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The Italians are always on the leading edge of ski technology and Trab in-particular has both speed and safety in mind. With options for all Ski Trab bindings, these brakes are mounted directly underneath the heel piece, which results in a secure connection that will stand up to the rigors of the backcountry.

Titan x2 - Compatible with Flex 30 adjustment plates. The Titan have light and durable titanium alloy arms and a free-spinning ball provides low-friction operation reduces the impact on release values. Stainless steel reaction springs resist corrosion and enable return-to-center. The original Vario binding used the Titan brakes (same as the Gara Titan race binding).

Vario.2 x2 - An updated version of the Titan, the Vario.2 can fit over a larger heel housing, and uses the same great material construction as the Titan brakes. Cross compatible brake with the Gara Titan race binding and the Titan Vario.2 binding.

TR-2 x2 - Compatible with the TR-2 bindings specifically. Titanium alloy arms are light and sturdy.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Michael
Do you think the 94mm vario.2 brakes could be made to work with a 100mm ski or would that just be too tight?

Answer from Jeff
Hey Mike, I grabbed one and put it over a 100mm ski. It did squeeze over, but would require a bit of bending to work.
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Question from Simon
Do any of these brakes work with the older trab race TR adjustable bindings? If not, does anyone know of an after market lightweight brake that is designed to fit beneath any skimo race front binding?
Answer from TSB
Hey Simon, the mounting pattern on the older Titan is the same as the mounting pattern on your TR-Race bindings, so the "Titan" version should work great! Another option would be to go with the Kreuzspitze tech brakes, which you could use on any future race-binding-mounted ski.
Answer from Simon N
Thanks for the response. This is the race tr adjustable binding, so does not have the the same screw spacing. I think I have lucked out on the trab brakes. I do like the design of the kreuspitze, but not the removal to skin and replace to ski. Was looking at the photos from ISPO today. The design of the new grizzly race bindings looks good. If someone could come up with a brake of that design that could fit any binding with a crampon slot, this would br a real winner. With the changes to the ISMF rules, I am guessing a lot more after market brakes will be appearing this year, fingers crossed.
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Question from Jonas

I want to use the Ski Trab Titan Vario 2 with my Katana V-Werks (111mm waist), is it possible to add a ski brake that will fit my skis?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Jonas, unfortunately 94mm is the widest brake for the Vario.2!
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Question from Becca
Hey, sorry obvious question... If I have the Ski Trab Titan Vario binding, which model of brakes do I want?
Answer from jbo
Hi Becca, it's definitely not obvious! The original Vario binding uses the Titan brakes. I just changed the name in the drop list for the Vario.2 brakes to make it more clear those are for the updated model with a bigger heel housing.
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Dane H (used product regularly)
Bought a set of the 115mm TR2 brakes for my second pair of TR2's. As usual Skimo is the only place with them on tap so thanks for that. Also have to shout Trab out for packing the brakes in a skin bag! Cannot say enough good about Trab & Skimo.
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Model: Gara Titan & Tr-2

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