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Backcountry skiing often involves less-than-ideal snow conditions. Inevitably at some point during the season, greasy skin-tracks are the rule rather than the exception. The Marker Pintech Crampons will make quick work of that grease. Further, when tacking big mountains without a nice skin-track, frozen icy faces and supportable bullet-proof crusts can be daunting. If it’s too slick to skin, and you’re breaking through the crust when booting, ski-crampons become the only logical choice. Dynafit-style receptors make installation on your Marker Alpinist or Kingpin bindings quick and painless.

Size Weight Measured Width
90mm 90g 90mm
105mm 96g 108mm
120mm 101g 123mm

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Scott
Just bought some Volkl BMT 90s and Kingpin 13s (should have both later this week).

The BMTs are 90mm waist. I'm guessing, based on the previous answers, that it'd be too tight to run the 90mm crampon but I'd love a tighter fit if you all can confirm for me that it'd work properly.

Thanks for everything you all at skimo do.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Scott, we've measured the 90mm size to be exactly 90mm interior width. The Volkl BMT is listed as a 90mm waist, and the crampon will sit a little bit ahead of the waist. Your best bet will be to measure how wide the ski is where the crampons sit. If it's 90mm or above, the ski is too wide.
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Question from Jeremy
I have Marker Alpinist binding I'm mounting on a 92 underfoot ski. Can I bend the 90 to accommodate or would the 105 be best? Or would I be better going with another crampon?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Jeremy,

Ski crampons aren't really something you can bend. Sometimes they do run a little wider than advertised but I just measured these and they seem to be a pretty snug 90. If you want to go with these crampons I'd suggest the 105 or you could look at the ATK crampons and Dynafit crampons. Those have some different width options and are also compatible with the Marker Alpinist binding.
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Question from Jeff
How do they attach to the binding?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeff, they slide into the side of the toe piece. There is an animated gif in our crampon compatibility guide.
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Question from Gina
I have the marker alpinist bindings on 109 underfoot skis. Could I bend 105’s to fit or is there another crampon that would be compatible and maybe a better width fit?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Gina. We don't have the 105mm in stock to measure the inner width. You are able to use the Dynafit brand at 110mm and no bending would need to be done.
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Question from Eric
Hello, are these compatible with the M Werks 12 bindings? Thanks
Answer from Cole P
Hey Eric, thanks for reaching out. Yes, these Marker Pintech ski crampons will work great for your Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 binding.
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Question from Zander
Hi there,

Y’all are awesome, thanks for everything you do in the backcountry ski industry. I’ve always had unparalleled customer support experiences.

I have the ZG95 and ZG105, both of which I bought from SkimoCo, both of which have the marker alpinists. Question 1: is this the best binding for the marker alpinist, or should I look for the standard dynafit ski cramps? Question 2: would I be able to get away with just the one set of ski crampons at the 105 sizing for both of my skis? I’m not seeing a 95mm option for my ZG95s.

Answer from Cole P
Hey Zander, thanks for the support we really appreciate it. First, the Pintech ski crampon will be the best fit for the crampon receptors but both the ATK and Dynafit ski crampons are compatible with the Marker Alpinist. Second, you will want to go with crampons that are closer to the ski width so when you are mid-stride they won't collide.
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Question from Brian W
Do you know when 105 mm versions of this product will become available again? Thanks!
Answer from Jeremy L
Brian, thanks for reaching out. Looks like it won't be until the fall that we get our hands on these again. There are likely some other options for you depending on the binding you have. Check out this great spreadsheet our Teddy painstakingly put together and see if there's something compatible.
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Question from Craig
Hi - Looking to get a pair of crampons for my touring setup. Blizzard zero g95 (177), marker kingpin 13. Nobody seems to have 105mm marker pin techs available. Can you recommend an alternative crampon that would work with my setup? Thanks!
Answer from Will M
Hey Craig,

Great question! The Pin Tech is definitely the best crampon for that binding however the Dynafit crampons will do the job too. The only issue in terms of compatibility with the Dynafit crampons is that they will potentially rub and hit the ski/walk mechanism lever from the Kingpins. The Pin Techs have the backside of the crampon cut out to avoid hitting the ski walk lever whereas the Dynafit crampon does not.
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