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Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio Boot

Brand: Dynafit
Model: TLT8 Carbonio
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Dynafit just won't stop! Now in its eighth iteration, the TLT8 Carbonio boot has improved the previous models to become the epitome of an all-purpose backcountry ski boot. Seen equally as often at both skimo races and atop committing lines far from the nearest road or chairlift, many skiers can attest to the dual walkability and skiability of the TLT boot lineup. This updated model has a simpler, two independent buckle closure system that replaces the (somewhat complicated) single-buckle, routed-cable system that the TLT7 had. Also, a taller cuff aims to improve the downhill performance, and support you more on the way down. Carried over from the previous model is the smooth, lug-free Speed Nose, extra burly inserts for driving bigger skis, and the super efficient horizontal ski/walk mode lever. Exactly what you need and not an ounce more, the TLT8 Carbonio packs top of the line functionality into a package that weighs less than a kilo per boot. Perfect for all your powder shredding, lap-stacking, chute skiing, dawn patrolling needs.

  • Dynafit's hallmark Speed Nose removes the lugs on the toe of the boot and moves the inserts closer to the ball of the foot, allowing for a more natural pivoting motion.
  • Master Step inserts are more stout than your typical tech inserts and provide additional power transmission to the ski, helping you drive the powder skis around better.
  • Adding some height to the cuff of the TLT8 increased skiability, and adding 5 degrees to the range of motion maintains the walkability. Problem seen, problem solved.
  • Ultra Lock 4.0 is very similar to the ski/walk lever system seen on previous TLT boots, but the 4.0 version adds a larger lever for increased ease of use with gloves.
  • With a simple, independent two buckle closure system, Dynafit made transitions simpler and fit more customizable.
-> ounces
950g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 1900g [27.5]
Buckles Ultralock 4.0
Boot Sole Length 253mm [23/23.5]
263mm [24/24.5]
273mm [25/25.5]
283mm [26/26.5]
293mm [27/27.5]
303mm [28/28.5]
313mm [29/29.5]
323mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 60°
Forward Lean(s) 15°, 18°
Specs Verified
Materials Grilamid shell, Carbon/Grilamid Cuff
Liner Custom Light
Sole Formula Pomoca Climb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Race, skimo, powder laps.
Notes A Dynafiit classic with simpler closure. Cramp in system ready.
Bottom Line Dynafits under 1K do anything boot.
Question from Jonathan Gal
How much taller is the TLT8 versus the TLT7 Carbonio?
Answer from Jeff M
Hey Jonathan! We don't have the TLT8 yet, so cannot say. That isn't something Dynafit provides. It could be a while till they finally arrive, but we will follow up here.
Answer from Robert B
Just got these and don't have the TLT7 in front of me to compare to at the moment, but it appears as thought the back of the cuff is about the same as the 7, but the front cuff is higher for sure. The plastic on the front of the cuff is also stiffer. Doing a carpet flex, the rearward support feels similar to the 7, but the forward flex feels stiffer to me. The fit seems the same as the 7 and the liner is the typical foam "sock" that was in the 7 (not my favorite). Even though the forward flex is stiffer in ski mode, walk mode seems similar to the 7. Overall, it feels a little more robust than the TLT7.
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Question from Marcus
How much taller is the cuff in the tlt8 vs the tlt7?
Answer from Jeff M
HI Marcus! The shell on the boots are basically identical. The TLT8 has a new tongue and buckles, and the main shell and cuff parts are the same.
Answer from Andy
I'm confused--our write-up in "Words" and Dynafits write-up says a taller cuff and a narrower last, which I presume means snugger ankle and heel pockets given the 103 forefoot width.
Answer from Jacob L
Hey Andy!

We haven't gotten all the new stuff in from Dynafit yet, and without measuring for ourselves, we just can't be sure how much difference (if any) there is between the cuff heights of the TLT7 versus the cuff height of the TLT8. We'll update the specs and words (if needed) once we can confirm the details.
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Question from Paul
Hi, I was under the impression that TLT8 would be narrower then TLT 7 but now I see that these are 103mm. Is that correct? Do they feel lower volume? I have tried the PDG2 but they felt huge. Way too big, volume-wise.

I have a pair of Scarpa Alien 1.0 which are tight and nice. I could almost use these all the time if they were more water/snow proof. I also have a pair of heavier Technica Zero-G's which are used if I ski with people with heavier setups. I am looking to compliment these with a light touring boot (approx 1000-1100g) which has good water/snow protection and skis a 85-95mm ski well. Which are my options?
Answer from Jeff M
Paul, the TLT 7 and 8 will be same fit and they are equal to the PDG2 (albeit one shell size larger).
What your are describing is the Alien RS. Scarpa beefed them in various areas to make them a touring race boot. They have a built in gaiter that seems to work well. Another excellent choice is the Fischer Travers Carbon. It has a little more volume and skis like a much bigger boot.
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Question from Scythian
Do you know if Dynafit will produce a "Performance" version, sort of a descendant of TLT7 Performance? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff M
Hey Scythian!! They are not. There was not a lot of difference between the Performance and Carbonio. They dropped the price on the Carbonio by $150, so not much need for it.
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Comment from Chris C
I love to say, in a non specific accent, “CARBONIO!”
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