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do you have an ETA on the 174?
since they're on a roll, can you cut off like a 10cm strip & weigh it? That should give a pretty objective/definitive value for "these are going to be quite a bit lighter". For all your skins sold by the cm, a little blurb in the specs like "xx grams per square centimeter" would be pretty helpful. Not too hard to calculate grams per unit of surface area when you have access to a uniform rectangular piece of skin. Or, if you know how many meters of skin come on a roll, weigh the roll and calculate from ther...
Thanks for the quick response. The skins you sell from a roll would be a start - cut off an inch or two & weigh it. I know that something like a G3 Alpinist would be tough given that tip/tail are pre-attached, but many skins leave a ton of excess after fitting to skis. I'd do it myself but the 6 inches plus of waste skin I always have would be of limited use given I might average one new set per year at best. Ski shops seem to cut skins for customers pretty regularly, I'd imagine there's a lot of scrap layi...

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