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Black Diamond GlideLite Mix Skins

Brand: Black Diamond
Model: GlideLite Mohair Mix Skins
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The GlideLite mix skins are 65/35 blend of mohair and nylon. They are lighter, faster, and more packable than the equivalent Ascension skins. The glue is BD Gold Label, a secret formula that arguably works too well. GlideLite skins are held to your skis with an adjustable cable tip and (optionally) the rugged STS tails. Both ends offer field-replaceable parts, making these a good choice for light and fast expeditions. The Black Diamond mohair-mix is a reliable climbing skin that isn’t the slowest.

  • Adjustable cable loop tips fit about any ski and are hard to break.
  • Mix of mohair and nylon offers a balance of grip, glide, and durability.
  • Adjustable tail straps are attached such that they are easily replaceable.
  • Glue is Black Diamond’s finest and remains sticky till the bitter end.
  • Custom kits span the range of ski widths and sizes, just trim and go.
  • STS kits come in 188cm of skin material and when assembled can fit a 200cm ski.
  • STS kits tail has 9cm of adjustment.
  • STS kits come with tips ready-to-attach with breakable screws.
  • Go tail-clip-free with STS kits which are built with just the cable tips.

Weight (per skin, with plastic) 338g [125mm x 167-174]
Question from Blake M
How long are the STS kits? I can't seem to find the length.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Blake, the skin material is 188cm long with an adjustment range of 9cm. There is 3cm of the tail before the first adjustment hole which makes the STS skin kit fit up to a 200cm ski.
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Question from Maciej
Hi, will the 179-186 cm size fit on the 188cm salomon qst 106? I am not looking for maximum coverage, would be happy if the skin covered the ski up to +/-10cm from the tail. Taking into account your response to the previous question I am afraid that the longer (185-192cm) size could be too long and at best will leave me with +10cm plastic tail hanging off the skis.
Answer from jbo
Hi Maciej, I tried fitting that size to a 188 and it is too short. I'd suggest getting the STS kit and cutting it to the exact length you desire!
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Question from Robert W
What is the longest ski these will go on? I’m looking for a skin for my 204cm Faction Candide 3.0’s
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Robert, from the last notch in the tail to the edge of the skin material is 198cm long, so there's a small chance it might be just barely long enough. It depends on how far down the tip loop will sit on the ski. If you wanted to be sure, you can buy wide skin material off the roll and build your own!
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