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This helmet is awesome! It's extremely light and breathable. The adjustment system is very adaptable, and the magnet buckle thing is actually pretty helpful while wearing gloves. I honestly couldn't tell the difference when the helmet was clipped on my pack, and it is comfortable and confidence inspiring when on my head. Glad I bought it.
Extremely lightweight, small, robust, and with thoughtful features. It's clear Mammut has evolved this design--it is very easy to assemble in a hurry. I was looking for a shovel on the smaller end of the spectrum (I'm not a burly dude, and the snow is really dense around here). It's absolutely perfect, and moves snow with a quickness!
I absolutely love these skis. I needed a set of uphill-focused skis (due to inferior fitness, or perhaps a higher-than-average gravity setting around here) I bought these a size narrower and a size shorter than I usually would. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they absolutely RIP! They are responsive, maneuverable, fun, and I have had them up to at least Triple Stupid Speed. I easily run out of bravery before they run out of stability. They are unbelievably light on the uphill, and EXTREMELY ...
I like the Zed 9s a lot! They are surprisingly light, and thoughtfully designed. My friends have several variants of legacy tech-style bindings, and these are clearly an evolutionary step above. Things I like in particular: -The single-screw, easy-to-read DIN setting -The fact that I can leave the brakes down while fumbling with skis during transitions and they retract automatically on the first step -The wide boot size adjustment range -The rad color!
Using these on Zed 9 bindings. They've been adequate in use, but I felt they weren't particularly robust while installing them. The snow shim specifically requires a bit of finagling, and the documentation and videos available aren't the most helpful. Once installed, however, they have operated trouble free.

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