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Skimo Co
Will McD

Will McD




6' 0"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

Fast and light stubborn Telemark skier. Prefer technical skiing in steeps and trees. Skimo Co employee since Dec. 2019

My Gear

Movement Alp Tracks 85
Scarpa F3 (yes the really old ones)
Olympus Mountain Gear TTS Binding
Grizzly Ski GR98 toepiece
Ski Trab Mohair Skins

Volkl Rise Beyond 98 skis
Maestrale TRX Telemark Frankenboots
22Designs Lynx telemark binding
Pomoca FreePro Skins

Movement Race Pro 71
Dynafit PDG boots
ATK SL toe + ZR heel
Ski Trab World Cup Skins

Recent Posts

Hi Brandon, these are compatible with ATK bindings as well as any other "Dynafit-style" crampon receptor. I would indeed go with the small version for those waist widths.
Thanks for the update, Evan, that's a good trick to know.
Hi Kristof, the 100mm will be a better fit as you'll get better downward force on the spikes and the crampons will be less likely to catch on each other while skinning.
Hmm, we're starting to get pretty into the weeds now, please shoot us an email at and I can give you more specific answer for your particular setup.
Hi Eric, the tele heel spacer is actually designed for the GT and GT 2.0 heel to be used atop a Kreuzspitze adjustment plate, though the necessary pin height will actually depend on the boot. If you're in a Scarpa/Scott/Crispi NTN boot then the height should work out to be just around right. If you're using an old F1 or F3, the rockered sole will cause the heel to sit higher so you may need something else under the heel, or (this is what I would do) you can shim the toe on top of the Telealp plate to raise ...

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