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Salomon MTN Binding

Brand: Salomon
Model: Mountain Lab Binding
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Salomon’s first tech binding, the MTN. If you think it looks an awful lot like the Atomic Backland, that’s because it is. The companies are related, meaning you can ensure proper color coordination on your setup with identical functionality. If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, your skiing will likely be just as good. The MTN binding is light, fully featured, and fool-proof (no fools were harmed in our testing). The toe piece features a large, sturdy lever that’s easy to manipulate with frozen hands or thick gloves. A wide mounting pattern improves power transfer on wide skis, so you can confidently use the same binding on your mountaineering skis and your powder skis. A retractable toe guide makes it easier than ever to step into the binding, but disappears once your boot is in so technical skin tracks are a breeze. The unique heel-piece features a “semi-adjustable” release value. The MTN binding includes three separate release value fork assemblies that can easily be swapped. Notably the spring swap changes both the lateral and forward release values, creating one of the lightest bindings with adjustment for release and boot sole length. The springs assemblies are labeled “Women, Men, and Expert,” noting there are many women of the Wasatch and beyond that can humbly ski harder than the Women's spring would safely allow. The heel housing sits on top of a stout baseplate with 30mm of fore-aft adjustment built in. On the roof are two risers strategically machined to keep weight to a minimum and durability to a maximum. Twist the heel housing 90° and you get a flat mode which makes long approaches much easier. The Salomon MTN binding is one of the most user-friendly tech bindings we have seen.

  • A mere 592g per pair, the MTN binding is as light as it is burly.
  • Integrated crampon receptor minimizes extra parts to deal with, lose, or break.
  • Included leash can be used to set the heel gap at home or in the field.
  • Women’s, Men’s, and Expert springs included for customizable release values.
  • Two risers plus a flat mode adapt to the oncoming terrain.
  • Wide mounting platform for high-speed stability and power transfer.
  • Machined risers add versatility at a minimal weight.
  • Long toe lever for extra leverage switching modes.
-> ounces
Weight (pair) 576g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes No
BSL Adjustment 30mm
Riser Heights 2 + Flat
Vertical Release Adjustable by swapping springs
Lateral Release Adjusted when springs are swapped
Crampon Ready Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum, Plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Leash included doubles as gap tool
Bottom Line Great new lighter stripped-down touring binding
Comment from Eric S
I though it would be useful for folks considering this binding to recognize that they accept Dynafit, ATK *AND* Plum crampons. The great thing about the Plum crampons is that they drop in from the top, rather than slide from the side. Much easier, and far more secure, and less prone to icing.
Reply from jbo
Thanks for pointing that out Eric. Very cool to see the French companies collaborating.
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Question from Michael M
Do you know the approximate DIN/RV of the women's, men's, and expert U springs?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael, sorry for the slow reply! For liability's sake we're going to forego publishing them on the website. There's almost definitely one that'll match up with your desired release value, but I'm going to answer your question with another question: What release value are you looking for?
Answer from Michael M
Ideally somewhere in the 8.5-9 range
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael, thanks for the response! Men's spring would likely suffice, noting there is a relatively high standard deviation on the springs so it might be worth getting tested. The Expert spring would be stiffer and the women's spring is much too soft. Brakes will change things as well.
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Question from steve
what is the delta on these?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, the heel pins are +8.5m above the toe pins. More details here (same as Atomic Backland).
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