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One of the benefits of having a modular binding like the Marker Alpinist is that you can swap and replace parts as you please, but it also allows them to be lighter and better adapt to the individual skier. Here are a few of the spare parts we are stocking. All parts are sold in pairs.

Alpinist Heel Platforms - The heel support pads used in flat-on-ski mode which must be removed or installed depending on if brakes are being used or not.

Alpinist U-Springs, Low – Softest U-Spring available for the Alpinist heel piece, reserved for more relaxed skiing by lighter or less aggressive skiers.

Alpinist U-Springs, Medium – The most common U-Spring that most Alpinist users will find themselves using. Comes stock on the Alpinist 9.

Alpinist U-Springs, High – The stiffest spring found on the Alpinist bindings, stocked on the Alpinist 12. Reserved for heavier skiers, very aggressive skiers, or those that’d just rather not come out of their bindings.

Kingpin AFD Platform - Allows you to ski the Kingpin without brakes by swapping with the stock Kingpin brake assembly.

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Questions & Reviews

CDB (used product a few times)
I have Marker Alpinist 12 bindings set to 7 and didn’t realize how high the vertical release was until reading here. I put in the low U springs and haven’t had problems with prerelease yet.
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Question from Ethan C
Hi there,

Do you have the crampon receptors for these bindings? Or is there a suitable replacement from another brand?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ethan, we don't have separate crampon receptors for Marker bindings, they do tend to be specific to each binding model. Are you referring to the Alpinist?
Answer from Ethan C
Hi Gabriel, I was hoping you’d have a crampon receptor for the Alpinist, or at least know if another brand has a similar enough hole pattern.
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Question from steve
The low/soft spring says 5-7 in the directions. You are seeing 8?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Steve,

Yes, our experience is that it tests around 8, so on the higher end of that spectrum. Keep in mind that this is only for the vertical release as the lateral can be adjusted lower.
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Question from Shaggy Eells
My goal is to convert a 22-23 Marker Alpinist 10 din binding to the Marker Alpinist 12 din. (Note: the finished product needs to be EXACTLY the same as a Marker Alpinist 12 din from the factory)

Can I put the "Alpinist U-Springs, High" in my Marker Alpinist 10 din binding, and have the exact same binding as the Marker Alpinist 12 din?

I am afraid the tech toe spring strength and the lateral release will still be the same as the alpinist 10 din. Meaning that I did not accomplish my goal.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Shaggy,
The U spring only affects the Vertical release from the heel. Your Alpinist 10 has a 4-10 release. It would be the same with the High spring. The toe piece is the same for the 8, 10 and 12.
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Question from Bruce Field

Just bought the Marker Alpinist 8, and want to verify I got the correct one for me.
I'm 65 yo, 170lbs (no gear), and somewhat fast up the mtn. and slower and cautious (now) downhill. DIN is 5.5. Was the 8 the right choice ? Or the 10? What U spring is in the Model 8?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Bruce,

The Alpinist 8 isn't perfect for you, but it's better than the other Alpinist models.

Laterally, you'll be able to set it to exactly 5.5 so no problem there. Vertically, the 'Low' spring comes installed on the Alpinist 8. That spring typically releases around 7-8, so you'll be slightly higher than ideal. The 'Low' is the closest you'll get, though, so unless you want to buy a different binding, I would stick with that.

If you do want to get a different binding, I'd recommend the ATK Crest 8. It's adjustable both vertically and laterally, so you'll be releasing exactly where you should be.
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Question from Brandon Wanthal
Hey guys, if I have a Marker Alpinist 9 but want a higher release value, can I buy a stiffer U-ring to achieve this?

No fall zone ski mountaineering, etc.
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Brandon, thanks for the question. You can do that. One thing to keep in mind is it will only change the vertical release and your lateral release will still max out at 9. I hope that helps.
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Question from Joel Andersson
Im thinking of exchanging my u-springs to softer ones. Do you have a how to instruction?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Joel. We don't have a tutorial posted, however, it is quite easy to do. On the back of the binding under the u-spring, you'll find a small 1.5mm allen bolt. You need to (carefully) undue that bolt, and slide the u-spring out. We've found it helpful to use expanding pliers to spread the u-spring apart, making it easier to slide it out. Reverse this process to put the replacement u-spring in! Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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Question from Brian
I had the same U Spring question as above. I bought the Alpinist 12, but probably should have got the 9 as I am 58 now and the DIN chart for alpine bindings says 7 for me as a Type III skier even though in the past I was at 8 or 9. I now set most of my touring bindings to 7 as well. At 190Lbs and Type III, which U Spring would you suggest I use?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Brian,
From what you've just told me, I would go with the Low U-Springs. They should have you releasing roughly around an 8, closer to your other touring setups.
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Question from Austin
I bought the alpinist 12 and the u-spring is way too stiff. At a skier type 2 I am a Din setting 6 and at skier type 3 I am a Din setting 7. With my resort setup, I ski very aggresive (type 3) and prefer my Din at an 8, however in the backcountry I don't ski as hard and am looking for as much safety I can get without sacrificing premature releases. I do plan on skiing harder in the backcountry over time so I don't want to go too soft. Given my Din settings, would you recommend the soft or medium u-spring??
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Austin, thanks for reaching out! Based on that info, we'd recommend the soft u-spring.
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Question from Randy Oakley
What is the approximate release value of the "Alpinist U-Springs, Low"
Running with my wife's numbers gives a DIN value of 5 -- will the soft springs be "soft enough"
Answer from Cole P
Hey Randy, the "Apinist U-Spring, Low" will be closer to a release value of eight. Keep in mind that the U-springs will be what dictates the vertical release, the lateral release which is adjusteable can be set to a three.
Answer from RandyOakley
Thanks -- I guess I'll have to wait for Marker to come out with an "extra-low" spring for the Alpinist to work for my wife.
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Question from AntoineB
When you buy brakeless Alpinist bindings, is the heel platform included ?
If not I need to unscrew the heel ?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Antoine, the brakeless Alpinist does include the heel platform. You should be all set!
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dub_xion (used product a few times)
Partial review for the med U-spring. Thankful for for making these available! Coming from an alpine skiing background, my tendency is to buy bindings with release values/DIN a bit higher than my calculated RV/DIN. So, even though the RV I set my bindings to is 8, I end up feeling like getting a binding that goes to 12, which means I ended up getting the Alpinist 12 instead of the 9. The 12 does seem to have a near-impossible spring to step into, and putting the medium spring on has helped, along with knowing the vertical release is closer to what it should be.

Putting in the new spring is a bit of a challenge until you know the tip- use two pliers to pry open the end of the U-spring further to clear the slot, then simply tap in.
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Question from Kyle J
What RV does the low spring measure in at? Looking for the appropriate match for a RV of 7.
Answer from TSB
Hey Kyle, the low spring should be in the right vicinity for you! Feel free to fill out our Binding Finder and we can dig into it further.
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Question from Tim
My wife has a difficult time engaging the rear binding with her Scarpa F1. The din is set to 5. Would the softer u spring help?
Answer from Jeff
Tim, Yes it can. The Alpinist only has lateral adjustment, so she adjusts to 5, but the vertical release is fixed. For the Alpinist 9 we tested the Vertical release much higher, too. Swapping to the soft spring will make it easier and safer for her.
Answer from Kirk T
The shape of the Scarpa boot sole (right below the tech fitting on the heel) might also be the culprit. In wildsnow's review of the Alpinist they discuss this problem - go down the article to the section about "kiss gap".
If the bottom surface of your wife's boot heel is too flat in the area below the tech fitting (like the F1 seems to be), instead of being tapered/rockered, you might try tapering it with a grinder and/or knife. Just a thought.
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Question from Kevin Woolley
Looking at a used ski with Alpinist 12 binding. My ideal RV in the forward plane is 7-9 (chart says 6 but I prefer a little higher RV forward). Which spring would you recommend?
Answer from TSB
Hi Kevin, we'd recommend the medium U-spring, which comes in at a release value of 9, if you wanted that higher forward/vertical RV. You could use the low U-spring if you wanted to have a release value below that.
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Question from Dominic U.
Hi there,

I haven't seen these bindings in person but I am wondering if the marker u-spring has the same measurements/shape as the dynafit u-spring?
Answer from Jeff
Dominic, There are Many different Dynafit bindings and they are not all the same. We have some springs for the Low Tech, see here
Please contact us at to help assist you.
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