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​The knees to your bees, the carrots to your peas, or the pajamas that your cat wears for some reason. The Pomoca Back Fix Easy is the complete top-to-bottom kit designed to get your climbing skins off the roll and onto the mountain. Included is a simple tip assembly that adjusts for a personalized fit and an adjustable length tail kit that you rivet on with the hammer you already have in your garage. Also snuck in the kits is Pomoca’s cutter with a built-in offset that makes cutting skins as easy as cutting a pizza (maybe easier, depending on the pizza). Looking to build your own skins but don't want to deal with the hassle? Save yourself the trouble, except for the material, this has everything you need.

  • 1 Pair of Click Lock tips.
  • 1 Pair of Back Rivet tails.
  • 1 Pomoca Cutter
  • 1 Bag for Skins
  • 100mm comes with 85mm Buckle
  • 120mm comes with 95mm Buckle
  • 140mm comes with 105mm Buckle

Update 2020/21: The kits include a more robust design for the tip attachment and a wider backing on the tail clip for easier adjustment.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from paul richey
what size tip clip for DPS Tour 100 RP? and remind me which shim and screws for toe of Dynafit Rotate 7.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Paul, the 120mm kit will work well with those skis. For the Rotation binding, get the Rotation Shims. The screw length will depend on the height of the shim, please reach out to us at for more details.
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Question from Marcel Tremblay
I have some 2022 Black Diamond Helio 104 skies.
I just did a weekend long with your Pomona Free Pro 2.0.
I love the grip and the glide but the rear clip kept sliding of the side as the white clip does not fit perfectly into the groove of the BD Helio. Any solutions? Do you have clip that can work on BD Helio?
Answer from Julian K
Hi Marcel, I'd suggest you grind down the tail clip of the skin itself to fit the notch on your ski. We have that part, which you could easily replace if needed.
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Question from Colton
Will the 140mm parts work for splitboard skins? Specifically looking at tip and tail attachment.
Answer from Jeff
Colton, Splitboards vary in shape at the tip and tail, some parts work better then others. Pomoca and other companies make specific tailclips for boards.
See this Splitboard skin.
Or email us with more details of your setup
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Question from Tristan
Can you tell me which kit I should get for my zero g 105 (188s)?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Tristan, the 120mm kit would work the best for your skis.
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Question from lanie
I have armada tracers 172cm (133-108-125.5) what size kit should I get?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Lanie,
You should go with the 120mm kit for that ski.
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Question from kristi
I have BD Helio 88's at 158cm (119-88-110). Should I get the 100 or 120mm kit?
And how long to get the off the roll skin?
Answer from Cole P
Kristi, the 100 will work great for you. I would recommend getting the same amount of skin as your ski, so in your case, I would get 158cm of skin material for each ski for a total of 316cm. You will not need that much but having a few extra centimeters to have a little room for error is nice.
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Question from Mengnan J
I don't see the tip loop in this kit, I still need the loops to customize my skins, right?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jimmy,

The Back Fix Easy set comes with everything you need to fix some plush to your skis!
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Question from Andrew
What is the length of the tail in this kit and the effective length from where the skin should end? Basically, roughly how much shorter should my skin be cut relative to the size of my ski?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Andrew, the tail has about 15cm of adjustment range. I would say around 10 cm shorter than you ski will be plenty and will give you a little wiggle room.
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