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Phil H

Phil H




5' 9"


165 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


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If you are transferring a binding (heel piece) between skis and using an adjustment plate, is it better to: 1) have inserts and one adjustment plate (thereby decreasing the amount of use of the nuts on the adjustment plate - although one would still have to do some adjusting each time). or 2) have 2 adjustment plates - each one mounted to a ski - and move the binding back and forth? Is one more typically done than the other? Is there a good reason for one to be preferable? (I'm wondering about eventual...
You provide a Kreuzspitze Fastener Kit for both GT and SCTT. I'm looking for one for the Adjustment plates. Are all of those bolts the same? (GT/SCTT/Adjustment plate?)
I noticed in a Kreuzspitze video about these brakes, the skier is using F1s… See here.

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