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At the same time and place every year, the boot wizards at SCARPA emerge from their R&D dungeons to see how their creations are being used. It was during such an emergence they noticed the F1 LT being pushed farther and harder than ever anticipated. With ideas in their heads for the next best thing, they retreated back from whence they emerged, spending the next year testing different brews of boots until finally, they emerged with the F1 XT.

Losing none of the mountaineering chops that made the LT an instant hit but gaining the progressivity found in many heavier options, the F1 XT is a boot that seriously excels in many areas. Keeping the generous 72° range of motion of its siblings, the XT is no slouch on the skin track. The stiff 3D Lambda Torsion Frame technology on the lower combined with the Carbon Grilamid cuff ensures confident and precise performance. Notably, no carbon in the lower means that this boot can be punched and adjusted, unlike the F1 LT, so even the gnarliest bunions can be accommodated. Finally, SCARPA opted for a cuff/instep bucke and burly cam-lock power strap for maximum durability.

If you can’t decide if you’re here for speed touring, mountaineering, or pushing the descent, the F1 XT will fit the bill perfectly.

  • Buckles and a cam-lock power strap are stout and durable, especially within this category.
  • Race-ready 72° range of motion allows for efficient climbing.
  • Simple and clean Speed Lock LT ski/walk mechanism minimizes ice buildup and allows for adjustable forward lean between 11°, 13°, and 15°.
  • Optional rear spoiler can further adjust forward lean by ± 2°.
  • Grilamid FG LFT lower helps provide a progressive flex and is punchable if need be.
  • Moldable liner from Intuition allows for a truly customized fit.
  • RECCO helps with search and rescue efforts should you take the wrong turn.
  • Italian ancestry.
convert to ounces
1120g [27]
1194g [28]
Weight (pair) 2240g [27]
2388g [28]
Buckles   2 + Cam Buckle Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   270mm [24]
278mm [25]
286mm [26]
294mm [27]
302mm [28]
310mm [29]
318mm [30]
327mm [31]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   72°
Forward Lean(s)   11°, 13°, 15° ± 2° w/ spoiler
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid FG LFT shell, Carbon Grilamid LFT cuff, synthetic cloth tongue
Liner   Intuition Tour L T2
Sole   Vibram UFO LT
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring and ski mountaineering with an eye on the downhill
Notes Has a burly cam buckle power strap
Bottom Line A classic touring boot gets a downhill performance boost
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tony
Can you guys recommend an aftermarket gaiter that would work for this boot? As abc noted in their review above, the gaiters on these are shredded after (during) their first season, and I’m about to cut off the tattered remnants of mine.

I’ve had hundreds of days on both the F1LT and the Alien RS and wore a few holes through those gaiters fairly quickly, but although the XT gaiters look burlier (and probably add to the weight) the new gaiters durability sucks in comparison to their lighter predecessors.

It’s a shame because they skin and ski great.
Answer from Julian K
Hi Tony, we are sorry to hear this! An option could be to use a hiking gaiter and attach it to the buckle cable at the forefoot, then wrap it around your liner and ankle with the grilamid cuff folded back and then fasten the upper buckle over the top to secure the rig. Hope this helps!
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Abc (downright abused product)
I probably have almost 100 bc days spread over two pairs of these boots (tried downsizing halfway through the season). I don't have a ton of experience but I skied these a lot.

- the gators are pretty much destroyed on both pairs. Pretty standard for this sort of boot but I'm guessing they're less durable than the f1 lt gators. Maybe because they bunch up under the buckle and rip.
- the sole got torn up on the first rock scramble. Again pretty standard, though I'm skeptical of light colored rubber
- I mostly skied without the power strap, it feels too stiff. This should give you a good idea of my style of skiing.
- I think the flex feels a bit more forgiving than the f1 lts and the toe buckle is more secure but less useful on the uphill. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I also think mine tend to have a bit less play in the lock mechanism.
- I got one pair punched for my tailor bunyon but they were only comfortable doing a few mm. This isn't quite enough, and is my main problem with these boots. The tech wasn't convinced that the fiberglass reinforced shell is actually more forgiving than the carbon on on the lts. But maybe it won't crack at the hinge like the lts
- I've skied them back to back with the zg peak carbon. The peak clearly had more lateral stiffness, I think the flex on the XTs is nicer and they ski like a slightly heavier boot ( which they are). Size wise the 27.5 peak is about right in the middle of the 27 and 28 scarpas.
- the black shells suck under summer California sun
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Question from Ian
Can you ski a dps 112’pagoda with these?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Ian,

You could, and people certainly do, but we wouldn't necessarily recommend it for most skiers/conditions. It would work in powder! But if conditions got less than ideal, you would be very aware that you're in an 1100 gram boot. It would be very much at the limit of the boot.
Answer from jbo
Hi Ian, for an alternate viewpoint, I think that combo works great! Seeing as how you would/should only be skiing powder on those 112s, that boot will let you soak up a ton of it.
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Anthony O (used product a few times)
This is a huge upgrade over the highly overrated f1 lt. By having a buckle that actually holds the heel down instead of a highly positioned BOA that is only effective for cankles you have a lot more precision and tension that creates a stronger flex. Combined with material that is subtly different that enables slightly more punching ability, and a larger booster strap, it is everything the f1 lt should have been. I used them for lengthy mission to glacier peak and used a 1500g ski with 150g binding, 99 underfoot and I felt the combo skied well. It's a light boot so your not gonna be skiing much more than 20 mph, but for more cautious typical backcountry shorter turns it had no troubles. It's also nice that it is compatible with the levers from the original f1 lt, so you can run a short lever of the f1 lt if you account for blowing through the first couple inches of flex to find your appropriate stance. The only concern was after a few uses in scrambly mission type rocky terrain that the sole is already crumbling and the boot looks a lot more worn than it should.
Reply from Andrew M
Thiccc. You can't cheat mass.
Reply from Anthony O
Tru, which is why I only use stuff like this like 5 percent of the time
Reply from Andrew M
Dude I loved your youtube review on the F1. Recognized the "only effective for cankles" bit here haha. Thinking about selling my F1s and grabbing a pair of these for late next season
Reply from Anthony O
As long as you have a real boot for most of the time doesn't sound like a bad idea!
Reply from Andrew M
Yeah man daily driver is a Tour Pro. I also got a lot more heel hold out of the F1 LT with the patriot footbeds liner sleeve w/ the foam inserts in
Really stoked on the combination of these two boots--think I'll be even more stoked w/ the XT
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Question from Anthony O
What's stiffer, this or the dalbello quantum 130?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Anthony,

Wearing them side by side, they have pretty different flex profiles. Both have a bit of take-up, and then the XT hits its wall quickly. The wall is fairly strong for a boot of this weight, but there isn't really much beyond it. The Dalbello has a smoother ramp-up into a fairly solid flex, but you sink a ways into it first. I think I would call the XT stiffer-feeling on the floor, but I also think the Dalbello would do a better job of smoothing out variable snow and might ski better for a heavier rider. Also worth noting that there is a lot more room in the cuff of the Dalbello than in the XT. I actually can't get it quite tight enough for my calves (which are skinny) whereas I have plenty of adjustment left in the XT. The fit of the lower shell is very similar.
Answer from Anthony O
Thanks, doesn't seem like it's a huge upgrade then. I'm heavier but prefer outright immediate stiffness and responsiveness rather than suspension. And the f1's cuff is extremely narrow, I moved the buckles slot to the furthest out and still can barely fit. Impressive flex tho for the weight.
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Question from Jeff
Can you help me understand the difference between the Scarpa F1 XT and F1 GT?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Jeff, the F1 XT and the F1 GT shells both share the same mould as the F1 LT, so all three have the same shell fit. The biggest difference is in the material and construction. Between the XT and the GT, the XT is stiffer with a carbon-reinforced cuff and a more powerful cam-lock booster strap whereas the GT has a velcro power strap. The flex of the XT is stated at 95 compared to the GT's 90. Trying them in-store, the XT is noticably stiffer although the difference is small.
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Question from Aaron S
How do you feel about driving a 1500g BC Camox with these? What about a 1750g 112mm waist Moment Deathwish Tour? Or a Salomon Echo 106?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Aaron, it really comes down to how you want to ski and in what conditions. The F1XT should have no issue driving those skis in soft snow, as long as you're willing to accept the limitations of a lightweight touring boot (softer flex, less progressive). If you're a heavier/more powerful skier, and/or you want to ski more aggressively in variable conditions, you might want to consider something beefier.
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Model: F1 XT

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