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Volkl BMT 90 Ski


Long admired for its reliable performance in the not-so-pretty conditions that ski mountaineers encounter in the high alpine, the BMT 94 was Volkl's idea of a versatile ski that was stable at speed, but precise and confident when edging. Blending the reverse-camber profile of new-school girthy powder skis with Volkl's signature carving-ski personality, the BMT 94 brought a new sashimi-knife personality to the mid-fat category. With the new BMT 90, Volkl is dialing back the full-rocker trendiness to add a smidge of camber under the foot and keep skinning performance at a maximum. Far from losing its hard-charging roots, though, the BMT 90 boasts a damp, woodcore feel in chopped-up powder runs and has enough rocker to ride out even the mankiest of mank. Plenty of effective edge helps to balance out the quick-pivoting feel and stabilize the ski at speed, keeping Volkl's diehard alpine fan base happy and confident on their newest offering.

  • Tip and tail rocker shape isn't quite "full-rocker," but it's close, and offers many of the same advantages without compromising skinning performance.
  • Volkl's sophisticated carbon layup, the 3D Ridge, stiffens the BMT 90 without adding weight.
  • Rounded tip and notched tail means you can use traditional skin fixation points.
  • Long effective edge provides solid hard-snow performance for a mid-fat ski.
  • Volkl says this is a, "touring ski with big-mountain performance." We would say this is a big-mountain ski with touring performance.

Lengths (cm) 163, 170, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1396g [177]
Weight (pair) 2792g [177]
Dimensions   127-90-109
Turn Radius   19.6m [177]
Skin Fix   Proprietary tip fitting or tip loop, flat tail with inset for tail clip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Near-full-rocker with 30cm camber underfoot
Shape   Long effective edge, tip-to-tail taper
Construction   Sidewall underfoot, 3D Ridge carbon stiffening technology at tip and tail
Core   Multi-layer wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Challenging snow conditions from sun-cupped firm to manky windboard
Notes Closest to full-rocker design in the lightweight touring world
Bottom Line Legendary German performance in a versatile platform
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brandon
Hi, I’m an ice climber turned skier and I’m looking for forgiving skis that are light enough I can take climbing with me. I can ski the mountain at the resort but use strength to make up for my mediocre technique. I have the DPS pagoda tour 106 and hate them, felt like I put in way too much effort to ski properly. My current daily driver is the katana vwerks with shifts which I love in the resort/sidecountry but are quite heavy.

Was considering something like this volkl or maybe lighter like the dynafit blacklight 88 and open to suggestions. I want light skis for climbing with but don’t want to feel stressed when the terrain gets more serious because I’m on toothpicks
Answer from eric
Brandon- Look at the Volkl Rise Above 88 for an easy-to-turn, mid-width, light weight ski.
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Question from John B
Hey yo! For a quiver of one to cover all mid-fat needs, what length of the BMT do you recommend for a 5’11” 170 lb skier? Terrain would mainly be the dirty south of West Virginia, New England, and occasional trips to Colorado in the spring. For resort use, 177 seems perfect, but seems like it could be a little long for big tour days. Also, would this ski mount up with a tele binding, probably either the Meidjo, the 22D Lynx, or 22D Outlaw? Thank you, you folks have a great shop here.
Answer from Jeff
John, Volkl has an H pattern mounting plate, read the comments below. A Tele mount will be outside that and is not recommended. Many lightweight AT skis have issues of Tele bindings pulling out.
Also, this model has been discontinued and the 178cm is all we have left.
Another ski that can work for you is Speed90. Comes in 176cm and is a good bit lighter, with a stronger mounting plate.
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Question from Raymond H
Would the G3 Zed binding fit in the H mounting pattern on this ski?
Looking at the BMT 90 as a quiver of one to take to Europe for a mixed piste/touring ski.
Answer from Will M
Hey Raymond,

That sounds like that'll be an awesome trip, especially paired with that ski! And yes, the G3 Zed should work well on this ski!
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Question from Allen D
Any Chance you'll be getting this in a shorter size?
Answer from Cole P
Allen, we are not planning on carrying the shorter size this season. We can potentially order you one, just send us an email at and we can further assist you from there.
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Question from Roy
Thanks for a great review on this ski. I can't decide between the BMT 90 and one of the Blizzard Zero G skis. Ideally I'm looking for a ski for multi-day ski touring/occasional ski mountaineering (type Haute Route) and for long single-day hikes from a resort or top tour chasing.
Initially I had settled on the new Zero G 105 as a compromise do-it-all ski, and then maybe later get the Zero G 85 for more ski mountaineering, if I found the 105 too weighty or wide.
However, reading about the BMT 90, it kind of seem to cover "everything." (Long stretch, I know, so I stand corrected :-))
So I wondered what you would suggest: Zero G 105 or BMT 90?
Many thanks for your thoughts!
Kind regards,
Answer from Cole P
Roy, thanks for reaching out. Both are sweet skis but if you are looking for versatility the Volkl BMT 90 would be my choice. The BMT is a great everyday ski, capable of powder skiing and crushes unconsolidated snow and variable terrain. The Blizzards on the other hand are better in steep terrain and demanding lines but is usually overkill for most days.
Answer from Roy H
Many thanks for your helpful reply, Cole :-)
Kind regards,
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Question from Michael M
Can I mount any binding on this ski, such as a Salomon MTN? Or is Volkl still technically recommending it fit in the H-shaped pattern from the older BMT skis?
Answer from TSB
Hey Michael, unfortunately Volkl has retained their infamous H-pattern for the new BMT 90, so anything that's outside of the Marker/Volkl family is "mount at your own risk." Fortunately, Marker has the Alpinist binding, which would be a rough competitor to the MTN binding you mention and would mate with the H-pattern.
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Model: BMT 90

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