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The most fundamental of ATK's "Evo" series of bindings, the RT 8 Evo binding is the evolution of the Crest 8. Historically, lighter-weight skiers have a more limited selection of touring bindings to pick from, but thankfully the RT 8 Evo exists to fit the needs of almost any backcountry setup. The "Evo" nomenclature indicates the inclusion of ATK's automatic brakes that self-deploy upon rotating the heel back into the skiing position, instead of requiring you to remember to push a button during your transition. Because the new brake mandates that the heel tower be reversed when skinning, ATK has swapped the single riser of the Crest for a pair of magnetically locking risers, allowing you to find your optimal climbing position. Aside from these two major changes, ATK has left the best features of the Crest untouched: Easy Entry System for intuitive toe step-in, a patented Cam Release System in the heel turret that reduces the force needed to step in, and fully adjustable vertical and lateral release settings from 3 to 8. As before, the POM heel base includes 20mm of BSL adjustment that accommodates multiple boots and 12mm of heel elasticity to help prevent pre-release during aggressive skiing. Despite all these features, ATK has retained its crown of offering some of the lightest full-featured bindings in the world, with the RT 8 Evo acting as yet another reminder to ATK's competitors that complacency won't cut it anymore.

  • 20mm of BSL for use with multiple boots or multiple skiers.
  • Forward and lateral release settings are adjustable from 3-8 to accommodate users who don't need high release values.
  • 12mm of rearward heel travel works to prevent pre-release while skiing.
  • Brake width options of 86, 91, 97, and 102mm keep the ski in place when stepping in and keep it in sight when it pops off.
  • Magnetic heel flaps secure risers while climbing and prevent floppiness as the binding ages.
  • Evo Brake System means the brakes automatically deploy when put into ski mode.
  • Easy Entry System helps you step into the binding the first time.
  • Cam Release System reduces the force needed to step into the heel piece.
convert to ounces
294g [97mm]
Weight (pair) 588g [97mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   86, 91, 97, 102
BSL Adjustment   20mm
Riser Heights   2 + Flat
Vertical Release   3-8
Lateral Release   3-8
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, POM, stainless steel pins
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes All the features without the extra weight
Bottom Line Great full featured binding option
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ozunu K
Does RT Evo have a toe piece release feature like the other Evo series (Freeride or Raider)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ozunu, I wouldn't describe those Raider Evo toes as having a release feature. They do have a toe tension adjustment that works in conjunction with the heel release, allowing a wider range of values. The RT8 and RT10 do not have that feature.
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Question from Philip H
On your ramp angle chart, it looks like the RT Evos have quite a large ramp angle. For example, when flat, +13.5 degrees. Is that correct?? I'd like to have as close to zero degree ramp angle as possible when skinning flat (I don't like having much angle when skinning all day on low angle glaciers during spring ski traverses!). So I'm trying to figure out which B&D shim to order... Or if I should look at a different binding (the C-Raiders seem to have a bit less of a ramp angle). Thanks for your advice.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Philip,

You're correct, the RT Evo has a significant delta both while skinning and while in ski mode. One point of clarification - the heel is +13.5mm, not degrees. We don't report ramp angles because they vary by boot sole length. But in any case, there are other bindings that will get you closer to flat on the skin track. The C-Raider with  a 4.7mm or 6.4mm toe shim would get you considerably closer to flat, with the 6.4mm shim reducing the delta the most.
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Question from Christopher
Will the 102 brakes fit on a Fisher Hannibal 171 x 106 (waist on 171 is actually 104). I'm a DIN 6: is it better to get the Din 8 or 10 version of this binding?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Christopher,

Yes, they will fit, and they will be nice and tight to the ski. In terms of release value, you could use either, but I would go with the 8. You're more comfortably in the middle of that range, so you'd have enough room to adjust up or down if needed.
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Model: ATK RT 8 Evo

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