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While many boot manufacturers proudly stamp "130" on the side of their touring boots, it is no secret that many of these fall short of their alpine brethren that sport a similar number. With the Ridge Pro boot, Dynafit talks the talk and skins the skin track by providing a boot with exceptional walking mannerisms and burly downhill performance. At the heart of the Ridge Pro is the Hoji Walk mechanism, developed by Eric Hjorleifson himself, which virtually eliminates any cuff play that is found in many of its competitors. When combined with the carbon-reinforced cuff, the Ridge Pro offers a stout descending platform that can easily drive many skis through variable conditions. As with all boots equipped with the Hoji Walk mechanism, the Ridge Pro is quick to transition, making you the envy of your friends with clunkier, four-buckle boots. Featuring a novel Floating Tongue design, the Ridge Pro boasts an excellent range of motion that makes big days feel less big and more fun. Finally, the Ridge Pro uses the tried and true Dynafit Twistfit closure system that conforms to a variety of insteps, allowing you to achieve your ideal fit. Whether the day calls for charging a single lap before work or doing a 10K day, the Ridge Pro is always up for the adventure.

  • Hoji Walk Mechanism allows for quick transitions and virtually eliminates any cuff play.
  • Floating Tongue provides a frictionless range of motion, allowing you to move easily on a big day out.
  • Twistfit closure system provides a secure and customizable fit atop the foot.
  • Vibram sole offers secure traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Perhaps the best ratio of uphill and downhill performance we have seen to date.

convert to ounces
1350g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2700g [27.5]
Buckles   2 w/Twistfit
Boot Sole Length   287mm [26/26.5]
297mm [27/27.5]
307mm [28/28.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech
Cuff Rotation   70°
Forward Lean(s)   12°, 15°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid, carbon-fibers
Liner   Dynafitter 5
Sole   Vibram
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everywhere
Notes Hoji lock system eliminates cuff play for confident descending
Bottom Line Sets a new benchmark for touring boots
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Joe Roth
Any guesses of when you will have more sizes in stock? Looking for a 27 or 27.5. Thanks
Answer from Lrow
Hi Joe,

We ordered more for next season, so they may be arriving somewhere between August and October. If you would like me to set you up on a notification list for those sizes, email us at and confirm with size you'd like to be notified about. We're happy to answer any questions about fit as well!

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anonymous (used product a few times)
This is a solid uphill oriented touring boot, but not the strongest performer on the down. Single lever walk mode works well and the walk mode has good ROM and low resistance. I'm not a big fan of the boa system since it eliminated the ability to adjust front and rear buckles independently. Overall this is a solid option that will fit a ton of feet, but it's a definite downgrade from the hoji boots in terms of pure performance. Neither this nor the Tigard has both the uphill AND downhill performance to replace the hoji free and hoji pro.
Comment on this review:

Alex R-I (used product a few times)
Brief review after finally getting my hands on a pair of 26.5s (easier getting off Interpol’s red notice list than procuring these boots right now)

I think the weight of these boots is a red herring. Just as the weight of the Tecnica Zero G Pro Tour is a red herring. The ROM in the Ridge Pro’s is game changing for their ski performance. I’m having a hard time differentiating between them and the Radical Pros on good snow. The Tecnicas are crazy light (esp new 24/25) for the weight but are so limited in ROM and a nightmare to put on when cold.

I recently put in a few thousand kick turns on a trip to arctic Norway and wished I had a boot like the Ridge Pro with me. Long days skinning in the Radical Pro were miserable and my new Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbons were cold and struggled in poor quality snow.

I think the Ridge Pros as a bit of a goldilocks boot: while compromised in certain areas, they do just enough to take the place of two boots in my quiver.
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Question from Michael M
Any word if these are compatible with the Fritschi Tecton?

I'd be mostly skiing these in lighter pin bindings, but I have 1 heavier setup mounted with Tectons and wondering if these would be compatible.

Thank you.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Michael, no issue with the Tectons, just tried this combination out in the shop.
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Anthony O (used product a few times)
i skied the ridge about 4 days. i think the stiffness and floating tongue and amount of throw on the hoji lock make the boot a large improvement over the hoji family. its a great boot that walks excellently. However i found the ramp angle and lean to feel larger than on the radical series and couldnt get along with it. I also found the material very hard to punch and just couldnt get a good fit in general. For those that it fits, enjoy! Docking a star because although the liner quality is improved it is still not as quality as intuition made liners, and somewhat docking because its a notably different fit than what dynafit has been doing in both stance and other metrics and how the boot will ski is highly dependent on setting the floating tongue properly by pulling it back. Most boots these days come with adjustable forward lean and i think the ridge would benefit from that to accommodate different stances. and although the frothers are calling it category breaking, it isnt. mine weighed just over 1400g. Less than 100g difference that the scarpa quattro and even closer to maestrale rs, both of which are just as powerful and certainly more in the case of the quattro. and both of which have adjustable lean to accommodate different stances, better liners, are very easy to punch, and dont use boa. where the ridge wins is the hoji lock which now has more throw so it actually loosens enough to not readjust the power strap for walk mode. so by flipping the single lock and middle its ready to go. i skied 189 113 1800g skis with it and it was starting to get overpowered. but for typical touring skis, shorter and more like 1300-1500 it is plenty.
Reply from Ethan A
@Anthony how would it compare to the current Tecnica Zero G Pro Tour Boot in terms of support for driving for wider or heavier skis? The Tecnica is as much power I need for my size and skiing style.
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Question from Douglas M
What is the "internal BSL" of a 25/26/27? I'm basically trying to get a shell fit here--I'm measuring my foot's length and by "internal BSL" I'm asking how much room is inside the shell plastic for my foot to actually take up?
Answer from jbo
Hi Douglas, ski boot mondo size refers to its internal length in centimeters. Of course, there is a lot more that goes into a good fit, so we recommend visiting our online boot fitter to dive in further.
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Question from Brett
How do you think these will take a punch? Specifically big toe for length and on the lateral midfoot area (base of 5th met).
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Brett,

It can be punched, but not a lot - it is a carbon-infused grilamid which is pretty resistant to punching. It would be fairly difficult to get length out of it, and many boot fitters wouldn't want to attempt it. You should be able to get some mid-foot width, but not a ton.
Answer from Anthony O
I've punched it. It's very hard. requires pretty high heat and you won't get much, esp depending on the specific area. Id say basically zero for length. Lateral you can make a reasonable change though.
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Question from Dan
Do you know the BSL for the 28? Thank you!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, we don't have a 28 at the moment to check, and Dynafit does not appear to have published it. But we will be sure to publish verified specs once we receive a full size run of these boots!
Answer from Brandon F
Size 28. 307mm. Fit is true to size.
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Question from Eric S
Given that my favorite-fitting boot of all time is the TLT5, what do you think? I understand this is a wider boot, but the way it cinches down sounds promising. Thoughts?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Eric,

If the TLT 5 was a great fit for you, I think the Ridge would be too wide. The floating tongue does do a good job of reducing vertical volume over the foot, but it will not change the width so your foot will still be able to slop side to side. Having a narrower foot, I don't think I could make the Ridge work, having tried it on - although I wish I could because it is a sweet boot.
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Christof N (used product a few times)
Finally back from my jet-setting and was able to get on these this week. In one take: I am 90% sure I've finally found my Scarpa F1 replacement. Walks and skis better at an identical weight.

Shell plus liner came in at 1250g in a 26.5, which is almost identical to my size 26.5/27.0 Scarpa F1. The shell itself is just a few grams heavier than the F1 shell, but Dynafit definitely didn't skimp on the liner to make weight. It has enough to it that a good heat mold with your bootfitter is worthwhile in my opinion, especially if you have some persistent foot issues like myself.

I have a moderately wide foot, biut it's my high arch and instep that usually is the dealbreaker with many low volume boots like some of the Sportivas, etc. I ski the Radical Pro and compared to that the Ridge is definiely not as super wide, but still accommodates a wider forefoot. Instep volume is also a little lower than the Radical, but I was able to simply add a pad on my instep before heat molding the liner and it made just enough space that I find the fit very comfortable.

This is one of the great features of this boot in my opinion. The way the floating tongue works it kind of "auto adjusts" when you lock the ankle buckle and adapts to a wide range of foot volumes. The boa closure on the lower seems to really "wrap" things together as well as opposed to just "cinching down" so again, I feel like this boot will work with a range of footshapes.

Heel pocket seems to be normal. I must have somewhat of a narrow heel as even with my high instep often times I find my heel wanting to lift in some boots. Again, after a good liner mold I feel like my heel is well secured.

Uphill: Walks better than the radical, and is an improvement over the Scarpa F1 as well. Hoji-locks are so great cause the shell almost falls apart open when its in walk mode and the range of motion is very free. Again compared to the Scarpa F1, I feel like you notice less of the tongue in the Ridge than in the F1 when in walk mode. I felt like my skis were lighter touring in the Ridges vs. my F1s which to me says the Ridge Pro has a more efficient stride/less friction in the walk mode.

Ski performance: Outstanding. Man, I love me a good hoji-lock. In my opinion one of the few "non gimmick" features in snow sports equipment. Just like in the Radical, in ski mode there is a noticeable absence of the little "play" you get in touring boots, even stiff ones, from the spine-lever style lock mechanisms. This translates to a feel on the downhill much closer to the progressive flex of a traditional alpine boot. In the F1, which I think skis very good, I could still kind of feel where the flex of the tongue and liner ended and the spine-lock took over on the flex. On the ridge there is much more of a seamless or even flex pattern. The Ridge is very stiff, but not in a "hit a brick wall" way. Again, the way the cuff locks up with the lower internally and not just with a lever makes it feel more solid in my opinion. I have skied this boot with 105mm waisted skis in the 1300-1450g weight range and it is plenty of boot to really charge, not just make wiggly turns. I want to pair them up next with my 110mm 1550g powder skis as my feeling is they can handle even more (go find the youtube of Hoji dropping an insane line on one of the Ridge Prototypes:)

And lastly what I love most about Hoji-locks: transitions. When you lift the rear lever it not only unlocks the cuff into walk mode but releases just the right amount of tension on the powerstrap. I buckle up the boot in the parking lot like I'm going to ski and then just flip up the rear lever and open the ankle buckle to start touring. On the radical I can actually leave the second buckle strap locked on the uphill as it sits lower just above the instep. On the Radical the buckle strap is higher up which I think gives it a little more "oomph" since there is no upper buckle, just a power strap. This means that yes, transitions are a two step instead of single step maneuver, but you're still eliminating any "fiddling" with power straps, buckle catches, etc. Just snap, snap, and you're skiing. I was able to leave the boa cinched snug the whole time up and down, and usually just snug it up a little more at some point once my foot starts sweating and the liner loosens up a bit.

So there you have it. I really think this could be the gold standard right now in the 1250g weight class. I picked up the Atomic Backland XTD (1350g shell and liner in 26.5) at the beginning of the season wanting something lighter than my Radical Pro but skiing stronger than my F1, and it fit the bill, but I'm wondering if this Ridge even skis stronger than the Backland.
Reply from Alexander R
As a huge fan of the Radical Pro and the Hoji lock system, this is the review I've been waiting for. Now if only I can find a 26.5 somewhere...
Reply from Aaron S
How would you compare the fit and ski performance of the Ridge Pro and Backland XTDs? I just picked up the Backlands though really wanted to try the Ridge Pro as well.
Reply from will g
Christof, Are you skiing the same size shell in your radicals?
Reply from Christof N
@Aaron S the fit in the backlands is much higher volume. At 100 grams heavier it’s almost in another class of boot as well. I think with wider heavier skis you will feel more power from the XTDs vs the Ridge just as a matter of mass. The XTDs are softer flexing in my opinion. I need to do some more back and forth comparison but I think the Ridge might be the better performing boot in most applications.
Reply from Christof N
@will g I ski both the Radical and Ridge Pro in 26.5, and I think most people would size them the same between boots.
Reply from Michael C
Hi Christof - how would you compare the width feel and the heel security of the Ridge Pro and Backland XTDs? I found the XTDs to feel wider than their specified 100mm last.
Reply from Christof N
@Michael C Width is definitely not voluminous as the Backland XTD, which fits like a cozy pair of uggs. As far as heel comparison, maybe they seem similar? I don’t really recall either one being overly tight or loose.
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Question from Chris G
These boots look really exciting. What does the cuff anatomy look like? Is it still just 2 pieces of overlapping plastic or is the floating tongue part of a 3rd piece of plastic that you can push against on the downhill like burlier boots (Dynafit Radical)? Love the innovation here regardless.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Chris,

It is a third piece, it has a proper tongue in addition to the two flaps on the sides. So it is more of a cabrio/tongue-style boot like the Radical Pro. And the rear part of the cuff looks a lot like the Radical Pro internally, with the Hoji Lock mechanism. However, the tongue "floats" on a track that allows it to slide back and forth as you walk, as well as position it exactly where you want it to take up or increase volume in the forefoot. So it is a pretty unique system that promises a lot of advantages!
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Question from Barry B
The lower boot construction looks suspiciously TLT6 like (or I could be seeing what I want to see). Any chance fit is similar?
Answer from Jeff
Sorry Barry, they are not reused TLT6 shells. All new and they are a wider fit then those.
Answer from Kyle J
For what it's worth,

Hoji does say that "the TLT 5 and 6 were the examples for the last on the ridge" and that "the last volumes are based on the TLT series"
Answer from jbo
Hi Kyle, thanks for the comment. Interesting statement from Hoji seeing as the TLT series has had significantly differing fits over the various models; the 5 & 6 were not the same. I would say the fit of the Ridge is closer to the TLT6 than the TLT8 or Radical Pro, however.
Answer from Kyle J
Not sure I can add more than one photo at a time, here are the screenshots from Hoji
Answer from Kyle J
Second screen shot for posterity.
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Question from John
Any idea on when preorders will ship?
Answer from Jeff
John, Sorry, no update.
It is an all new model, pre release, delays are can be expected.
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Question from Fede
Is the shell heat moldable or at least able to be punched?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Fede,

The shell is not heat moldable, but we should be able to punch it in places. How much exactly is yet to be determined as we have not gotten to work on one yet.
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Question from Mike V
Is there anything different between the half sizes? i.e 28/28.5?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Mike! There is not any notable differences between the half sizes. Thanks!
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Question from Jaco
Hello, what will be the weight fir the size 28 ? Lenght?
Thank you
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jaco, we'll be able to measure these boots when we get them in! Hopefully sometime in January.
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Question from Jake S
Do you guys know what the BSL is for a 26/26.5?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jake, they are 287mm in that shell size.
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Question from Andrew
Trying to decide between this and the radical pro... my assumption is the Ridge will climb better, but the Radical will ski better? (better to me means stiffer and feels closer to an alpine boot)? Is that accurate?
Answer from Emmett I

Yep, spot on. The Ridge Pro has better range of motion and is lighter, while the Rad Pro is a true beef boot. Worth noting that they fit fairly differently, the Rad Pro is much wider/higher volume. Feel free to shoot us an email at or fill out our boot fitter form and we can get you more personalized recommendations!
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Question from Carter Hudson
Can you verify the weight of a 26.5 or 27.5? The radical pro upon release made a claim of 1380 grams in a 26.5 only to come in over 100 grams heavier.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Carter, our pre-production size 26.5 weighs 1255g. Shells are 1055g and liners are 200g, no insoles.
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Question from Joe C
Very interested in these boots and will probably drop by once they're in stock. Is the fit similar to that of the Radical Pro? I ask because that's probably been the best fitting boot I've ever had - like I walked 13 miles in them in a day with no issue kind of good fit.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Joe,

They are on the medium-wider side, but not as wide and high volume as the Radical Pro. However, they have a very cool floating tongue design that will allow the volume to adapt well to various different feet. It would be worth trying them on if you fit into one of the sizes that we are expecting.
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