Skimo Co
Will McD

Will McD




6' 0"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

Fast and light stubborn Telemark skier. Prefer technical skiing in steeps and trees. Skimo Co employee since Dec. 2019

My Gear

Movement Alp Tracks 85
Scarpa F3 (yes the really old ones)
Olympus Mountain Gear TTS Binding
Grizzly Ski GR98 toepiece
Ski Trab Mohair Skins

Volkl Rise Beyond 98 skis
Maestrale TRX Telemark Frankenboots
22Designs Lynx telemark binding
Pomoca FreePro Skins

Movement Race Pro 71
Dynafit PDG boots
ATK SL toe + ZR heel
Ski Trab World Cup Skins

Recent Posts

Hi Jack, we can absolutely mount that for you!
You're very welcome! Looks like there's about a 15mm difference in "flat" mode between the braked and non-braked versions. The braked version actually raises your boot up enough to not be able to engage the pins so you never have to rotate the heel during transitions or skinning
Hi Matteo, the 80mm brake weighs in at 106g each.
Hi Evan Unfortunately, we don't have any great solutions for loose risers, but you can indeed re-lube the tower rather easily. You'll need to take the fork out which is done by removing the screw at the back of the binding with a 2.5mm allen key. You'll then want to coat all 4 sides of the central post with binding grease, then reinstall the fork and give it a couple twists to spread the grease around.
Hi Meg, the mounting screws do need to be removed and reinstalled to add brakes to the LTR 105.

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