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F1 Fast Buckle Velcro Strap x1 - The Velcro buckle/strap on the Scarpa F1 boots. These are sized in ranges and a bit different for left versus right.

F1 Power Strap x1 - The removable Velcro power strap (without a buckle) for the Scarpa F1. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right.

F1 LT Fast Buckle Velcro Strap x1 - The Velcro buckle/strap on F1 LT boots. Please note the size and side you need. Women's straps come in blue while unisex straps are the stock orange color.

F1 LT Power Strap x1 - The removable Velcro power strap (without a buckle) for the Scarpa F1 LT. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right.

Gea RS 2.0 Cuff Buckle - The upper cuff buckle for the Gea RS 2.0.

Gea RS 2.0 Instep Buckle - The middle buckle for the instep strap on the Gea RS 2.0.

Gea RS 2.0 Shell Buckle - The lowest buckle for the Gea RS 2.0 that sits on the tongue of the boot.

Maestrale 1.0 Instep Strap - The plastic strap across the instep of the first generation Maestrale. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Cuff Catch - Buckle catch for the topmost buckle on the Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Cuff Buckle - The upper cuff buckle for the Maestrale or Gea RS 2.0.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Instep Buckle - The middle buckle for the instep strap on the RS 2.0 boots.

Maestrale RS 3.0 Instep Strap x1 - The plastic instep strap with a ladder-style set of teeth for the Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 and 3.0. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Power Strap x1 - The velcro power strap for the Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Wave Cable x1 - The cable that runs along the lower shell of the boot and is tightened by the Shell Buckle. Be sure to order the correct size.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Wave Cable Upper End Screw - The screw that secures the Wave Cable to the boot just below the Instep Buckle.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Wave Cable Upper Holder - The black plastic bit between the Wave Cable and the Upper End Screw.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Shell Buckle - The lowest buckle for the Maestrale RS 2.0 that sits on the tongue of the boot.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Alex Calderwood
Hi I believe I need the Maestrale RS 2.0 Instep Buckle for my Maestrales. It is listed in your parts list but not on the drop down when I go to add it to my cart, is it out of stock? The Gea RS 2.0 instep buckle looks very similar, do you know if that would work as a replacement?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Alex, the Gea RS 2.0 buckle is the same, just a different color -- it'll work!
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Question from Alicia
Hello! Can you please advice on which parts I’ll need to replace the bottom buckle on my Scarpa Gea boots?
Answer from Jeff
Alicia, You need the Gea RS 2.0 Shell Buckle x1
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Question from Carly
My plastic instep strap has broken on my Scarpa Gea RS 2017 left boot. Do you carry the replacement part for this?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Carly, we might, depending on the boot size and specific model. Can you reply with a photo of your boot?
Answer from Carly V
Thankyou. The boot is size 24.5
Answer from Carly V
Hi, do you have an update for me with the requested information.
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Question from Janicke
I've lost this upper cuff catch part on my Scarpa Gea Rs.
I still have the wave cable tongue nut, but need the screw (Maestrale Rs 2.0 wave cable upper end screw?) and the cuff catch.
Do you have this?
Thanks in advance!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Janicke, we are out of cuff catches for the season, we expect to have more next Fall. The screw is the "Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable Screw" on the Scarpa Hardware page.
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Question from Mette
Lost this buckle part for my Scarpa Gea. Could you please advise on what spare part to buy? Thanks!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Mette, that's the "Maestrale RS 2.0 Cuff Catch" - we are out of that part at the moment. We'd expect to see more of them in the Fall. The Atomic Backland Cuff Buckle Catch might be made to work, but it's not going to be a perfect fit. Or, a local shop might have some parts laying around.
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Question from ted
Scarpa hurricaine boot issue
size 30,0

the bolt holding on my buckle strap fell off and I lost the strap, see pic
strap is 10 cm long
Answer from Niko M
Hi Ted! Sorry for the boot struggles. We do not have any stock parts for your boot. It is likely that a buckle designed for a different boot would work, however, we do not have your boot in store to test. Send us an email at and we can discuss it further. Thanks!
Answer from Paul F
Did you ever find a solution? I have broken the same strap on my Hurricane boot.
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Question from Endre

I am looking for new power straps for my older gen Scarpa F1, see photo. Do you have these and if so which ones do I order?

Thanks, Endre
Answer from Emmett I

The new F1 power straps above will work.
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Question from Patrick Hughes
Looking for replacement buckle for a t2 tele boot. Fairly sure same as Marsteller instep ratchet style buckle. Any guidance which part would work?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Patrick! Unfortunately it is tough to say with confidence without having the T2 boot here instore to test it out. It is likely that the Maestrale instep buckle would work, but I cannot say for certain. Send us an email at if you'd like to discuss it further. Thanks!
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Question from Kathryn Lehman
could you give exact lengths of the wave closure cables? i'd like my boots to fasten tighter across the foot so want to make sure a replacement will be a bit shorter
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Kathryn, I measured the various wave closure cables from end to end (including the attachment points). Lengths are as follows:

22.5-23: 21.5cm
23.5-24: 22cm
24.5-26: 22.5cm
26.5-28: 23.5cm
28.5-30: 25cm
30.5-31: 27cm
Answer from Kathryn E L
Thanks for the info about cable lengths. Do you think that a half centimeter of difference (I have Gea's in size 24 and the smallest cable is only one cm shorter) would be enough to tighten up fit? Or alternatively would it be an option to punch a hole on the buckle side and move buckle hardwear over a bit? thank you!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Kathryn, unfortunately we don't have any good data on this specific modification. A half centimeter is the difference between the smallest 3 size ranges, so it sounds like it would probably make a difference in tightness. You might also consider adding boot shims under your footbeds / insoles to take up some volume as well, since it sounds like your boots may just have some extra space in them. Please feel free to reach out to if you'd like to talk further about boot fit details!
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Question from Liam S
Any luck getting Scarpa F1 LT Fast buckle straps? I'd try the ones you have for the other boot, but they don't fit my size range.
Answer from Jeff
Liam, Sorry, still no luck. Yes, you need to order the proper size.
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Question from kate r
Hello! My right instep strap broke on my Scarpa Skadi 271mm touring boots, could you point me in the direction of a replacement strap? They're old but I love em and hope to keep using them.

Answer from Will McD
Hi Kate, the Maestrale 1.0 Instep strap would likely be your best bet. It should fit on the inside cuff pivot (replacing the grey cable guide) but the crux is whether or not the width will fit in the ladder buckle. If it doesn't fit, you could replace the buckle with the Gea RS 2.0 Instep Buckle (which is compatible), but installing this requires removing the cuff and using a rivet press to install the new one, something that you would need to find a shop to do.

If you order the instep strap, check to see if it works with the buckle before removing/installing anything on the boot. If it fits in the buckle and latches securely, then you're good to proceed. If not, you can always return the instep strap.
Answer from Maria Y
Did the Maestrale 1.0 instep strap work for this without the additional buckle replacement? Same thing here!
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Question from Fisher
Do you all carry replacement fast buckle (main, orange + numbered) straps for the F1LT?

Looking for a fallback in case this warranty claim with Scarpa looks like it will take all spring, would be happy to pay if you carry them!
Answer from Jeff
Fischer, Not yet, we are anxiously awaiting for them too. Scarpa hasn't had them for us either.
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Question from Shane K
Hi there, what buckle would I need to pair with a Mastrale 2.0 instep strap? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Shane, that would be the Gea RS 2.0 Instep buckle x1. Same as the Maestrale but in that Dusty Rose color.
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Question from Alex
What would be best hardware to attach Maestrale buckles? Replacing Freedom SL cuff buckle w Maestrale buckle. Thanks!
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Alex. I think the best option would be to have it riveted in with a press. You could also get a couple of T-nuts and screws from a hardware store. I hope this helps.
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Question from Alesia Riehl
I need a right instep strap for a Maestael 2018 AT boot. On the parts list there are several different straps with all kinds of numbers attached. What do the numbers mean and how do i know which is the right one?

Answer from Patrick C

You will want the Maestrale RS 1.0 Instep Strap. The numbers refer to the boot size range each strap works with. Be sure to select the "Right" option. Hope this helps!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Alesia,
The numbers attached are in regard to the corresponding boot size(s). You'll want the Maestrale RS 2.0 Instep Strap that encompasses the size of your boot. Thanks!
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Question from Alex
Will the Maestrale or Fea buckles fit a cuff buckle for the Freedom SL?
Answer from Jeff
Alex, it is similar enough to work. The Maestrale buckles are lighter, but have a similar attachment. So as good as you will find.
Answer from Alex D
Awesome! Thank you! What would be the best hardware to use to attach the Maestrale buckles to the Freedom boot?
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Question from Mark M
Hi Noah,
I need both the right boot 1) instep strap and 2) instep buckle for what these Maestrale boots, sized 28.0 (I believe these the original 1.0 vintage). Do you sell exact replacements for these (or are there other compatible options)?

Answer from Jeff
Mark, Sorry, we do not have that one anymore. I looked on Scarpas site and do not see it there either. It is quite different from the current version.
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Question from Noah Stone

The screw that attaches the cuff catch to my boot (RS 2.0) is quite loose and stripped. Which part do I need for a replacement?


Answer from Jeff
Noah, Those parts are all over the place.
Screw - Scarpa Hardwear. Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable Screw
The matching nut is here - ski walk. The F1/Alien 1.0 Ski/Walk Lower Latch Nut.
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Question from Della Y
I’m missing this cuff attachment on my Maestrale AT R boot - do you have a compatible replacement I can order ? Thanks!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Della, we don't have this exact part, and the "Maestrale 2.0 Cuff Catch" from this page is too wide to fit in the buckle. I've got this same boot, though, and tried a few different catches that we do have around.

The "Hawx Ultra XTD Shell Catch Instep" from the Atomic Boot Parts page fits pretty well, though it doesn't have the keeper latch. I've used the original nut and screw here.
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Question from Maria
I have Scarpa Gea boots and am missing the top buckle. Can you advise on what the exact name of this buckle is and where to find a replacement?
I attached the picture of the buckle from the other boot for reference
Answer from bruno wick
Hi Maria,

The Maestrale RS 2.0 Cuff buckle is the buckle you are looking for!
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