Skimo Co
Will McD

Will McD




6' 0"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

SkimoCo's resident Telemark skier. Prefer technical skiing in steeps and trees. Skimo Co employee since Dec. 2019

My Gear

Movement Alp Tracks 85
Olympus Mountain Gear TTS Binding w/ Grizzly Ski GR98 toepiece
Scarpa F3 w/ cuff from original Alien
Ski Trab Mohair Skins

Volkl Rise Beyond 98 skis
TX Pro x Maestrale Frankenboot
22Designs Lynx telemark binding
Custom Pomoca FreePro Skins

Movement Race Pro 71
Atomic Backland Carbon boot
Black Diamond Helio 145
Ski Trab World Cup Skins

Recent Posts

Hey Jiri, for both screws the head diameter is right around 8.25 mm. The head pitch appears be 45 degrees as holding two heads together form a right angle.
Hi Lang, the Raider kit will not work with the Freeraider due to the added toe shim. Shoot us an email to and we can see about putting something together for you.
Hi Jerry. Ski Trab doesn't publish a specific number for the elastic travel, but this is a screengrab of the elasticity in the heel right before it released. Applying some trigonometry and rough measurements, I'm calculating roughly 54° degrees of lateral elasticity in the toe in either direction, which is pretty impressive!
Hi Alex, for that you'll want the "LTR 105/Superlite 150" receptor. To install it, you have to take the toe off of the ski to slot the receptor under the bar between the rear two holes.
Hi Hugo, we don't have any of those kingpin toes, but we do have new Marker Alpinist toes available. Both toes have the same hole pattern, and Marker actually started shipping all Kingpins with Alpinist toes for their better performance and durability over the original orange Kingpin toes.

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