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Black Diamond GlideLite Mix Skins

Brand: Black Diamond
Model: GlideLite Mohair Mix Skins
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The GlideLite mix skins are 65/35 blend of mohair and nylon. They are lighter, faster, and more packable than the equivalent Ascension skins. The glue is BD Gold Label, a secret formula that arguably works too well. GlideLite skins are held to your skis with an adjustable cable tip and (optionally) the rugged STS tails. Both ends offer field-replaceable parts, making these a good choice for light and fast expeditions. The Black Diamond mohair-mix is a reliable climbing skin that isn’t the slowest.

  • Adjustable cable loop tips fit about any ski and are hard to break.
  • Mix of mohair and nylon offers a balance of grip, glide, and durability.
  • Adjustable tail straps are attached such that they are easily replaceable.
  • Glue is Black Diamond’s finest and remains sticky till the bitter end.
  • Custom kits span the range of ski widths and sizes, just trim and go.
  • STS kits come in one length with the tips ready-to-attach with rivets.
  • Go tail-clip-free with STD kits which are built with just the cable tips.

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