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Simple, capable, and user-friendly. The Backland Pure Binding has a combination of features that folks have been eager to see for a long time. Hauling around excess weight in an overly complicated binding isn’t anybody’s favorite activity, and Atomic is here to simplify things. The toe piece screams "work smarter, not harder", utilizing a long lever to increase leverage during transitions. Naturally, it offers the efficiency of a tech binding on the uphill. Socket-clearing toe pins help clear out ice and debris. A patented step-in aid helps guide the boot into the binding. An integrated Dynafit-style crampon receptor minimizes additional parts to lose, break, or buy. In a word: perfect. The heel piece sits on a threaded adjustment track to accommodate multiple boots so your jealous friends can take a spin. Turn the heel piece 90° for a flat mode to make long approaches friendlier. Two risers flip down so no-matter the terrain, you’ll be at an efficient climbing angle. Best of all, you have your choice of three release settings by means of a spring swap. Simply unscrew the spring cartridge and replace it with the men’s, women’s, or expert springs included in the box. This uniquely changes both the lateral and vertical release values. The Atomic Backland Pure is a capable binding that suits just about every backcountry skier’s fancy.

  • Includes three different lateral & vertical release springs: men’s, women’s, and expert.
  • Patented Step-In Aid makes enables you to put your skis on with your eyes closed.
  • Three total riser heights include a flat mode and two beautifully machined lifters.
  • A 30mm adjustment track accommodates your beef boot and your race boot.
  • The leash (+28g) can be used to measure the heel gap for in-the-field adjustment.

If you decide to add brakes later, you can. Alternately, buy them together at a discount.

Note: This binding accepts both Plum and Dynafit crampons, though with the latter the included crampon keeper clip must be used to prevent any lateral movement during use.

Update 2018/19: Just a new "gunmetal" grey color, the Backland stays the same otherwise.

Update 2020/21: Atomic renamed the Backland Tour to Backland Pure to further differentiate it from the version with brakes.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 576g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Leashes
BSL Adjustment   30mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Choice of mens, womens, or expert
Lateral Release   Choice of mens, womens, or expert
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum, plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Leash included doubles as gap tool
Bottom Line Wonderfully crafted stripped-down touring binding
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Questions & Reviews

Question from M Emmer
would the 100mm brake on the Atomic Backland Pure Binding work on a Zag Ubac 102 ski - (102 waist)? Would I have to bend them (then they might not work as well or better to go with 110mm brakes? Do these come with crampon clips that work with dynafit crampons?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi M,

You would want to buy the braked version, not the Pure, as the Pure comes brakeless. But yes, I think the 100mm brake would work and that's what I'd choose. You might need to bend them a little bit, but that's preferable to getting a brake that overhangs the sides more, especially for touring.

They do indeed come with the crampon clips that allow you to use Dynafit style crampons, so that is an option! However, long term, the Atomic crampons are probably the better choice since it isn't too hard to lose a clip.
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Question from Thomas
For the different springs are there comparable DIN values? For example what would be the approximate DIN of the men’s spring? I usually run around an 8 DIN.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Thomas,

We have found the Men's spring to release at around an 8, so it is likely the one for you! It is not a DIN value as these are not DIN certified and are tech bindings, but the release values translate roughly. Many people will be able to ski the same value in both alpine and tech bindings.
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Question from Evan Y
Huge fan of the binding, no prereleases and skis great in all conditions. I enjoy techy steep lines, which sometimes are in non-ideal firm conditions.

Two small issues I've been having, after 2 seasons (~50 days total).

1. Heel risers - they have been getting loose, to the point where the upper heel riser will undo itself while skinning. It looks like this video posted by Simon a couple years ago:
I don't see any way I can tighten the pin/riser system. Any suggestions?

2. Tower rotation - started out smooth, but with use it's been getting stiffer and harder to rotate. Is there any simple way to lubricate/grease it or would it require dissasembly, cleaning/regreasing, and reassembly?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Evan
Unfortunately, we don't have any great solutions for loose risers, but you can indeed re-lube the tower rather easily. You'll need to take the fork out which is done by removing the screw at the back of the binding with a 2.5mm allen key. You'll then want to coat all 4 sides of the central post with binding grease, then reinstall the fork and give it a couple twists to spread the grease around.
Answer from Evan Y
Thanks Will. Any recommendations for low cost binding compatible grease?
I will try lube-ing the heel risers with carbon paste, typically used to increase friction in road bikes between the seat post and frame, and see if that works.
Answer from Lrow
I would take a look at the Plum Binding Grease. Let us know if that works out for you!
Answer from Evan Y
Update: the plum binding grease did indeed work for the tower rotation problem.

For the heel risers, a ski chop here in chamonix helped me fix it.
They explained that this problem occurs through usage of the heel risers, which rubs the metal parts together and over time, they become thinner. The risers get looser, and without the rubbing friction, they flip too easily.
They used a small hammer to whack the metal pin that the heel risers rotate around. This causes the metal pin to expand in the middle, which adds friction to the heel risers.
They also noted that this quick fix is also temporary, more usage of heel risers will rub the metal down, again, and get loose. You can repeat the hammer whack fix one or two more times, until there is not enough pin metal to whack anymore. This should be able to keep the binding in use until it needs to be retired from use or some larger binding failure occurs.
Answer from Will McD
Thanks for the update, Evan, that's a good trick to know.
Answer from Michael M
Green Vibrate to the risers has worked well to tighten mine up when they loosen a bit. Apply a couple drops and let it cure. They'll be super tight with a lot of friction but if you cycle them a couple dozen times they'll loosen up enough where they almost feel like new.
Answer from Evan Y
Thanks Michael. What is green vibrate? Is it like loctite blue 242?
Answer from Michael M
Vibratite. Auto correct got me.
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Jeff H (used product regularly)
I’m very happy with this binding. It is a bit heavier than some of the other options I was considering. But it seems the small bit of extra weight makes a big difference in function and durability. I’ve broken two pairs of ATK bindings, but I do not have any concerns with these. So much so that I bring them to the resort (they adjust easily between my downhill boots and my backcountry boots). And I love transitioning with just lifting the flap off the pins without all the bending over and twisting. Lift flap, strip skins, and go. Lastly, I typically am an RV/DIN = 7. But I’ve been using the ‘womens’ RV6 spring with no problems and no prereleases even in heavy mank.
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Question from Justin E
Atomic's website claims "weighing in at just 305g per pair with the included leash"

What am I missing?
Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, they must have meant to type per side?
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Question from Tristan N
Any idea when these will re stock? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Tristan, a lot of these are headed this way but with the port situation we are leery of making a date promise (they are already late). We'll have them before the BC ski season starts in earnest.
Answer from Tristan N
hey we’re getting 6” tomorrow night
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Question from eli
One of the reviewers (John B)mentioned a loosening of the risers. I have been skiing these and I noticed the risers on one ski initially started spinning rather freely. upon further inspection I noticed that the riser moved up and down a little (1/8th inch or so). At first I thought I could live with it. Then, the other day I inspected, and I noticed that, not only was the riser moving and rotating, but the actually heelpiece was moving up and down off the plate about an 1/8th inch. As I was checking out the play, out popped a little tiny pin, about 3/8th inch long and maybe a 32nd inch in diameter. Needless to say, I'm not skiing them anymore. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Help me!
Answer from Will M
Hey Eli,

Uh oh! Would you mind sending us some photos to
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John B (used product regularly)
I came to these bindings after skiing a decade on Dynafit Verticals and these ski much better, likely due to the decreased ramp angle/pin height. For the uphill, there is some significant weight savings as well and I find flapper riser to be super easy while on the go and haven't noticed any loosening as some have mentioned. The adjustability allows me to ski my light touring boots or my beefier technical. Pretty sweet all around.
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Question from pete
Is this the same ending as backland tour w/ brake?... only w/o the brake?
How does leash weight compare to brakes weight?
If I get braked version, my ski is 101 underfoot. What brake size is best?
Answer from Jeff
Pete, Yes these are identical to the Atomic/ Salomon with brakes. The pair of leashes are about 40g. The Pure weigh 576g and with brakes - 790g [90mm]. So still a good bit lighter without brakes.
The 100mm will easily accommodate your 101mm waist ski.
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Question from Andy
Are these bindings and the Salomon mtn lab the same binding? I’m looking for a binding for a pair of atomic backhand 107 that I just purchased and am doing some comparisons. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, yes these are the same as the Salomon MTN (no "lab") binding. We recommend bindings based on the skier as much as the ski, so for a personal recommendation, please visit our binding finder. Without knowing more, it seems OK!
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Question from Anthony K
I'm passing by late January and hoping to pick up a pair of these from you guys. To mount them, I'm looking at Binding Freedom inserts. Which screws/screw length should I order ? I'm guessing POZI-FLATHEAD M5 / 12mm but that is just an educated guess?
Answer from Jeff
Anthony, we have the set of screws for this binding in Quiver killers- quiver. Not sure if they are the same for Binding freedoms.
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Comment from Trace Leches
Here's a picture of the Dynafit crampon keeper installed. It'll save the crampon and binding from marring each other up by keeping it centered, otherwise it has the potential to slide back and forth when lifted above ~45°.
Reply from Trace Leches
And here's a picture of the stopper knot you have to tie so you don't lose the crampon keeper.
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Question from Al T
Hi - i bought a set of these on Lisa on a whim. They have brakes. No leash, no extra pins. How do I check which pins I have and can I get different ones from you? Also, is there something you can recommend that approximates the 4 mm heel gap spce checker as I don't have a leash? Thanks
Answer from Nate
Hi Al T, while we do not have spare springs available for sale, you can check to see which spring is on your bindings by looking on the underside. It will say Men, Women, or Exp depending on which spring is installed. You can get away with using a 4mm hex wrench with one flat side against he binding and the other flat side against the boot for a gap tool.
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Robert Bonelli (downright abused product)
These bindings have provided me with absolutely 100% reliable retention over hard, chunky, icy conditions, and when bending even stiff fat skis at high edge angles.

I am 5'7" 170lbs and have a pair mounted to a 177cm 95 underfoot ski, and another pair mounted to a 184cm 118 underfoot ski. Unless in absolutely severe consequence terrain, I ski with the toe pieces in ski mode and use the Men's rear spring. I have never pre-released from either toe or heel.

The binding also comes with a lighter "woman's" spring and a heavier "advanced" spring which are simple to swap.

I greatly value the low ramp angle between the toe and heel pieces of this binding for my style of skiing.

Ice-buildup under the toe piece is extremely rare, and cleared in mere seconds by simply moving the lever into walk mode once or twice.

Heel piece is easy to rotate with skis on, and rotates independent from the risers; which are themselves easy to flip with a ski pole.
Reply from Raymond H
I skied pretty hard on this binding also. I am 190 lbs and have them on a pair of 182 Atomic Backland 95s. Also use only the Men's spring.
Resort skied on them in Val Thorens, Les 3 Vallees with friends for a week in March. They are a great carving setup, with my Maestrale RS. A perfect 1/2 resort/ touring setup for Yurp.. Skied quite a bit with long off-piste traverses after a big storm too.
Never had any pre-release, and I always kept the toe in ski mode, except when climbing.
Mine are mounted with the ski brakes.
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Question from Michael
Are mounting screws (the entire set) available for purchase for these bindings? Thanks.
Answer from Nate
Hi Michael, I've just checked and Dynafit 12.5mm torx screws will work as direct replacements for this binding.
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Chris (used product regularly)
Love these bindings! Have over 30 days so far on it and the identical Salomon version. They have everything you need in an all-purpose, day-in day-out ski touring binding: light, very user friendly, good retention, and (so far) durable. I’m a somewhat 190 pound aggressive skier and have been using the “man” spring and the retention has been good. If I’m touring in soft snow I can tour with the toe unlocked. You can easily rotate the heel piece from tour to ski mode with a push from a pole grip, or leave the pins forward and cover with the heel riser if there’s no need for a flat mode. They have a nice low ramp angle that can be further reduced by omitting the plastic heel plate. Highly recommended!
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Question from Eric S
As I understand it, to add the brake one needs to remove the heel piece, replace the bottom plate with the one that comes with the brake and put the new heel piece on.

So I have the idea of using quiver killers to make it easy to remove and reinstall the heel piece whenever you want to.
Any reason that would not work? And you could guys install things for me that way?
Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Eric,

Yep! You got it. The version that ships with brakes comes with a brake-less base plate. No reason that quiver killers wouldn't work. A few minutes ago we debuted our Atomic Backland Quiver Killer Kit and our tech Eric would love to install them for you! Pricing on installation is here.
Answer from Eric S
Oh, cool! So I don't have to buy the brakeless version + brake. Does the with-brakes version also come with the rather nice leash, which doubles as a heel-gap checker?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, unfortunately the braked version does not come with the leashes. We plan on making those available separately, but we don't have them yet. Note they are on the expensive side when sold separately.
Answer from Raymond H
The leashes are 4mm thick, kind of heavy at 25 gm each. They also can be used to set the 4mm gap between heel of your boot and the binding, for proper function. I will replace mine with the ATK leashes at some point.

I picked up a set of the Salomon MTN binding in France in March. Now mounted on my Backland 95 skis.
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