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Skimo Co





6' 0"


185 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

My Skiing

Skied both XC (since 70's) and downhill (since 80's), however don't do it too often due to basic lack of time. Getting into AT skiing to escape crowds on resorts. XC has limited use in Sierras hence AT.

My Gear

Skis: Stockli Stormrider SS, 188 cm 89 underfoot.
Bindings: Rossignol Axial2
Boots: Salomon X-Max 120

XC/BC (Nordic touring):
Skis: Madshus Epoch 195 cm, 68 mm underfoot, metal edges, traction pattern

Bindings: NNN BC Magnum
Boots: Rossignol BCX 4.

Alpine Touring light:
Ski: Voile HyperVector 177cm
Boot: Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio
Bindings: Dynafit Rotation 10

Alpine Touring regular:
Ski: Dynastar Mythic 97, 184cm
Boot: Scarpa Maestrale RS2
Bindings: Dynafit Rotation 10

Recent Posts

Hi Ash, I used Dynastar Mythic 97 with Dynafit Rotation 10 setup with Carbonios on the resort, and was pretty happy. This setup is heavier, both skis and bindings, than that you are mentioning. At times I could feel that the boots are kind of giving way on bumps, but otherwise no problem. I am 6', 190 lb in underwear, that is, substantially heavier than you. I emailed a Dynafit tech with a similar question and he responded that he wouldn't put TLT8 Carbonios on anything wider than 108 underfoot, but that ...
How do these brakes lock in the touring mode? With the brake installed, will the neutral (no heel riser) touring mode be still accessible? Thanks.
I bought the Blacklights 88 in 178 cm length for exploring Yosemite and other places that may require long approaches. I am wondering what would be the most adequate bindings for these. The use case is 2/3 time in the backcountry and 1/3 on resort for practicing descents in trees at moderate speeds. On my other setups I am using the Dynafit ST Rotation which I love because of the rotating toepiece, but they are on the heavy side. Are there any binding options that are noticeably lighter and still offer goo...
Interestingly it seems like the boot has two power straps, which should increase stiffness a bit and also result in a more snug feel. I am pretty happy with TLT8 carbonio, but out of curiosity, how the stiffness and heel box width compare between these two? Thanks.
Thanks Brett. I also have a question about sizing. In a few comments in various treads I saw people mentioned sizing down as compared to either fatter or resort-oriented skis. Is this rule ski-specific or there are more general considerations? I am 6', 185 lb, unpacked, and most of the time carry 10-15 lb backpack, or more if I am on a hut trip. Should I consider 184 or 177 version? Also, based on the discussions in these comments, the Salomon MTN Explore 88 looks like another option. Do these arguments...

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