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Palau took their All Track collection to the next level by offering a new “power” liner in a slimmer package. Working off the mighty Powertrack 10, they shaved the liner down to 8mm to allow its use in tighter-fitting and more articulate boots. Using a medium density heat-moldable EVA foam, Palau made the Power LT a precise fitting liner to boost the performance of any boot. Whether it’s a beefy freeride boot or a svelte touring boot, this is the upgrade for your current liner. The Palau Power LT is designed with a thinner upper cuff to fit more calf sizes and cuff shapes and it will keep your feet warm and comfortable while not foregoing performance.

  • 8mm custom 100% moldable mid-density foam.
  • Tongue Liner with optional laces for easy entry and close fit.
  • Precision cut for lower volume beef boots, e.g. Hawx, Lab, Maestrale, Vulcan, Spectre.
  • Performance upgrade for the Spitfire, TLT6, TLT7, F1, or similar.
  • Relief zone in spine for better range-of-motion.
  • Overall medium volume but molds precisely.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Bob
What is the best replacement liner for the LaSportiva Scorpius boot? What is most similar? Would the Palau Tour Lite be to thin?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Bob. The Palau Power LT would be the better option. It is 1mm thicker than the Tour Lite, and will provide a more secure grip on the foot. The extra material also makes for an inherently warmer liner. These are thermoformable, and I would recommend having a reputable ski shop mold them for you to truly customize them to your feet.
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Question from John Jay
Hello! i was wondering, what's the weight of these in size 27.5, or just the average? i've googled in various ways, checked out the palau website, but can't find anything... thanks for the help;)
Answer from TSB
Hey John, we weighed the Power LT and found that it weighs 170g per foot!
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Question from David
Hi, I am looking for a replacement liner for Dynafit TLT7s.

I tried to replace the TLT7 stock liner with my old Scarpa F1 liners. As you probably know, the Scarpa F1 liner is too thick in the cuff to close the TLT7 in ski mode. The TLT7 stock liner is a bit thin in the ankle/heel, while the Scarpa F1 liner fits that area nicely.

I am looking for a liner that would fit similarly to the Scarpa F1 stock liner, but be thin enough in the cuff to allow for ski mode closure in the Dynafit TLT7. Would this liner fit the bill? If not, would you have another recommendation?
Answer from jbo
Hi David, the Power LT is also thicker in the cuff like the F1 liner. If you aren't able to move the TLT7 cuff buckle catch far enough to accommodate that, I would look a the tour lite pros.
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David (used product a few times)
Bought these as replacements for worn out Scarpa Maestrale boots. These have lace loops and new Scarpa liners do not. True to size (26) and very comfortable. Skied two long days touring and no hot spots and no blisters. I did not even have to hot mold, but did add my own Super Feet insoles (already broken in). These were very comfortable with plenty of toe room but heel stayed down and stable. Dried quickly when pulled from shells at night. I am very pleased with these. I had considered buying new boots and with just these new liners I am set for at least this season.
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Question from Bob
Would this liner be a good upgrade for a Fischer Travers?
Answer from TSB
Hey Bob, the Power LT might not be the ideal liner as it's quite bulky in the cuff and the Travers CS/CC have a low-profile cuff. I'd point you toward other Palau options such as the Tour Lite Pro, which we've seen folks use in the Travers with good results.
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Question from Karin
Do you anticipate getting any more of these in a 24.5 for this season?

Looking to replace the worn out liner in my Atomic Hawx XTD 110.

Thank you!
Answer from TSB
Hi Karin, we can definitely see about getting a pair! Reach out to and we'll see what we can do!
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Question from Dave Press
Do these liners have moldable foam under the foot (like Intuition Tour liners) or a thin, flat, firm sole (like stock liners in alpine boots)?

I'm looking to replace the liners in an Atomic Hawx XTD 130 - would these be a good match?
Answer from TSB
Hey Dave, the underfoot foam on the Power LT is fairly firm, and generally we would mold these liners using a footbed between the sole of the foot and the foam of the liner, so you wouldn't necessarily get much deformation of the foam. These would be a great choice for a Hawx boot!
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Anthony (used product a few times)
I bought these in a 29 to replace the stock liner in a TLT 7 Carbino 29. My previous boot was a TLT6 performance in a 28, but I was needing a bit more space for toes and warmth. I could not use my old intuition low volume dreamliner, as they were a bit too thick to close the top buckle. The Power LT liner did an excellent job of tightening up the fit, adding warmth and improving performance over the stock liner, which I happily put in my old PDG's.
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Question from Natalie
I have TLT7 Carbonio boot size 25. It was slightly loose in the beginning, but once the liner packed out, I had to wear 2 thick socks to make it work (sort of). Which Palau liner should I get and in what size? 24.5 is my guess.
Answer from Jeff
Natalie, You should go with the 25 for best fit in your boot. The Carbonios have a thin race liner. This liner is 8mm thick, much more than the Dynafit. Should help you out a lot. The upper cuff will be a lot more support.
Answer from Natalie
Went with Palau Lite Pro Evo as per recommendation and they fit great! Huge improvement over stock liners. Thanks!
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Question from Dante
Will you have these in 26.5 this season?
Answer from Jeff
Dante, yes we will have these this season. I can't say when, but they are on order and should be here sometime this fall.
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Question from Eric Schneider
I'm on my 2nd CR liner on TLT6 Mountain. I do not use the tongue insert or power strap. I'm in need of a new liner. Is this the one? I like having the pull loops on tongue and back. This looks a little stiffer, although obviously I'm not overly concerned about stiffness. I wear a 28.5 boot size and liner size.
Answer from Jeff
Eric, All the Palau liners we have would work well with the TLT boots. This model's cuff is firmly reinforced. If you want a bit less, look at the Tour Pro Evo, they are the same 8mm thickness. For the lightest and a 7 mm thick liner, the Tour Lite Pro is the choice.
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Question from claude
I have Atomic Backland Carbon 26 boots in need of fresh liners. I love the Atomic liners because of their breathability, and the fact that they wash easily. But I am a little loose in them and they are not very supportive. Do you think these Palau liners will ski better, and what do you think of the breathability? Lastly, do you recommend a 26 Palau to replace the 26 Backland liner?
Answer from Jeff
Claude, If your old liners are packed out and loose, a new liner will help. The Power LT will have more supportive upper cuff and is 8mm thick so should snug you up. Had to research Atomic's claim of breathable liners, what they did was perforated holes in the sole of the liner. I don't believe any other liner does this. But apparently it helps.
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Question from John Raich
Will the Palau Power LT liners fit inside a Dynafit TLT7 Carbonio ski boot and allow you to tighten then to downhill mode? The current liners are fairly thin, particularly at the cuffs. I tried to insert liners for Scrapa Maestrale and Dynafit Neo boots into the TLT7 boots. When I do, the cuffs are too thick, I can't tighten the TLT7 boots beyond the walk mode.
Answer from Nate
Hi John, this liner is a new option for us in the 18/19 season and we haven't received into stock yet to be able to give official word.

With that being said, I feel that there is a good chance this liner may work for your replacement needs as it is much closer to the original Dynafit liner in thickness and the Palau foam molds and compresses very nicely when molded.
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