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The ATK Crest 10 reminds us of that saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Except, with these bindings, you actually can…metaphorically, anyways (don’t eat your bindings). They prove that you can have all the features AND go lightweight too. The Crest 10’s paltry weight and three walk modes won’t inhibit you on the up, no matter the size of the ascent. Meanwhile, ski brakes, 10mm of heel elastic travel, and adjustable release values make for an uncompromising downhill performance, even in unfavorable conditions. ATK rounds out the Crest 10 with their groundbreaking innovations such as the Cam Release System, which limits boot torsion and allows for precise release performance. The features-to-weight ratio of the ATK Crest is hard to beat. So impressive, in fact, that the Crest 10 might just be the binding you wish for while blowing out your birthday candles.

  • Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, and POM materials used with durability and weight savings in mind.
  • 20mm of adjustment allow you to use different boots with one binding.
  • Two heel risers plus flat mode make sure you're moving along efficiently.
  • 10mm of travel in the Elastic Response System works to smooth out the bumps.
  • Cam Release System is featured in the heel piece for a more consistent vertical release.
  • Easy Entry System helps you step into your toe piece more easily, even on worn out soles.
convert to ounces
286g [91mm]
Weight (pair) 572g [91mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   75, 86, 91, 97, 102, 108
BSL Adjustment   20mm
Riser Heights   2+ flat
Vertical Release   5-10
Lateral Release   5-10
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Alu 7075, Stainless Steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, mountaineering
Notes Elastic heel smooths out the ride
Bottom Line Packed with features and featherweight
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jenny

Are these GripWalk compatible?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jenny, these bindings work with any boot that has toe and heel tech inserts. Sole type like GripWalk is only a concern if you're trying to use alpine or alpine-like bindings.
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Question from Alex
What is the largest ski you would recommend using the Crest 10 binding on? I have 177cm Fischer Ranger 102FR with attacks that I want to switch to a pin binding, I am debating between the Crest 10 for the lower cost or going with a Free Raider 15 for the beefiness. I have the Crest 10 on my dedicated touring setup which is sub 1200g and I love it; I am just wondering if it is up to the task of throwing a 1800+g ski around inbounds terrain for a couple laps on a slackcountry day. I definitely enjoy bumps, trees, and cliff drops so I am thinking the raider may be the way to go. Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Alex, Actually you can use pretty much any binding on any ski. There are no specific requirements. If you like the push button style brakes, go for any Crest.
The new RT EVO 10 is a nice upgrade from the Crest.
The EVO 15 gives you the new brake and Freeride spacers if you want the added boot support for some resort runs.
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Question from Jared
I'm looking at getting some crests to go with some K2 Wayback 106 for casual powder laps.

It seems like spacers are popular now. Is there any real downside to trying to spacer on the Crest? What about toe shims? Is it possible to know if you would like a toe shim without trying it first?

Answer from Emmett I

Feel free to shoot us an email at if you want to go into more detail!

In general, a freeride spacer won't make much of a difference for powder laps. Adds clutter and weight, and one more thing to adjust if you change boots. If that's not an issue, then there isn't much downside.

For a toe shim, hard to know without trying. If you feel like you're too far forward or on your tippy toes, might be worth it. If you're local to Salt Lake, we do have demo setups with rental toe plates that lower the delta.
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Jason L (downright abused product)
These bindings are great. I love the lightweight full feature category. Sometimes I lock up the brakes and use the heel riser like a skimo binding and other times I use the flat and tall settings like a more conventional heel tower. My knees appreciate the adjustable release value. My only 2 complaints: the toe piece is hard to unlock from skin to ski for inflexible people like myself, and I have had the toe piece completely ice up twice; otherwise these are awesome kit
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Travis (used product regularly)
Been using these all winter. Love them. Very light and easy to use. The break is bit of a pain to disengage while wearing the skis, but not any more of a pain than leashes (you can remove the breaks as well). I used to buy Dynafit Speed Radicals, but this is now my “economy” binding option for touring skis. ATK puts out VERY solid equipment. I think I have over 50k total vert across a couple of their bindings so far and I’m not looking back. I plan on buying another pair to replace my Speed Radicals on my Black Crows Orb Freebirds.
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Question from Scott R
Do you guys/gals happen to know the weight on the Crest 10, sans brakes? Thanks much.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Scott. A single binding without brakes would weigh 240 grams without the brake seat cover installed or 246 grams with the brake seat cover.
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Question from jenny
my skis are 98mm. Should I go with a 97mm binding or 102mm binding?
Answer from Patrick C

Go with the 97mm brakes - they may work out of the box, but if not just a little bend will get them to clear your skis no problem.
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Question from Andrew
Hi, what is the difference between the ATK Crest 10 and
The Majesty C-Crest 10???

thank you so much,
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Andrew,

The ATK Crest 10 and Majesty C-Crest 10 share the same heel piece. However, the Majesty C-Crest has the same toe piece as the ATK C-Raider 12. The Crest 10 is lighter due to the more slimmed down toe, while the Majesty C-Crest has a burlier toe at the expense of some grams.
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Question from Nick
Are the brakes removable without taking the binding off?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Nick, the brakes are removable without removing the binding from the ski. There are three screws that will need to be removed, then you will be able to remove the brake. You might want to get a  brake seat cover to help with snow build-up and it will make the binding look a little nicer.
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Question from Heiko K
My weight 180 pounds, advanced skier, skiing style not fast, but I want to be able to make charge hard to make turns in tough snow as well as ski couloirs etc. No free-riding, but minor jumps (a foot or so) on groomed slopes, moguls, etc. Is there a chance that I will "outgrow" the 10 DIN setting and should I go with the slightly heavier C-Raider 12 for that reason, or will I safely stay below the max setting of 10 of the Crest 10?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Michael, it really just depends on what you are charting out with your release values. If you are calculating out at 10 or below then everything you are describing sounds more than capable for the Crest 10 but if you are charting out at closer to 11 then you would need a binding with a higher release value.
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Question from Matt
Does this have the same hole pattern as the ATK R12?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Matt, this has a different mounting pattern than the current ATK R12 binding. For more information on hole patterns, please click here.
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Question from Jack
Is there a toe shim for the Crest 10 similar to the AL09 for the Raider series? Thanks
Answer from Will McD
Hi Jack, the AL09 is the freeride spacer that mounts next to the brake pad, for a freeride spacer that will work with the Crest, you'll want the Universal Freeride Spacer that is listed here.
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Question from John
I have a similar question to Jenna, i have K2 wayback 96s, would the 91 brake fit, or could it be adjusted (bent…) to fit?
Answer from eric
John- On a K2 wayback 96 the best brake to use is the 97mm brake. 91mm could be bent but you would run the risk of the brake not working properly.
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Question from Martin
Would a 97mm binding fit a DPS Pagoda Tour 100 ski (without stretching the brakes)? Or is it preferable to go with the 102mm?

Also, to which point is it worthy to pay the additional cost for the DPS R10 (which seems to be the ATK RT10)? I understand that the main differences are the UHF and the magnetic heel flaps but it seems hard to find a good comparison of these two quite similar bindings. In particular, are the magnetic heel flaps much easier to flip?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Martin, the 97mm would fit on your 100 skis, but might take a tiny bit of bending. If you would rather play it safe to slide them on unbent, go for the 102mm!

Besides those two differences you mentioned, the DPS toe piece is also a little (~20g) lighter. The magnetic heel riser is noticeable, but the ATK Crest risers also have some "detente"--meaning, they want to snap in place despite not being magnetic. It is up to you if those weight savings, mods to the toe and riser tweaks are worth the price difference!
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Question from Jenna
Hi! I'm looking to mount ATK Crest 10 bindings on BD Helio Carbon 95s. Could I get away with the 91 cm brakes? (I may end up moving them over to a pair of skis that are 88 cm underfoot for next season.)
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jenna. While a bit of a stretch (literally), the 91mm brake would fit with a 95mm underfoot ski, and it could be stretched back to work with the 88mm underfoot ski. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Jaysun S
What are the differences between the ATK Crest 10 and DPS R10?
Answer from Jeff
Jaysun, The DPS version uses a different toe piece with a U.H.V.® (Up-hill Hardness Variator). In addition, the DPS has a slightly different heel piece with a magnetic heel flap.
Answer from Jaysun S
I've not heard of the Up-hill Hardness Variator, What is it trying to accomplish and is it effective?

Is the UHV also part of the Raider series?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Jaysun. The Uphill Hardness Variator helps adjust the pressure placed on the locking mechanism, making the force needed to eject from the toe piece while in the locked position, adjustable. This is beneficial as it allows the user to compensate for worn-out tech inserts or for a heavier skier looking for better toe retention on the skin track. In our testing, we were able to see a difference between the settings. It should be noted this is designed to increase tension only while skinning and NOT in ski mode. The Raider 12 has this feature as well, but with a different design. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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Question from Molly
Hi! What is the heel gap on these please for adjusting boots?

Also, it looks like the two heel riser positions require a rotation of the heel. Is that correct? So flat and tall are with the heel pins pointing back and medium is with the heel pins pointing forward, correct? Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Molly,

You'll want to adjust the heel gap to 4mm. And yes you are correct, there is one medium height option that just covers the pins, but for true flat and the highest riser option you'll need to rotate the heel 180 degrees. If you're wanting more riser options maybe consider the ATK Raider 12 Binding.
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Question from Jourdan H
Hey, Is there any issue mounting these with the brakes removed?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jourdan, Thanks for the question. Yes, it is fine to mount the Crest 10 without the brakes. We will be getting some new products this fall from ATK including a Break Seat cover which will fill the gap created by taking the brakes off. Stay tuned for those products though, or we can sign you up for an email notification when they arrive!
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