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ATK's latest addition to their composite Raider series delivers another durable and weight-conscientious binding in the C-Raider 10. With a carbon composite toe frame interspersed with aluminum and stainless steel parts, this binding is fully featured, fully balanced, and lighter than many of its competitors. The same wide mounting pattern and 12mm of heel travel as the aluminum version keep the C-Raider remarkable while lightening things up and dropping the price. You could also say the "10" extends the appeal of the C-Raider 12 to lighter skiers, as ATK tries to make a binding for everyone. If you'd like to join the world of modern technology, you need to look no further than the ATK C-Raider 10 bindings on your next setup.

  • Wide release-value range of 4-10, adjustable both laterally and vertically.
  • Four riser heights plus a flat mode for adaptability on any aggressive climb.
  • 12mm of heel travel let the ski flex past the heel gap without pre-releasing.
  • Snowpack Proof keeps snow and ice buildup to a minimum around the toe.
  • Cam Release System in the heel offers a more consistent vertical release.
  • Magnetic heel flaps to secure your risers in position as you clomp around.
  • 25mm of adjustment accommodates a wide range of boot sole lengths.
convert to ounces
326g [102mm]
Weight (pair) 652g [102mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   86, 91, 97, 102, 108, 120
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   4 + Flat
Vertical Release   4-10
Lateral Release   4-10
Crampon Ready   Included option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, stainless steel, POM, 30% carbon fiber composite
Skimo Co Says
Usage All day, everyday, touring binding
Notes Sturdy composite touring option
Bottom Line Full-featured binding without the full-featured grams
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Binette
i am totally lost with all the different kinds of bindings. I am 5.2 weight 110 lbs looking for an easy system not too heavy. I was looking at the raider 10, is this a good idea? Also what is the difference betwenn the S Raider and the C Raider?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Binette,

This is a great binding for many users, and very easy to use. That said, we prefer to match the binding to the skier and the rest of their equipment, which we can do best if you fill out our  binding finder! After gathering some basic information, this will connect you to our customer service team directly to have a conversation about what bindings may work best for you.
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Question from Philip H
On your ramp angle chart, you have the ATK Raider in flat mode is 18mm and Is the flat ramp angle is +7.5. Is that the same for the C-Raider? I was wondering if the ramp angles have changed with the new toe baseplate. I'd like to have close to zero degree ramp angle when skinning flat (I don't like having much angle when skinning all day on glaciers during spring ski traverses!). So I'm trying to figure out which B&D shim to order... Thanks for your advice.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Philip, the C-Raider and new Raider Evo toe pins are a millimeter or two higher than the original Raider series, though the Raider Evo heel is also the same amount higher. So the C-Raider a millimeter or so flatter than the Raider or Raider Evo. The 6.4mm shim would bring you quite close to flat ramp while skinning.
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Question from ElleBee
I am looking for a binding to mount onto a 154cm Voile HyperCharger which is replacing my old Chargers which are mounted with Dynafit Comfort bindings. I am attracted to these over the Crests or the Haute Routes for the five riser leveled and specifically the ability to switch from “flat” on the ski to medium and high risers while in walk mode. Once in walk mode I don’t want to rotate the binding unless it can be achieved with my ski pole. But I wonder if this is too much binding for the HyperChargers.(I am not what you would call a “freerider” type skier).
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Elle, this is still a reasonable binding for the Voile HyperChargers! It's relatively lightweight and has a wide array of features -- including the convenient flat to mid and high riser without twisting the heel piece -- and is a good choice for an everyday touring binding. For a slightly lighter option, the Salomon MTN / Atomic Backland Pure also have a similar riser feature, though you'd have to forego brakes to stay under the weight of the C-Raider.
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Question from Ian Yolles
I had a serious injury years ago limiting my ankle flexibility significantly. Risers are super important for me. Will the addition of a free ride spacer on the ATK 10 binding help, hinder or be neutral when I’m climbing uphill?
Answer from eric
Ian- Raising the toe will flatten out the delta of the binding which also means it will reduce the riser heights as well. I might suggest looking at out riser height chart here. That might give you a better handle on what risers heights you may want and what each binding has.
Answer from Ian Y
Thanks Eric. One additional question. I want to mount the ATK Raider 12 bindings on my 4Front Raider Skis 104 width. Will the 102 brakes bend out to accommodate that width?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ian, yes those will reach OK.
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Question from DGG
I have the DPS Pagoda Tour 112. Could I get away with the 108 brake width or do I need to go with the 120s? Thank you.
Answer from Lrow

Yes, bending those brakes a bit to accommodate the DPS 112 shouldn't be a problem. It would be better to have a well-fitting brake on your ski than one with too much room on either side.

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