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Evan Y

Evan Y




5' 11"


160 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

Thanks Will. Any recommendations for low cost binding compatible grease? I will try lube-ing the heel risers with carbon paste, typically used to increase friction in road bikes between the seat post and frame, and see if that works.
Huge fan of the binding, no prereleases and skis great in all conditions. I enjoy techy steep lines, which sometimes are in non-ideal firm conditions. Two small issues I've been having, after 2 seasons (~50 days total). 1. Heel risers - they have been getting loose, to the point where the upper heel riser will undo itself while skinning. It looks like this video posted by Simon a couple years ago: I don't see any way I can tighten the pin/riser system. Any sugge...
Attachment is very secure when i put it on. It didn't slowly unscrew over the course of a long day while skinning and booting up 5k ft of vert. I personally keep the whippet head off after tours. My friend also has used the whippet for the last 3 years, and just keeps the removable head on. He's never had an issue of it falling off, though he does need to tighten it a few times a season.
I got the petzl leopard with flexlock in an attempt to have 1 pair of crampons for both ski touring and hiking. Flexlock should work for hiking boots / trail runners. 1. Which parts would I need to get to make this work for ski boots as well? (Presumably the leverlock back levers) 2. Could I use the same flex toe bails or would I also need to get different toe bails? I was thinking of removing the white plastic piece on the toe bail, but the metal bit looks different from regular ski boot crampons. 3. If I...

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