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Salomon Shift Brakes

Brand: Salomon
Model: 1x2 Brake Shift
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Price: $79.95
* Brake Width:
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Everybody loves “new ski day”. But sometimes “new ski day” also means “new brake day” in order to get your bindings to fit appropriately on your new skis. Find new Salomon brake assemblies for your shiny new skis below. All brakes are sold in pairs.

Shift 90mm - Narrowest Shift brakes available, these measure a bit over list.

Shift 100mm - Fun fact: 100mm is also 10cm which is 1/10th of a meter.

Shift 110mm - Pretty average ski size for many Shift users.

Shift 120mm - Widest brake size reserved for big powder boards.

Question from Lucas
Hi! I want todo use the binding on a armada bubba 188 which are 132mm width , will the 120mm fit bending them a bit?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Lucas,
You can probably bend them far enough to make them work, but the fit won't be ideal, you'll likely have some scraping and/or bowing out of the brake. Unfortunately they don't currently sell a wider one so that'll be your best option.
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Question from terry
How far can you bend the 120mm brake width? I'd like to get these on a 138 width powder ski. Is that too far?
Answer from TSB
Hey Terry, that is probably a bridge too far, I'm sorry to say. You may have to call in a favor with Stefan Drake and see what sort of dark magic he can perform to find you a 140mm Shift brake :-)
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Question from Samuël
Hello, I have the 110 mm brake size. I wanted to buy a pair of black crows anima freebird, which are 115 mm wide.

Do I have to buy new brakes, or can I bend them a little?
Answer from TSB
Hey Sam-umlaud, I think you should be just fine with the 110mm brake. There's usually a bit of extra width in addition to the claimed brake size, and if not you can use the heat-and-bend method. In the meantime, consider procuring a nice low-fat ski as an Animus to match your Anima :-)
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Question from Jane
Salomon Shift Brakes 100

I have the Salomon 2020 S/Lab Shift MNC Ski Bindings with a 90 brake. I would like to mount them on the Elan Ripstick 96, so I need a wider brake. Is this the correct one? The 100?

Answer from Jeff
Jane, Have you put the brake on your ski yet? The Shift brakes fit wider then the stated width. And a slight bend wouldn't hurt a thing.
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Question from Bob
I have a pair of Black Crows Nocta (122 width underfoot). The standard brakes with the Salomon bindings are 130mm and are so wide that the brakes almost hook each other.

Question: Can the 120mm brakes be widened enough (say 5-7mm) to fit?
Answer from TSB
Hey Bob, I would say that the 120mm brake could be bent slightly to fit your Noctas with a pair of pliers and maybe a little heat to aid the process.
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Question from Shawn
I would like to know if the 100 mm brake option will work on a Vantage 107 TI. I have read the 110 mmk brake width is capable of +10mm greater. Just want to keep them tucked as tight as possible.
Answer from TSB
Hey Shawn, as we don't stock the Atomic Vantage line it would be hard for me to give you a definitive answer, but if you're willing to engage in a little brake-arm bending, I would say you have good odds of making the 100mm Shift brake work!
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Are these ski brakes for cross country or downhill skis??
Answer from
Hello Bruce,
The Salomon Shift brakes only fit the Shift binding, which is an alpine touring binding.
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Question from Paolo
1X2 means that I will receive one packaging with 2 brakes?
I need to change both My ski stopper...
Thank you
Answer from Jeff
Paolo, sounds confusing but Yes, this is for a Pair of brakes.
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Question from Brian
Will a 110 brake stretch enough to work with a Volkl 100Eight? Or do I need to go w 120?
Answer from Jeff
Brian, a Volkl 100eight is 108mm wide so it should fit fine. Also, the Shift brakes fit a few mm wider then the 110 width.
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Question from jim odlin
how hard is to change to a wider brake on the shift bindings , I seem to have trouble with the brake getting hung up on the side of the ski and not engaging ?
Answer from Nate
Hi Jim, changing the brake on the Shift is not too difficult. If you've exhausted the possibility of stretching your existing brakes, I'd go ahead and order a new set that will fit better.
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Question from Ulrich
Any idea when the other brake sizes will be available?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ulrich! I think we're looking at late November/early December-ish on those brakes at the moment!
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Question from Russ
Are brakes interchangeable on the SHIFT, or are they built into the heel piece?
Answer from I-M
The brakes are interchangeable. The heel piece and brake assembly can separate once you remove them from the mounting plate.
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