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Palau took their All Track collection to the next level by offering a new “power” liner in a slimmer package. Working off the mighty Powertrack 10, they shaved the liner down to 8mm to allow its use in tighter-fitting and more articulate boots. Using a medium density heat-moldable EVA foam, Palau made the Power LT a precise fitting liner to boost the performance of any boot. Whether it’s a beefy freeride boot or a svelte touring boot, this is the upgrade for your current liner. The Palau Power LT is designed with a thinner upper cuff to fit more calf sizes and cuff shapes and it will keep your feet warm and comfortable while not foregoing performance.

  • 8mm custom 100% moldable mid-density foam.
  • Tongue Liner with optional laces for easy entry and close fit.
  • Precision cut for lower volume beef boots, e.g. Hawx, Lab, Maestrale, Vulcan, Spectre.
  • Performance upgrade for the Spitfire, TLT6, TLT7, F1, or similar.
  • Relief zone in spine for better range-of-motion.
  • Overall medium volume but molds precisely.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Corey Holter
I purchased some Salomon pure touring boots as i got a great deal, they are a bit softer than i would like. Would these liners fit, and help to stiffen the boot for the downhill?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Corey, these liners fit well in the Salomon MTN Summit Pure / Pro models and are thicker and more supportive than the stock liners. They aren't going to stiffen up the boot by a large amount, but they will provide a bit more confidence on the downhill.
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EAMONN K (used product a few times)
I bought these to replace my blown out/torn Zero G Tour Pro liners. These are significantly stiffer and thicker than the stock liner. I am anticipating some packing out and break in after a handful of tours, but out of the bag they are a much tighter fit, I am buckling the boots 1-2 positions looser on both the top of the foot buckles and calf buckles.
These liners are noticeably easier to get into than the stock liner, I always had trouble getting in and out of the boot, but these seem to have a much smoother interior material.
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Question from Kyle Austin
I noticed the Palau liners are available in 1/2 sizes vs whole sizes as with intuition. Are the half sizes actually a different length or just thinner material. I wear a 28.5. Would a 28 liner be slightly more snug or is there that much difference?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kyle, they are different lengths since some boots split shells on the half size (e.g. scarpa). You likely want the 28.5.
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Question from Ethan A
Will these be a good fit for the Transalp Pro? How would it compare to the stock liner that comes with the boot?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Ethan. These would be a good replacement for the stock liner. It will fill a little more volume (they are slightly thicker than the stock liner), however, a liner mold would take care of that.
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Question from Mauri D
I have Technica zero G peaks in 28.5 that I sized larger for higher altitude objectives. The team recommended I go with this liner instead. Looking to upgrade from the stock liner for a warmer liner. Is the 28 a thicker liner than the 28.5 like many brands or is each liner the same thickness from Palau? Which size should I go for?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mauri, I do not know of anyone making thicker liners for half sizes. That's usually an insole change or just pre-molding differences. The Palau half sizes are sewn to a different length to account for the varying shell lengths out there.
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Question from ryan
Im looking for a liner to take up room in my technica scout pro tour. I really like the boots but I'm maxing out my top buckle even after moving the latches over.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Ryan,

The Palau Power LT will likely be a pretty close fit to the stock liner In the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro Scout. If you are looking to take up some extra volume, I would consider the Intuition Pro Tour in a MV.
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Question from Kevin
I have a pair of used 2017 Salomon MTN labs in 28.5 that I am trying to decide what liner to replace with. My true foot size is closer to a 28 with medium volume, wide forefeet and a narrow ankle, which seems to lead to consistent heel rub. I am leaning towards the Palau Power LT Liners in 28. Would that work well with these boots, and is there something else you would recommend?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Kevin,

If your forefoot is on the wider side this liner might feel a bit snug before it breaks in, but it should help lock your heel in nicely. A low volume Intuition Pro Tour liner would also hold the heel in snuggly, though it needs to be heat molded and might initially feel significantly snugger throughout the foot.
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Question from Tenco
I've a pair of Dynafit Radical Pro 2021 model in 25.5 size.
The boots fit perfectly to my feet and I've never had any pain both on skinning up and skiing down.
The only issue I have is with the liner that cause me frozen toes due to its shape. I've tried with a palau tour lite pro of another paire of boots and it was much better for my toes but too much space on the ankles and cuff.
Do you think that I can solve this issue by replacing the stock liner of my dynafit radical pro with a pair of palau alltracks power LT?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Tenco, I'd be hesitant to suggest you try a different liner in your Radical Pro since it fits so well everywhere but the toes. You might try heat molding the liners with some extra volume wrapped around your toes to create a little extra space.
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Question from Hali
I want to replace the liners of my Lange Xt3 110 LV boot in a 23.5 will these Paula LT power liner be a good replacement in the 23.5?
Answer from jbo
Hi Hali, yes I think that could be a decent match, and that would be the correct size. The Low Volume Intuition Pro Tour is the other option, noting it has a thicker cuff and some Velcro on top of the foot which may be an issue if you have a high volume foot.
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Question from chance c
Hey Skimo team,
Is the Palau Power LT Liner a good replacement option for the Fischer Traverse CS if I need to take up a little bit more space that the stock liner?

If so, should I order the exact size as the shell ( 28.5 ) or size down a half size?

Thanks for your expertise
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Chance,

The Palau Power LT would be a great option - a little bit thicker than the stock liner for sure.

I'd recommend the 28.5, but the 28 would work fine as well.
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Question from steve
I have TLT 6 carbon (black) boots. I have used the Palau Tour Light Pro Evos'. I am looking for a liner that takes up a little more room and/or more resistant to packing out. Also, More support for the down hill would be good. Would you recommend the Palau Power LT or an Intuition LV?
Answer from Julieana
Hi Steve,

I would personally opt for the Palau Power LT over the Intuition. Both will take up significantly more room than the stock liner and both will make the boot feel stiffer, but the Palau will walk better of the two. If you're not worried about killing your walk mode and you need a serious amount of space taken up, the Intuition will take up a little more space and might add a little more stiffness than the Palau.
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Question from MELISSA D
Hi- looking for a replacement liner for a 22.5 women's tecnica zero G scout. I'm a mondo point 23.5 but that boot fit well at 22.5. Is the palau power LT the best for this boot and should I do a 22.5?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Melissa,

The 22.5 and 23.5 in the Tecnica Zero G Scout have the same boot sole length. Tecnica has relied on a different liner in the 22.5, but it is the same shell.

The Palau Power LT is a great option for a replacement liner in the Zero G Scout. If you are normally a 23.5, a 23.5 in the Palau Power LT would work well in your boots. If you have further liner questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Tomáš
Hello, I bought dynafit tlt8 expedition because they are the widest with the CL slipper, I have problem feet - wide 110mm, flat + hallux, I get bruises during longer hikes because the CL slipper is thin along the entire length and the foot floats. I need a slipper that would be comfortable, voluminous and, above all, well shapeable. Would the Power LT be a good choice? or Tour Lite Pro Evo Please advise. thank you
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Tomáš,

Thanks for reaching out! The Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo will be the closest fit to the stock liner in the Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CR . It sounds like you are searching for a higher volume of foam in your liner.

The Power LT will have a similar volume of foam in the lower as compared with the Pro Evo, but it will have a much thicker cuff. I think it would be worth discussing your fit issues in more detail, as they could stem from the shell, not the liner of your boot, or a little of both. Fill out a boot fitter, and we can get into nitty gritty details!
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Question from DJC
I have a Pair of the 2012 Salomon Quest Pro Pebax Boots in a 28.5: Will this liner work and if yes, what size would I purchase?
Answer from Tristan M

For a heavy freeride boot like the Salomon Quest Pro Pebax, I would go with a pretty robust liner. The Palau Power LT might work, but I think the Intuition Pro Tour in a MV (HV if you really need to eat up volume) would be your best bet. You will want the 28.0 size.
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Question from Jeff
Looking to replace and upgrade the liner in a Fischer Travers G/R 29.5. Would like to stiffen it up within reason. Power LT? Tour Lite Pro?, Tour Lite Pro Evo?
Answer from Jeff
Jeff, The Tour Lite liners would be closest to the liners your G/R boot comes with.
The Power LT would be the one that would stiffen up the flex noticeably. Like most "beef" liners in a light touring boot, they will take up more space in the cuff. Unless you have narrow shin/calves, closing the cuff properly may be an issue.
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Question from Marc Vernon
Need new liners for 27.5 Technica Zeso G Scouts. Original liner has packed out thin after 100+ days and are ready for a Viking funeral from the smell alone. Can you get replacement OEM liners?

Answer from Jeff
Marc, For the most part, No. Few Boot companies stock replacement liners and when we try to get one, it can take a very long time and sometimes never come through. The Power LT is quite comparable and immediately available.
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Question from Kate
I have loved the factory liners in zero g’s I bought in 2017, but they are finally falling apart after 5 busy seasons. Are these a good replacement? I’m particularly concerned about thickness— since my liners were worn til the bitter end happily, I’m assuming they were fairly worn down and that I’m OK with a thinner/worn-down liner…
Answer from Lbow
Hi Kate,

Yes! The Palau Power LT is our best replacement option for the Technica Zero G liner, and if you ever need to experiment with volume in the future, our other alternative for those boots is the Intuition Pro Tour liners.
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Question from Jason K
I have a sized down and length-punched 26.5 backland carbon boot (I probably am a true 27 size, but foot is so low volume I like to size down). No matter how much I pad the stock liner, it doesnt take up the volume where I want over instep. I ran a beat up pair of 27 MVs for a bit, but the cuff diameter was a problem for the closure buckles. I never remolded it though for that boot. My goal is to maximize ski performance. I dont mind sacrificing some walk performance or weight (to the extent that it still walks better than my Hawx). Between this Palau, a new pro tour MV or a pro tour HV (or anything else) what would you recommend?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jason. The Power LT or the Intuition Pro Tour in a MV would be the best option. The Power LT will have an inherently slimmer cuff, however, the diameter (of the cuff) of the MV can be compressed during the molding process. If you want the best skiing option, go with Intuition. If you want to add skiability and keep your boots excellent range of motion, go with the Palau.
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Riff (used product a few times)
I got these to replace the stock liners in a pair La Sportiva Skorpius. They helped me nicely with taking up some space around my heel, ankle, and instep. I’ve got a 26 boot, and the 26 liner was a good fit. Home heat molding went well, I did 5 minutes at 230 degrees.

Things I really like:
The upper cuff is covered in fuzzy material that accepts Scarpa style velcro spoilers/spacers to tune the forward lean and cuff volume. Finally, I don’t have to glue stuff on there. This is especially nice for this boot, as the lean lock angle isn’t adjustable beyond the plastic spacer in the shell.
They are a nice compromise of higher density and volume without killing the ROM when walking. Definitely a bit stiffer, but not much.

One thing I’d change-
The interior of the liner is a very fine fleece, which is a nice feel- but for a touring liner that gets plenty of sweat, I’d prefer to see the very smooth thin fabric you find inside Intuition liners. This is the only reason for the 4 stars. Hopefully they don’t take a long time to dry. Time will tell!
Reply from Joseph S
Riff-I have used these liners for a couple of years now and I have not been soaked out by the liner. I pull them out of the shell and use an upright boot dryer to dry the liners and I have had no issues with drying them out. Even on hut trips they dry pretty well. I suppose there are those who sweat a bunch more than I do in their liners. Only lately they have started to get a bit of boot odor that is why I'm looking again to purchase these. These are very durable with only a couple markings from shell wear, but overall very good! They have to have well over 100 days on them. I modified the tongue and Cut out a couple Shin protectors out of a flexible cutting board and glued them on to protect my shins when I power them in my Hoji boots. The sides of the toe material is pretty thin and I suffer from cold toe syndromes now and again because of a tight boot fit, but I use boot gloves for that now.
Reply from Riff
Excellent point- i was hoping the material around the toe referred to as “perf” by palau would be closed cell heat moldable foam. It’s a low density open cell, probably comfortable but not as warm. It’s occasionally tough to figure out what the manufacturer means with descriptions.
Reply from Riff
Update: still pretty stoked on these, drying them out is no problem. They were plenty warm on an extended trip with temps in the single digits. There’s some spots wearing through the exterior fabric, but nothing unusual.
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Question from Jason
I have TLT 8 (26.5) boots that I like, but looking to improve the downhill performance a bit and take up some more space in the boot around the ankle. Which liner would you recommend for this boot? Thanks.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jason,

If you are looking to add some power to your TLT8 boots, while also taking up some additional volume on the stock liner, the Palau Power LT is a great place to start. Just a heads up, this liner will add friction to the walk mode, and will take up some additional volume in the cuff area as well. If the cuff is already snug in your boots, a beefier liner will make it pretty hard to close! If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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