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Skimo Co
Will McD

Will McD




6' 0"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

SkimoCo's resident Telemark skier. Prefer technical skiing in steeps and trees. Skimo Co employee since Dec. 2019

My Gear

Movement Alp Tracks 85
Olympus Mountain Gear TTS Binding w/ Grizzly Ski GR98 toepiece
Scarpa F3 w/ cuff from original Alien
Ski Trab Mohair Skins

Volkl Rise Beyond 98 skis
TX Pro x Maestrale Frankenboot
22Designs Lynx telemark binding
Custom Pomoca FreePro Skins

Movement Race Pro 71
Atomic Backland Carbon boot
Black Diamond Helio 145
Ski Trab World Cup Skins

Recent Posts

Hi Hugo, we don't have any of those kingpin toes, but we do have new Marker Alpinist toes available. Both toes have the same hole pattern, and Marker actually started shipping all Kingpins with Alpinist toes for their better performance and durability over the original orange Kingpin toes.
Hi Thomas, it should come with a 1 deg base edge and 2 deg side edge
Hi Ian. The cable is indeed 0.8mm. There's not much of a trick to re-threading it other than doing it a lot, you sort of just have to feel around in the dark for the cable guides. I attached a crude sketch of the internal system to hopefully make it easier to visualize. There's two slots in the plastic "tongue" that the cable has to pass through as it criss-crosses across the intep.
Hi Jeff, as long as all of the mounting screws fit onto the forward mounting plate, the ski should have no problem with your switchbacks. I have telemounted the UL 85 and loved it, though I had to mount at +1 to fit the screws onto the reinforced area. The best way to make sure you'll fit on the mounting plate is to line up your boots and bindings on the ski, but for a rough estimate measure the length of your boot from heel to 3-pin-line, divide by two, and if the result is more than 75mm, I think you sho...
Hi Nico, The Freedom Outside Cant Screw is what you need to fix that... mostly. I actually installed one of these on the exact same model of Maestrale this morning, and I found that I wasn't able to screw it in all the way. I fixed this by tapping the nut with an M6 1.0 thread pitch tap. If you don't have access to a tap, you can replace the nut with the Canting Nut that is listed on this page, which will also allow you to fully tighten the screw.

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