Salomon Shift Brakes

Brand: Salomon
Model: 1x2 Brake Shift
Shipping: Free over $50*
Availability: Fall - Notify Me
Price: $29.95

Everybody loves “new ski day”. But sometimes “new ski day” also means “new brake day” in order to get your bindings to fit appropriately on your new skis. Find new Salomon brake assemblies for your shiny new skis below. All brakes are sold in pairs.

Shift 90mm - Narrowest Shift brakes available, these measure a bit over list.

Shift 100mm - Fun fact: 100mm is also 10cm which is 1/10th of a meter.

Shift 110mm - Pretty average ski size for many Shift users.

Shift 120mm - Widest brake size reserved for big powder boards.

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