Height:6' 0"
Weight:188 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:1 - 9 days / year
My Skiing

Skied both XC (since 70's) and downhill (since 80's), however don't do it too often due to basic lack of time. Getting into AT skiing to escape crowds on resorts. XC has limited use in Sierras hence AT.

My Gear

Skis: Stockli Stormrider SS, 188 cm 89 underfoot.
Bindings: Rossignol Axial2
Boots: Salomon X-Max 120

Skis: Madshus Epoch 195 cm, 68 mm underfoot, metal edges, traction pattern
Bindings: NNN BC Magnum
Boots: Rossignol BCX 4.

Recent Posts

Haha, thanks! Best response ever.
How do these skis compare with Voile Ultravector for touring and skiing in variable/less than ideal condiitons? I noticed that they have similar dimensions, Session has a bit shorter radius, perhaps larger area and more pronounced sidecut, but appears 100 g. lighter per ski. Ultravector has a good reputation, but it is very hard to find a detailed review of Session. Thanks.
Is there any potential reason in the world, aside the price, for choosing Ultravector over Hypervector? Specifically, are there any stability issues due to the reduced weight on the descent? Thanks.
How does it compare to Voile V6? The specs are pretty similar, and it looks like Dhaulagiri is noticeably lighter. What about ski stiffness and stability on firm snow/crud or corn snow? From the shape of V6 it looks like it is optimized for powder which is not a typical Sierra snow, and I an sort of worrying about the V6's tail rocker. The stock photos of Dhaulagiri don't show the tail rocker as deep but it is hard to compare without having both skis at hand. Thanks.
Do you know if Dynafit will produce a "Performance" version, sort of a descendant of TLT7 Performance? Thanks.

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