter opener" trim tool that comes with other skins for nearly two decades now.
And I've generally been perfectly happy with that.
Except for tricky retrimming jobs where only a few mm are being removed from each side.
And even trickier when the laminate for those jobs is rather soft.

I thought this far more elaborate tool would be better for such tricky jobs but ... I had my first try with it for that application and, eh, ended up going back to the tried & true letter opener.
I see how in some straightforward situations this tool might be better, but so far I'm just not convinced that it's noticeably better overall than the much-derided freebie semi-disposable versions.
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Question from Steve
is the blade offset so when you trim them the ski edge is showing?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, yes. It reveals about 2mm of edge without having to move the skins around from side to side. Just center the skins and cut.
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Stuart B (used product a few times)
I am a detail-oriented (polite way of saying anal-retentive) person by nature and this thing turns skin trimming from a time consuming and frustrating experience into a quick and painless one. I don't think I will ever trim skins again without something like this.

The only thing that surprised me when I got one was how big it was. I was expecting something not much bigger than a razor blade, but it is actually about the size of a fist. The larger size makes it easy to hold when you are trimming.
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